He booked, He stayed and was thrilled by his experience at Eko Hotel & Suite

Bala is a busy business man who is always on the move. He could barely spend two nights in a city before he finds his way to the next. Recently,he flew into Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos from Dubai late in the evening and he had only one hotel in mind- Eko Hotels & Suites, one of Lagos’s luxurious hotels.

For Bala, it was only Eko Hotel & Suites and nothing else. This was because all his business meetings and transactions are on the Island.

It was already late and of course, he couldn’t sleep at the airport. Then he recalled that he heard the advert of a hotel booking portal last year…Jovago! Yes! Jovago! He visited the website but was redirected to Jumia Travel which rebranded from Jovago. He booked the Eko Classic Superior room and within a few minutes, his reservation was confirmed. It was amazing because he has never booked a hotel online before!

As you know in the evenings, Lagos roads are devoid of traffic. He had a smooth and cool ride to Eko Hotel & Suites located in Victoria Island. The ambience was peaceful and warm perfectly fed by the Lagos Lagoon.

At the reception, Bala’s reservation was confirmed by a dapper and admirable receptionist. He was ushered to his Classic Superior room and right when he stepped into his room, he felt he was home. He knew he was going to get his money’s worth. Everything was available like it was clearly stated on the website.

Bala had the choice of ordering food from about four different restaurants which served both local and continental cuisines. He ordered pounded yam and Egusi spiced with peppered snails from Sky Restaurant and lounge. Afterwards, he went to dip himself in the swimming pool.

Bala summarizes his whole stay at the hotel saying that his stay was excellent; professionalism among the staff, the room was super and thehotel was easy to locate. The environment was peaceful. He concluded that it is a place he will love to visit again. Excellent!

Bala’s two-day stay at the hotel was absolutely rewarding and was never a dull moment because every night there was an event which featured A-list artistes.


Nigeria at 56: Key Contributions of Tourism to Nigeria’s Economy

October 1st is always an important day for Nigerians. It is the day we gained independence from Britain after many years of colonial administration.

The different sectors that make up the economy have performed well over the years. One of such sectors is the tourism and hospitality sector.

Although the successive Nigerian governments are yet to recognise that the tourism sector is a goldmine, the industry has copiously contributed to the economy. This is because of the overdependence on crude. And despite this anomaly and trending economy recession, the tourism/hospitality is still contributing.

In celebration of Nigeria’s independence, Jumia Travel takes a look at some of the significant contributions of tourism and the hospitality industry to Nigeria’s economy.

Employment Generation

There is no doubt that the travel and tourism sector has provided much-needed jobs to Nigerians. There are hotels, hospitality spots and many tourists attractions that employ millions of Nigeria. There are also e-commerce websites engaged in hotel and flight bookings that also engage young Nigerians. So in terms of employment generation, the tourism sector has a pass mark!

Looking at the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Travel & Tourism Economic Impact, 2015, it clearly showed that in 2014, Travel & tourism directly supported 883,500 jobs (1.4% of total employment) while the total contribution of Travel & Tourism to employment including jobs indirectly supported by the industry was 3.6% of total employment, 2,198,500 jobs.

olumo rock internet photo.jpg-12-56a7ecf5ed640.jpg

Contribution to Nigeria’s GDP

The returns from crude oil are what Nigeria rely on for its Gross Domestic Product. The oil and gas sector accounts for about 35% of GDP and petroleum exports revenue represents over 90% of total exports revenue, according to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The tourism sector is also contributing in no small measure.

In 2014, the Direct Contribution of Travel and Tourism to GDP was 1,560.2 billion (1.7% of total GDP) while the total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP was 3,766.1 billion (4.1%) of GDP. This is according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2015, Nigeria report. Again, these numbers are not encouraging because of the overdependence on oil.

Increased Foreign direct investments

Nigeria is the giant of Africa and it always attracts investments from different parts of the world due to the sheer size of its population. Today, there are now international hotel brands especially in Lagos that own chains in the country. To back this up, investments in the sector in 2014 was N889.3 billion or 6.6% of total investment.

Get Excited! Here Are 7 Fantastic Events In Lagos This Long Independence Day Weekend

Yay! Nigeria is 56. 56 years of freedom from British rule. And of course, it will be a public holiday in the country. Not just any public holiday but one that knocks out the dreaded Monday! So you have the weekend and Monday to yourself.

For the outgoing, gregarious individuals or anyone who wondered where to go on this Independence Day weekend, there are a handful of exciting events around Lagos. Lagosians love to indulge that you may sometimes wonder if there is actually a recession in this country. Jumia Travel shares some of these events to attend. Interestingly, you don’t need to break the bank to attend some of them. All said and done have a good time and happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!


Stand up Nigeria comedy show

If you want to have a good laugh and temporarily forget about the troubles of the economic recession Nigeria is going through, then Stand up Nigeria is the place to be on October 1st! Your favourite comedian will be present and it is also a platform that showcases upcoming comedians. You can either attend the 3 pm or 7 pm show at The Shell Hall Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos! N5.000 entry.


Supremacy Concert

Want to see Asa, Tuface, Wizkid, Dbanj, King Sunny Ade and other A-list artists as well as other top government functionaries? Supremacy, which is a concert to mark the end of the seven-day Made-in-Nigeria festival, will be held at the popular Eko Atlantic City at Victoria Island. Regular tickets is N5,000 and pre-sales will end 8 am on Saturday. The concert will be held between 6pm and 11pm on October 1st.

Jimmy’s Jump off Live-The Mainland Invasion

The best Disk Jockeys will gather on October 2nd at The Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja. The Jump off event is organised by arguably Nigeria’s most famous DJ, DJ Jimmy Jat. It starts at 7pm and the regular ticket is N2,000.

Organised Chaos

Good morning, omoge. Tell me how you do…Do you love Brymo and want to watch the talented Nigerian singer, songwriter and performer live? Then with N2,000 in your hands, head for the prestigious Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos on October 2nd at 5pm.


Favour Flakes Live in Concert (Revelation)

In the mood to enjoy yourself and have part of your entry fee donated to the Arrow of God Orphanage, this concert is the place to go on October 2nd at The Air force mess, Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island. You need N5,000 to see Timi Dakolo, Favour Flakes, Ushbebe, Funny Bone, Mc Shakara and many more artists.

MTV’s Road to AMA Party

The MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 –‘MAMA’ is 6 weeks away but on October 2nd the annual Road to MAMA Party will be held at Water Corporation Road, Landmark Village, Oniru. The event starts at 9 pm and the ticket is N20,000. All of Nigeria’s best artists will be there.

Gbagada Fitness Festival

The Gbagada fitness festival is where you will meet fitness enthusiasts and get a workable fitness routine that perfectly soothes you. You can also network. It is on October 3rd from 7 am to 10 am at the Gbagada General hospital.


Love is Blind. 5 Reasons to Never Be ‘Blinded’ by Online Relationships!

Love is blind is an over-flogged phrase. But is it really blind? What is indisputable is that technology has significantly changed the concept of love and dating. Today, you can meet anyone, anywhere especially online. There is now social media and dating websites where you can chat up your preferred relationship choice and take it from there.

Since technology has simplified dating, some have engaged online with reckless abandon. That they get easily carried away and ‘blinded’ by the thrills of online dating. In other words, Jumia travel is stressing caution when starting the relationship. There is nothing wrong with dating someone you meet online. Here are reasons why you should never be blinded by the thrills of online relationships.

There are so many fake people online

It is very easy for anyone to fake their online identity. You can use a fake picture, post pictures posing in front of a car that is not yours and much more. In addition, you cannot verify the identity of the person you are chatting with. Hence, you should be very careful of these online playboys.

It barely lasts

Online relationships barely last because both parties may be in it for the fun. It is perhaps lust rather than love. And lust doesn’t last. In fact, it is difficult to build trust, romance, and compassion.

He may be an online player

There is very high possibility that you are not the only online beau that he is after. He has a bevy of online women whom he is dating. You wouldn’t want to join that number.  


It is all about sexual innuendos

Your conversation always has a whiff of sexual innuendos. In other words, your chats with him or her are always driving towards sex. This is what many online relationships result in. So, if you don’t want to engage in the sexual innuendos. The relationship usually ends there! It is better you opt out if your tete-a-tete is always about sex.

It may not go offline

The best way to guarantee that you are dating someone you meet online is for both of you to take it offline. This means that both of you have to go on a date. But many people are scared because they don’t want something unsavoury to happen to them. Perhaps, it is better to abandon online relationships in its entirety.

Does Nigeria Require a Cultural Renaissance? Here Are Reasons Why We Do!

The Charter for African Cultural Renaissance 2006 regard culture as the set of distinctive linguistic, spiritual, material, intellectual and encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, cultural beliefs, and traditions. In summary, culture is the way of life of the people!

Nigeria as a nation with over 750 ethnic groups is a very cultural, religious and conservative country. However, for decades and since the grand embrace of civilization, there has been a sharp decline in our cultural values. That many Nigerians are concerned about our cultural heritage. The reasons for this are not far-fetched.

At Jumia Travel, we share these sentiments. In line with this, we identify some pertinent signs that Nigeria needs a cultural renaissance, rebirth, or reawakening with the hope that the government and stakeholders will take action.

Language decline

Some Nigerians are ashamed to communicate in their local dialect while others cannot even speak at all! In fact, some parents order their children not to speak their mother tongue. Rather, they must speak English. Other words, they are admonishing their wards not to be proud of their heritage. It is unsurprising, therefore, that some of these languages are in different stages of extinction! Parents should communicate more in their local languages.

Society has grown individualistic

The mind your business syndrome has eaten deep into our cultural toga that we barely care for one another unlike in the past. Then, society was closely knitted. You knew and visited your neighbours. You could scold a child for anti-social behaviour and even report him to his parents. But, this sparsely happens today when even elders are culprits.


Everything cultural is ‘evil’

Because of religion (Christianity and Islam), many Nigerians now brand our cultural practices evil. Culture is dynamic especially in a fast changing society. But that doesn’t necessarily make the practice evil. There is the good, the bad and the ugly. Let’s promote the good, reform the bad and abdicate the ugly. We can’t throw away the baby with the birth water!

Neglect of historical/cultural Assets

Recently, the Lagos State government demolished the Olaiya house (formerly known as Casa do Fernandez) which was 161 years old. It was built as a bar and restaurant in 1855 That is history gone! The status of the National Theatre is unknown whether it has been sold or not, the museums across the country require attention. The truth is Nigeria is not preserving its heritage. We wonder what will be handed over to the coming generations.  

Dress culture

Nigeria has no dress culture. We simply dress to please ourselves not minding whether it is decent or not. Dress the way you want to be addressed is a forgotten mantra. Thus, we need a renaissance.

Absence of history in Nigeria school curriculum

Many Nigerians don’t know the history of the country. If you are a science student in secondary, it is worse! This is why patriotism is in the dictionary of very few Nigerians. History should be restored in primary and secondary schools curriculum!

Forget Recession! Here Are 5 Effective Ways to Turn Your Startup Plan Into Reality 

Converting a raw startup idea into reality is an enormous task. The onus is on you to ensure that the idea comes to a fruition notwithstanding the circumstances. This is perhaps why some Nigerians are scared to the bone about floating a startup. It is even more discouraging as Nigeria is currently experiencing a recession whose end is unknown.

Evidently, ideas will be abandoned due to these challenges. Despite all these woes, it is essential for you to take action on your idea as you will be thrilled about running your own business and secure your financial future. Hence, Jumia Travel shares some ideas on how to convert your startup in this economic recession.

Believe in Yourself

A bit of motivation will really do you some good. You cannot do anything if you do not believe in yourself. Believe that when you take the risk of initiating an idea, it will work out. And if it doesn’t work, you will not give up and be able to accept the consequences of your actions.

Make risk your best friend

Not taking a risk is a risk itself. And the fact is, it is very risky to float a startup in Nigeria due to the recession. But, a risk is part of life. You have to take risk by venturing into the unknown. You work hard and be committed to your business. Don’t expect a smooth ride.

Be extremely patient

If you are impatient, it will be very challenging for you to move ahead with your idea. This is because any little hiccup will leave you distraught. You shouldn’t expect to invest today and start getting returns immediately.


Learn to sell your idea

Few people are willing to part with their money in this recession. Except your idea is sterling and you can ensure that other people fathom your vision, it will not be difficult to get investors. A major mistake that some budding entrepreneurs who have lofty ideas make are that they cannot sell their idea and how to achieve financial results.

Always improve the idea

Ideas are dynamic not static. So, you shouldn’t be laid back because you believe your idea is impregnable. But don’t be too confident. You should keep improving and expanding your ideas.

Caution! Here Are Signs To Know If Your Laptop is Infected By Virus


Caution! Here are signs to know if your laptop is infected by virus

Antivirus doesn’t necessarily mean your system is secured especially if you are always online. When on the World Wide Web, you may unknowingly download a file embedded with viruses and your so called antivirus may not alert you. Hackers have developed or evolved smart ways to gain entry into your personal system to steal vital information. They make the virus less conspicuous. Besides, it is not only when you are online that a system can be infected. It is, therefore, important to look out for signs that will let you know if your laptop is infected. We share some if these signs which can crash a PC and may result in losing your data.

Ø  Slowdown of your system

Your system only take few seconds to boot or power but you suddenly observe that it started showing snail-like characteristics. For example, there is a decline in the speed of internet surfing and exchange of files.

Ø  Recurrent system crash

According to Wikipedia, a system crash is when a computer program (software or operating system) stops functioning properly. So, if your system consistently crashes, it may be as a result of virus. You may have to change to a more powerful antivirus.


Ø  Too many shortcuts

Not all shortcuts are viruses. But when almost all your files are shortcuts, you should be worried because they may be virus. And even if you delete the shortcuts and scan your system they will always reappear. The only way to kill the virus is by formatting your system.

Ø  Your apps take forever to start

The bytes that an App needs to function are not very big for it to take forever to start. Then, you need to scan your laptop for viruses and malware for it overwhelms your system.

Ø  Popups from nowhere

Unsolicited websites popping up on your system can be very annoying and inconveniencing. Popups like betting, porn and money making websites can invade and disrupt. The cause of this is virus!

Ø  Disabled antivirus

Due to your system being infected, it will automatically disable your antivirus. Thus, opening the doorway to viruses and malware. Thankfully, if you are using windows virus protection, you will be alerted of this abnormality. You will be asked to activate, update antivirus and afterwards scan for virus.

Jumia Travel

For The Love of Nature, I ‘Gatecrashed’ a Lover’s Road Trip To Erin Ijesha Waterfall

It was a Friday evening and I was walking home with a close female friend when she mentioned in passing that she was visiting Osun State on Saturday. My façade asked the follow-up question rather than my tongue. She said her boyfriend wants to take her on an all-expense paid trip to Erin Ijesha Waterfall in Osun State.  

I weighed the option of going with both of them on this trip because I love exploring new destinations. I pleaded with her to inform John that I will love to go with them. He agreed, but I had to sponsor myself. Of course, I didn’t expect him to bankroll my trip.

We left Lagos for Ilesa (you cannot get a direct bus to Erin Ijesa) at about 11:05 am. I paid N1,800. I was alone. At that moment I resolved I will not travel with two lovers without my bae! Wetin sef! Lol!

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Ingenious Ways Nigerians Recoup Money Spent on Weddings

With pomp, pageantry, extravagance and flamboyance, Nigerians celebrate weddings. It is held at exclusive event centres, the wealthy and powerful are present, and there is so much to eat and drink. In fact, the wedding is the talk of the town.

Surprisingly and interestingly, the families don’t really mind the amount expended on the wedding because they have devised different strategies to ‘recover’ the money. Jumia Travel rolls out some of these ways. So, don’t be amazed that despite the economic recession, Nigerians still enjoy organizing and attending weddings every weekend!

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5 Reasons Nigeria’s Tech Sector is Set For An Explosive Growth

The contributions of technology to the economies of countries like China, South Korea, and the United States can’t be measured. The growth of tech has peaked in these countries. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Tecno, and Samsung are domiciled in these countries.

Nigeria and perhaps other African countries are just teething when it comes to technology although there are some encouraging potentials for growth in the near future. Here are 5 reasons to be confident about the future of Nigeria’s technology space.

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria

The first ever visit of the CEO of Facebook to sub-Saharan Africa shows that Nigeria is doing something right when it comes to technology. This visit was a huge boost for technopreneurs and persons who deploy technology for their various businesses.


Tech hubs are springing up

Until recently, there were very few tech hubs in Nigeria. You cannot finish tallying your ten fingers when counting the number of hubs then. But today, there are many tech hubs that provide work spaces for growing startups and also expose them to opportunities

Capture inter.PNG

Significant rise in internet penetration

There is no doubt that Nigeria leads internet usage in Africa. Thanks to cheaper mobile phones and broadband connection. According to statistics from internetlivestats.com, internet penetration in Nigeria is 46.1% and this is a 2.5% share of world internet users. However, there is much to be done as Nigerians without the internet are on the highside-100,767,598 according to internetlivestats.com.

Government support

Oil which is the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy has slumped from as high as $100 to as low as $43.44. This has greatly affected the finances of the country, prompting the government to take economic diversification serious. Jumia travel adds that technology has become the beautiful bride to rescue the economy and with the different initiatives by the   government like the Aso Demo, the future of technology is guaranteed.


E-commerce is growing

E-commerce is growing in Nigeria despite the infrastructure challenges. Again, this growth is largely tied to the rise in internet penetration and the ease of online businesses.