Destination: Idanre

If you love or fancy hilly or scenic landscape, then Idanre town in Ondo state, Southwest Nigeria is the place to visit. Idanre is a local government and it covers an area of 1,914 km2 with a population of 129,024 according to the 2006 census.

Idanre is circled by towns including Akure, Ondo, Ifedore, Ala, among several other towns whose major occupation is farming. This tranquil town is steeped in culture and hospitality as they make you feel at home as you explore the various tourist attractions. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 online hotel booking portal points you to how you can navigate this tourist haven.

Top three places to visit

Idanre Hill

Idanre is the poster tourist attraction of Idanre. Your visit to Idanre is half-finished if you do not check out this fantastic Hill. It sits 3,000 feet above sea level. To get to the zenith of the Hill, you have to brace yourself up to climb 660 steps where you have a panoramic view of Idanre town. At the entrance of the hill, you are welcomed by an evergreen tree called Iraye Tree. This tree has welcomed visitors to the hill for decades.

Mare Festival

The Mare Festival is organized by the Ondo State Government to celebrate the ancient town’s hills and caves. Some of the competitions to look forward to during the festival are Marathon Race, cultural performances, and raffle draws.

The Agbogun Footprint

The Agbogun Footprint works like magic. Why? This is because no matter the size of your foot, it will fit in. The Footprint has become mystical over the years. It is located on Idanre Hill.


Most of the hotels you will find in Idanre are budget hotels. You can book the following hotels: Royal River Hotel, Hill Top Hotel and Idanre Hills Tourist Resort and more on


There are sheds and stores located in different parts of Idanre. They serve their purpose of selling perishable and consumer goods to indigenes and visitors. Ifeoluwa Enterprise, Cherit Ventures Nigeria Limited and Raw Honeyman are some of the stores you will find in Idanre.


You can enjoy the delightful taste of Idanre cuisine at the following restaurants: Good Success Restaurant, Sabina Cakemaker and Arib Beer Effissy.

Fun fact

Idanre Hill is on the tentative list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites.


 7 Ways to Lose Your Instagram Followers    

Instagram is undoubtedly the biggest mobile photo-sharing application in the world with 400 million active users. Users can share pictures of exciting moments in their lives with their followers. You get hundreds of likes weekly whenever you post pictures. But recently, you notice that you are losing your followers and your likes have dropped drastically. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 6 ways that may contribute to your loss of Instagram followers.

Making your account private

Making your account private is the quickest way to lose your followers. Users who make their account private will have to approve the requests of prospective followers. For some users, they do not bother themselves with private accounts.

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There is no one who can proof that the photos you post are real. So, in a bid to make it more interesting, you post pictures that don’t depict what happened. Sooner or later, these lies may be discovered and you will lose followers.

Not responding to comments

You need to reply to comments if you want to improve engagement with your followers. Neglecting comments will send the wrong signal as they will think you don’t value their opinions. Your refusal to reply may lead your followers to unfollow you.

Post before every meal

Addiction to selfies has gotten to a level where some influencers post their meals online to show off their culinary skills. Since it is not a cuisine page, you should post food pictures sparingly.


Using too many hashtags

Hashtags are important to get more engagements and to search for different pictures. You should use it moderately as excessive use will make you appear desperate to gain traction. You can use up to 30 tags on a post but of course, that is too much.

Posting the same type of content

The reason your Instagram account is popular is because you post different attractive pictures. However, recently you post the same photos repeatedly. The uniqueness of your account will decline. Consequently, your number of followers will drop.

Not using a profile picture

Your profile picture is the first point of attraction for your followers. So, it is compulsory to use a profile picture. Users without profile picture get little or no following.


6 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Need Smartphones

Nearly everyone uses a smartphone now including kids. Yes, kids. Kids are smarter and brighter now, that they have little or no difficulty navigating handheld devices. Even parents will be surprised by their knowledge. Of course, you cannot prevent this because we are in the digital age. However, few people fail to consider the side effects smartphones have on these kids. Remember, unlike in the past, children of today grow up early and are exposed to all sorts of things. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 6 things you should consider before buying a smartphone for kids.

Facebooking instead of reading books

For many kids who own smartphones, their new book is Facebook. They spend so much time on social media that they barely read their books. This will no doubt affect their output and performance in school. This can be clearly reflected in the recent failures recorded in national exams.  

Early exposure to nude images

With a smartphone, children get unhindered access to nude images and watch inappropriate content online. You will not be aware of this except you check their online activities. But this will be difficult because they know how to hide these contents.


Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook messengers amongst others have made it easy for sexting to happen. Sexting means chatting about sex on the aforementioned instant messaging platforms. A handful of kids engaged in sexting.


Digital dementia

Many kids are now suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They can only concentrate on their phones. Children can’t learn if they cannot pay attention.

Early addiction

If your child is having ADD, it is time to take away that phone from them. This will help them break the addiction before it becomes uncontrollable. According to a recent study, one in 11 children aged 8-18 years are addicted to technology. You don’t want this for your child.


Sleep deprivation

A child who is addicted to a smartphone will deprive himself sleep. The consequences of sleep denied is dire because it will affect their overall life cycle.

5 Types of Sellers You Will Find in Lagos

Lagos is a cosmopolitan city. Nigerians troop to Lagos because it has something for everyone from the good, the bad and the ugly. The mantra for the city is survival of the fittest. As a result, Lagosians engage in various businesses to put food on the table. So, when driving, or visiting a market, you will observe these Sellers. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies five of them.

The Overzealous Seller

Without signalling that you want to buy anything, he approaches you asking if you want to buy shirts, trousers, phones and other household items. In other cases, they will descend  on you like bees. Try to make sure you keep your calm and don’t get carried away by the patronizing names they call you like fine boy. It is safe to visit the stores at the market than transacting business with a Seller you meet on the road.

The street traders

Lagosians are always excited to see the street trader because it removes the stress of going to the market. They are the ones who run from danfo to SUVs determined to sell their wares. Their adrenaline is always pumped up. You find men, women and even children engaged in street trading. The question now is what will happen to them since the Lagos State Government has banned street trading? Will they disappear from the highway? We are watching!  

The Bus Marketers

You are in a bus looking forward to a safe ride to your destination in a Lagos Bus. Suddenly, someone who took a vantage position stands up and shouts praise the lord just to catch the attention of passengers. The next thing is to bring out an item especially drugs they want to market. These drugs can cure uncountable ailments. You will be surprised that Lagosians will buy these drugs despite warnings from health experts.

The Market woman

The only way you can make a Lagos market woman happy is to buy her wares. Do not haggle and end up not buying. You will not want to hear her harsh response. In fact, her facade will false you to buy if you do not want to.

The Job Marketer

The Job marketers sell nothing. They are taking advantage of the unemployment situation in Nigeria by distributing job leaflets advertising bogus vacancies. As a rule of thumb, do not collect these handbills.

Top 6 Free Apps For Busy Nigerian Mothers

Today’s Nigerian mothers no longer want to sit at home. They also want to contribute economically to their families. Hence, they have so much on their plate from meeting targets at work, taking care of their babies and families. Mothers can only do their best. But with mobile apps, they can achieve more. There are tons of helpful apps for busy Nigerian mothers. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points you to six of them.

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5 Tricks to Get Cheap Flights in this Current Economic Condition

Most budding travellers have shelved their plans for leisure or business trips because of the current economic situation in Nigeria which has seen a significant rise in airfares both on local and international routes. The fact is there are some who cannot do without flying due to their work.  So, whether you are arranging for a future trip or planning for a last-minute getaway, you can take advantage of these booking tricks to help get cheap flights. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shows you don’t have to break the bank before you travel.

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Oily skin: 5 Tips to Ensure your Makeup Lasts 24 Hours

Women who have oily skins don’t really fancy makeup because it turns messy after a few hours. While makeup enhances a woman’s appearance, it is important to ensure it is applied properly to give a matte finish. If you have an oily skin and cannot do without makeup, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares 5 tips to ensure you look good all day long.

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5 Must-Know Tips to Free up Space on Your Android Device

Today’s Android smartphones have both inbuilt phone memories which should be enough to store movies, songs, apps and documents. However, sooner or later your device may become slow, sluggish and unresponsive because it is filled with all sorts of unnecessary data. To create more room on your device, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares 5 tips on how to gain more space on your Android device.   

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5 Ultimate Guide to Organise a Successful Tweet chat

The trend on twitter today is to organise tweet chats to help generate a buzz around a particular activity. These chats can be used to advance a cause, discuss a political event, and promote a particular product or service. It’s therefore, important to take advantage of this platform to engage your audience as well as get feedback. So, how do you organise a successful tweet chat?, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares 5 ideas.

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5 Bluetooth Myths you Should Drop

You can barely find something that doesn’t have a myth, history or legend associated with it. However, the question many often ask is whether the myths they hear are true or false. Since Bluetooth became popular, there have been so many beliefs that people have held on to about this amazing technology. And this is the time to drop some of these beliefs or myths as Africa’s No.1 hotel booking unveils some of them.

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