4 Reasons You Should Never Buy Airtime To Call Your Partner

Being in a relationship with your partner require sacrifice-emotional, financial and time. While others are very important, financial sacrifice seems to be the oil that lubricates the relationship. Nevertheless, one expense you cannot escape is talking to your partner. There are different ways you can talk to your significant order. But if you still buy credit or airtime to call, Jumia Travel, gathers 4 reasons you should stop now!  

You can chat  

There are many apps you can download to chat with your partner. You have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BBM, Skype and Instagram at your disposal. You can even use the video and voice call features of these apps instead of buying airtime.

It reduces relationship operational cost

You buy airtime for date and also for calling your partner. In certain cases, you send airtime to them. To cut cost, you can simply make data calls. Then, you know that the airtime you purchase most times is for data.  


Calling is old fashioned

Buying recharge cards to call your partner is pretty old fashioned. Technology has made contacting your partner very easy. It is cool!

You can take more control of your love life

Some people call their partners almost every second. This is basically to find out their location. This is when there is little or no trust in the relationship. Whether there is trust or not, you can take control of your love life by deciding when to reply instant messaging and there will be reduced prowling.


5 Likely Reasons Men Won’t Travel With a Nigerian Woman

Travel is fun. It is even more thrilling and pleasurable when you travel with your girlfriend. She is your perfect companion throughout the trip. It is never a dull moment and you get to spend time together. Speaking from experience, I had a memorable time with my significant other during our short stay at Grand Ibro hotel in Abuja early in the year. Don’t ask me for details.

However, there are lots of baggage that come with junketing with a woman notwithstanding if she is your wife, mother, girlfriend or side chic. This is why some men hate to travel with them due to these shenanigans. No offense dear female folks! Jumia Travel gathers some of these reasons. Despite this, we are very sure that these men love their women.

They take hours to dress up

Men have complained bitterly about the minutes or hours some women take to dress up. Meanwhile, you are already running very late to catch your flight. Most times, reason women give is that they want to look good for their man. Of course, they always expect men to be patient and wait for them.  

They will always over pack

A man will only have a single box and he is good to go for a year. But with a woman, they will have several boxes because they always pack everything they need. Even if you are taking a flight, they are not perturbed about the extra charges. You have to pay. And please, don’t try to stop them if you don’t want ‘trouble’!

They are likely to forget something

After all the over packing, you will be shocked that they will still forget something. For example, they may forget to book a hotel, ATM cards, and even their phones. This is part reason why some men prefer to plan the entire trip themselves.


Impulse buying

Very few women will see a beautiful bag, cloth, necklace or shoe and not be interested in buying. They will drag you to that store and ensure that they purchase it. By the way, you don’t have to worry about settling the bills. They will do that themselves. Again, patience!  

You don’t want to be present when they haggle

Haaaaa…have you ever seen a woman haggle? You don’t want to be present. How much is this? Madam it’s 5,000. 5,000…ke? Let me pay 3,000? Ok. Madam bring  your money. Looks at the cloth for several minutes. This is not worth 3,000. Let me pay 1,500… SMH!

6 Apps Nigerians Are Likely to Use Every Day

Over the years, our phones have become an important part of our lives. We can barely do without them. We feel lost or incomplete without our phones. The more phones become user-friendly, the more apps are being developed. These apps have become as essential as our phones because we must use them every day. Jumia Travel identifies 6 apps Nigerians are likely to use every day.


There is no need to worry about calling or sending text messages to friends. You can simply call (video and voice) them or message them on WhatsApp. Interestingly, you can even hold virtual meetings on WhatsApp. You only need the contact number of whoever you want to chat with.


Chrome owned by Google is one of the best apps out there used to access the World Wide Web. It is easy to use and very fast. More often than not, if you want to visit a particular website, you are likely to use Chrome.


Besides being curious, you may want to get updates about the activities of your friends and significant others, Facebook is the page Nigerians visit. At the same time, you can share your posts. It is this same Facebook that has led some Nigerian women to become detectives by trolling their partners.



Blackberry Messenger is like WhatsApp. Despite this, most Nigerians have both of them on their phones. You can chat and make calls on BBM too.


This app is for Nigerians who read news stories, reports and articles online and want to save them for later because you don’t have time to look at them at the moment. Pocket helps you save all the stories you want to read.


This app is mostly used by Nigerians who want to know what is trending and also want to read about the latest news. In fact, twitter has given some Nigerians the title of social media influencers because they are very active on twitter and their engagement is on the high side.

5 Warning Signs That Your Tech Is Extremely Outdated

Businesses and individuals can barely do without technology in their daily lives. In fact, some believe that with technology everything is possible. However, many of us use these devices without considering their status. Notwithstanding whether it is a brand new device or not, it may not be up-to-date. This is because there are so many counterfeit products out there that you can’t trust even if they are brand new. Jumia Travel shares five signs that your technology is outdated; not only outdated but extremely obsolete. In other cases, it may simply require servicing.


Your network frequently crashes

If your server or network experience regular crashes or outages, then you should start thinking of replacing it. Someday, it will crash and it will never restart. Then, you will be faced with an avoidable emergency.

Your workers are always complaining

Employees are the ones that use these technologies daily. If you get complaints from them every day, then you should be concerned. Sooner, rather than later, they will be frustrated, they will not meet deadlines and your entire tech space will collapse. Before it is too late, you should take action.


You are still running Windows XP

Even Microsoft will be sad if you still use Windows XP. XP is way too outdated. So, upgrade to any of the new versions such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. And do it now!

It is virus infested

You have installed the best antivirus but your system refused to be cured of the virus. It means that your computer, virus, and antivirus are already romanticizing with one another.  And except you format it, the parasitic relationship will continue. Two things: it is either you format it, lose data and have your system back to life or just buy another one from any authorized dealers.


It is annoyingly slow

A race between your computer and a snail will be won by snail. Literarily. This just to show how slow it is. It may need some servicing.

6 Ways To Prepare Your Business For The Holiday Season

Holiday is coming…Holiday is coming…Yes, we all love our holidays. But wait a second: Are you an entrepreneur or an employee? Yes you should be excited about it but depending on the kind of business you are engaged in, it may be very hectic and busy. And it is also a period to rake in the cash!

However, this may be impossible because if you shabbily prepare for the festive season, it will affect your cash flow. Jumia Travel recognizes this and that’s why we are rolling out tips on how to prep your business for the holidays. So, whether you are in the hotel, retail or eCommerce business, you should vigorously plan for the winding down of the year.


Create your holiday offers

It is not wrong to say that Nigerians are likely to spend more during the festive period. Tap into this by offering reasonable discounts, vouchers and the best price. You can also offer customers promotion like buy 3 get 1 free. You shouldn’t wait till December before kicking off your holiday offers. Jumia Travel has fantastic travel packages for the holidays. You should also send these offers via your newsletter to your customers.

Take advantage of last year’s data

Data is important for any business. It shows you if your business is growing or shrinking. It is this same data (campaign, sales, website traffic, channels, and competitors) that will reveal the things you did excellently well or you did poorly. Your business should make deductions from this data and make necessary adjustments. You should also consider the impact of the trending recession.


Make your employees feel the festive season by creating a different atmosphere both offline and online. Your office and website should be decorated to reflect the season. This can also help!


Disclose your holiday hours

Customers may not inform you when they want to make purchases. If he is one of your loyal customers, he will be utterly disappointed if you are not open for business. Hence, you should send emails to your clients informing them of days you will be closed for business. This information should also be on your website.

Decide which marketing channel you want to use

The channel to reach your customers is essential. Some organizations may prefer to do both online and offline marketing while others strictly focus on online marketing. Your budget is key to determining which one to use.

Make your employees ‘happy’

The biggest motivation for employees is for them to be paid as at when due for the job done. They will be willing to give their best and work extra hours. So, employee motivation is key.

5 Easy Ways to Train Your Employees To Prevent Cyberattacks

Cyberattack is prevalent now because many of our activities have moved online. For example, last week, there was a major cyber attack on Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and others. These companies were attacked despite their impregnable security. However, within a couple of hours, they were back online.

Although Nigerian companies are upping their game in terms of internet security. There is so much to be done. This is why it’s important to train the employees of online companies to prevent cyber-attacks. This will help them fathom the dos and don’ts of working online. Jumia Travel shares some ways to train your employees to stop cyber attacks. Interestingly, you don’t need to break the bank to embark on this training.

Create a user policy

Employees should not have free access to do whatever they like on the internet. You should have a policy that features the website employees are allowed to visit, the wireless network to use and other relevant information. This will prevent your workers from being complacent when working online especially when downloading contents online.

Strong Password

Weak password is one of the easiest ways to make your network susceptible to attacks. At the same time, using the same passwords for all your accounts is very risky. Your IT department should brief your workers from time to time about the dangers of using weak passwords.


Encourage them to report problems

Network threats are first noticed by your employees before the IT department do. So, ensure that you encourage your employees to report any unusual they notice online. It will ensure that any itch doesn’t go viral which may damage your business.

Use proper device management

Financially grounded companies don’t joke with device management. Today, computers are connected that employees can easily share data within seconds. In addition to this, you can remotely wipe your system in case it goes missing in order to protect your sensitive data. However, if you are a small business, you can train your employees to properly manage your device.  

6 Nigerians You Should Never Invite To Your House Party

The disc jockey playing your favourite songs, guys and ladies sweating it out on the dance floor, and there are enough booze and drinks to go round. These are the things that happen in different homes in Lagos especially during weekends. This implies that we all love a good party. But, things could go awry if you invite the wrong people to the party. Even your scary, muscular, and burly looking bouncers will not save the day. They are just party spoilers. To help you prevent any troubles during your house party, we share 6 types of people you should NEVER invite to your house party.

The Music dictator

The music dictators are the ones that will never allow the disc jockey to do his job. They keep pestering the Dj annoyingly requesting him to change the song especially if they do not like it. If everyone don’t like the song the Dj is playing, it is a recipe for chaos. This is why it is important for you to get a reputable Dj who knows the right song to play at the right time.  

The person who cannot handle Alcohol

The sight of free alcohol or booze makes them lose their sense of control or discipline. They gulp and gulp until they are utterly drunk. Since alcohol is now controlling them, they fight everyone, throw and say irrational things. Jumia Travel advice you should evict such people before their erratic and alcoholic influenced actions get worse. Better still, don’t invite them to your party.

The girlfriend poacher

They spend their time at the party hitting on different girls even if they came with their woman. They don’t care whose ox is gored by their action. If you dull yourself, they will disappear with your girlfriend! They are natural players and their charms can get them any woman. Strike them out of the list of invitees.


The Strangers

The strangers are the friend of your friend. You have never met them before but they have the privilege of knowing your friends. These happen at all parties. What you should do is to tell your friends to let you know if they are coming with friends. If they don’t, you should not grant them access to your party.  

The person who doesn’t know when to leave

The party ends at 10pm but you still find them till 12am. They want to spend the night in your home which you are uncomfortable with. Everyone should know when to leave a party even if you are living remotely.

The Drug addicts

The easiest drug to get into a party is Indian hemp. They are addicted to this weed. In addition, they are the ones that miss these drugs in drinks. You should not invite them.

7 Things Nigerians Who Use a Telecom Service Provider Can Totally Relate With

Thanks to former President Olusegun Obasanjo who contributed significantly to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. Since, then there has been an influx of service providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo and more recently Etisalat. They have eased the way we communicate. But at the same time, they can be very frustrating. So, if you use any of these service providers any one of these listed things compiled by Jumia Travel must have happened to you. Enjoy!

The number you are dialing is…

You have dialed a number several times but what you hear is the number you have dialed is not available. Please try again later. Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the number you calling. The only explanation for this is that the network is bad. But nothing is done. This same thing will happen you making emergency calls.


Unsolicited text messages and calls

Despite the efforts of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to end this torment of receiving unsolicited text messages and calls, it is yet to pay off. Nigerians receive loads of unwanted calls and text messages. Imagine you are expecting an alert. You eventually receive a text message. You excitedly checked your phone and it is your service provider’s text message. The anger…

Your account balance is low….

Most times when you are almost out of credit, that voice will tell you your account balance is low, please recharge. In other cases and perhaps due to network failure, you may have enough credit on your phone but you still receive that message.  

Underhand charges

Some service providers can charge indiscriminately. You didn’t subscribe to a particular message, they deduct the money from your account. You didn’t renew your data subscription, they will automatically renew it for you. You call them, they will apologise but will not stop removing your money.

Calling customer service for hours

Twitter has largely eased the burden of reaching the customer service of any service provider. However, for persons who doesn’t have access to the internet, they have to call customer service. It can take time before the computer picks your call. God help you if after calling, and they eventually pick but the call drops. Sorry, you have to try again.


Buying SIM for 10,000

MTN and Vmobile (airtel), there is God oooh! Before SIM cards became free, older Nigerians bought SIM cards for as much as 10,000, 20,000 and even 40,000. Then, you were a god if you own a phone.


You must use more than one service provider

Since there are now double SIM phones, many Nigerians now use more than one service provider. If one disappoint, they switch to the other. This is just to cushion the effect of network failure. Both SIMs cannot be down at the same time.

Funny Reasons Nigerians Will Not Buy The New iPhone 7

Stylish, sophisticated and classy. These are the flowery adjectives used to describe iPhone 7 which was launched recently. You cannot miss the hype and publicity especially if you always online and a tech geek. Figures show that in the first 17 days when the phone was released, it accounted for 43% of all phone sales in Q3. Interesting. We don’t have the statistics for Nigeria yet. But what Jumia travel know is that there are some funny reasons why Nigerians will not buy iPhone 7 or iPhone plus. Here are some of the reasons.


I can buy a plot of land with the money

In places like Abeokuta, Sango Otta, Badore and other outskirts of Lagos, you can still buy a plot of land for almost 500,000. Besides, you can use the money to renew your rent for a year. Meanwhile, iPhone cost nearly N420,000. So, which will you prefer? The ball is in your court! The situation is not helped by the fact that there is dollar scarcity in the country.


Android phones are aplenty in the market

Android to a very large extent can now strongly compete with iPhone. However, let’s give it to Apple, there are some essential features that make iPhone unique. This said, there are other very good alternatives that are affordable like Samsung, HTC, Infinix, and Tecno amongst others.

I will wait for the London use

In Nigeria, if you cannot afford to buy brand new gadget or device, you can go for the London use aka fairly use. But as at now, there may be no London use iPhone in the market. So, some Nigerians prefer to wait for the iPhone 7 London use to show off.   

naija presido.PNG

Buhari’s EFCC is waiting for you

The new regime in Nigeria is hell bent on fighting corruption. So, EFCC is on the prowl to investigate anyone whom they suspect of sourcing their wealth from corruption. So, in this recession, how did you afford to buy an iPhone 7? You will explain to EFCC. A quick example, if you are in China, you dare not buy the iPhone if you don’t want to lose your job.

Capture jdjdj.PNG

Sorry Apple, Nigeria is in recession

Sorry Apple Nigeria is in recession. Notwithstanding, Nigerians will still buy the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Internet Experience

The internet is like your spinal cord. Without your spinal cord, you can barely move. It is the same thing with the internet. Nearly everything is done online in this 21st century. Hence, in order to improve and boost your internet experience, you should adopt these various ways shared by Jumia Travel. This will prevent any kind of frustration and anxiety as well as make your job faster. Enjoy your internet experience!

Softblock social media

Certain organizations block social media while others do not. Nevertheless, if you work with a company that allows employees access to social media, you can softblock especially if you dislike what your friends are posting or tweeting. In other words, you can unfollow a friend on Facebook or mute a friend on twitter. The only thing you achieve here is that they will still remain your friends but you wouldn’t see their activities on your feed.

Delete old email accounts

Most of us have more than one email accounts. If you didn’t activate the automatic forward option, you have to check all your emails. Better still, if a particular mail is inactive, you should simply delete it.


Use private browsing

If you don’t want anyone to track your online activities, you should always use private browsing. Browsers like Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla all have the private browsing option.  

Move internet routers away from electronics

Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to various interference, especially from electronics. So, if you use electronics like television, speakers, DVD players, Bluetooth, and phones, you should move them away from your router for optimal performance of your router.

Lock your computer screen

Activating your ‘lock your computer screen’ option will prevent your friends or colleagues from snooping at your screen when you are away. It will also keep children from tampering with your laptop. Most laptops can automatically lock their screen but if this doesn’t happen, you can activate it yourself.