5 Tips For Making Business Videos That Will Go Viral

Videos are no longer difficult to make today. You can use your phone to shoot it and simply post them on social media. However, for serious and professional organisations, creating a business video is not a joke especially if it is promotional. Business videos rarely go viral but if you follow these tips, the video will definitely get more engagements and views. This is a marketing strategy every company must explore as you don’t need to break the bank to achieve this. You should simply include it in your budget

Recording decisions

The question to ask is how do you want to record your video? You can use a mobile phone with a selfie stick. In other cases, you can use a High Definition video camera. The later is better because when the video is eventually produced. A poorly produced video will put off potential viewers even if it has a unique content.

Make use of the right celebrity

Hundreds of research have been done on the impact of celebrity endorsements. So, try to get a celebrity whose acceptance cut across Nigeria to feature in your video. Importantly, use right celebrities that will definitely sell your services or products.

Choose a pleasant place to film

You can decide to film your video at your business premises or choose a nice location in Nigeria. Whichever one you select, ensure that it will not disturb your filming. The location has a huge role to play because your viewers can relate with the place. For example, shooting a business video at Olumo. Regardless, remember that your product or service should decide where you want to film.

Creative content

Content is ultimate for any business video. It must be entertaining, informative and educative. Thus, as far as the content is creative and targeted at the correct audience, it will definitely go viral.

It must call-to-action

You are not just making your business video for fun. It is not only to create a buzz around your product and service, it’s for viewers to take action after watching your video by patronising the product or service. So, ensure that your video has a call-to-action. An example of call- to-action is visit Jumiatravel.com to book your favourite hotels in Nigeria.


5 Ideas To Make Your Overnight Guest Feel At Home

Guest will always come around. You can’t stop them even when they only stay for a few days. Mother-in-laws, siblings, friends, cousins and the ones who simply breeze in without informing are the ones you should expect in a typical Nigeria society. So, you have to make them comfortable as much as you can due to the stress of travelling. And there is more to making a room cosy or comfortable than simply providing a bed. This is essential if they are passing the night at your place. Jumia Travel gathers some ideas on how to make your guest feel welcomed.

Prepare early

Some guests will inform you few days before they arrive that they are paying you a visit. If this is the case, you don’t want them sleeping in a random room. You should dedicate time to the bedroom. Ensure that the beddings are clean, there are enough pillows and the lightings are working.

Provide basic needs

You don’t want your guest always knocking on your door requesting for one thing or the other. Therefore, anticipate their needs and make provisions for them. They will need slippers for the bathroom, toothpaste, universal charger and other little things you may probably ignore that makes them comfortable.

Tell them what they need to know

For close and very familiar guests, you should tell them what they need to know about your home. Inform them what they need to do when there is an emergency as well as places that are out of bounds. In addition, depending on the type of guests you may share your Wifi password with them.

Consider the morning after

The morning after is important because your guest may want to leave very early. So, ensure there is running water, a new bar soap and towel. Also, this will help you get their breakfast ready as soon as you can especially if the guest informs you that he is leaving in the morning.

Think like a hotel

Your guest will not pay you for staying in your house unlike when he stays in a hotel. So, some guests won’t mind being given the same treat just like when they stay in any hotel in Abeokuta. So, if you think like a hotel, you will provide everything they want. As a caveat, don’t overdo things. The rule of thumb should be classy with little or no extravagance.

5 Essential Mobile Apps Tips To Grow Your Business

The business environment has significantly changed as internet penetration continues to grow in Nigeria. According to internet live stats, there are 46.1% internet users in Nigeria. Not only this, many Nigerians have embraced performing transactions with their mobile phones. So, if you are a tech savvy entrepreneurs, your business should already own an app as Jumia Travel shares ways you can effectively deploy your mobile app to grow your business.

Use it to boost branding

Since your app has already been downloaded by thousands of Nigerians, it will always be present on their home screen. So, whenever they want to performance any transaction, your app will be the go-to app especially of it is easy and simple to use. So, if you want an instant brand recognition, your app is the best way to do so.

Make your app interactive

Apps can improve customer experience especially if you don’t have a 24 hours customer service. So, ensure that you can be contacted by your customers via your app. They don’t have to visit your mobile or desktop website before they can interact with you. So, your app should be interactive.

Act as a marketing tool

A mobile app is more than an application. It can also serve as  an essential marketing tool as you can link it with social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. So, whatever transactions you perform on the app, you can share your experience on these networks especially when you get a promotions or discount.

It should be customer centric

There is no doubt that many potential customers use mobile phones to perform transactions. So, rather than your customers using your mobile website, they can simply use your apps because it saves time and before you know your customer base will increase. So, make your app customer centric.

Increased turnover

As far as your app is customer centric, there will be a steady flow of income. Today, you can book hotels, and buy party tickets with an app. Hence your customer base is increasing, it will have a corresponding impact on turnover.


5 Tricks You Need To Stay Awake During Long Haul Drives

You must have heard road mishaps that happened because the driver slept off while driving. These calamities usually happen after only a few seconds’ wink. There are other circumstances whereby, the driver sleeps briefly in traffic only to be woken up by the irrational honking of fellow road users. This is a frequent occurrence in Lagos traffic. The reason for this is not far-fetched. It is because many Nigerians don’t sleep. You arrive home after a long night indulgence at a hotel in Lagos yet, you have to drive to Abeokuta the following day. Not to worry. You can successfully drive to anywhere in Nigeria and still stay away if you apply these tricks to be shared by Jumia Travel. This will help you stay safe behind the wheels.

Make regular stops

You should make frequent stops during a long drive to stretch your legs whether you are alone in the car or not. This stops will keep you more alert when you restart your trip. Importantly, be mindful of where you stop. It is better to stop at fueling stations or restaurants.

Drive with a friend

This is perhaps the best way to stay awake during any drive. This is because you can chat with your friend. And your friend can also take your place whenever you are tired.

Avoid driving after midnight

If you are still behind the wheels after midnight, it is advisable you temporarily halt the trip and lodge in a hotel. Normally, our body is built to sleep around that time. So, to avoid any accident, just search for a hotel wherever you and pass the night there.

Chew gum and let the music play

Chewing gum and listening to music can help you keep your eyes on the road.  So, do not hesitate to buy gum and play your favourite music. It doesn’t have to be music. But at least something should be playing in your car to distract you.

Don’t drink alcohol

Many drivers think that drinking alcohol will make them very alert behind the wheels. Yes, you may be alert but you’d be overly aggressive and drive recklessly. By the way, drivers driving under the influence of alcohol should not be allowed near a car. This could cost him his life and that of others.

5 Tech Items You Should Never Buy In Lagos Traffic

Due to the notoriety of Lagos Traffic, many vendors have taken advantage of selling all sorts of items. You can buy almost anything on Lagos highways. Lagosians are already used to this because after a hectic day at work, they may be unable to go to the market. Hence, they resort to patronise these vendors. The truth is you don’t have to buy everything from these street sellers in Lagos because you may regret patronising them later especially if you have the knack for buying gadgets. This is because the standard of these items are very low and nothing to write home about counterfeit. Jumia Travel gathers 5 of these tech gadgets you should never buy in Lagos traffic.

Phone Charger/ battery

Phone chargers and battery are meant to have ampere to make it compatible with your phone. You can either buy a 1 amp charger or 2.1 amp charger. If you buy the wrong charger, your phone may explode. The fact is these items sold on the street don’t have any of these features. These chargers are just produced with the mindset that it will work with any device. This is impossible. It is either the charger is too slow or won’t work at all. The same for batteries.


This is the least item you should think of buying in traffic. The earpiece/headphones are write-offs and fake. If you don’t want to spend N250.00k every day, you should save money to buy an original one.


Yes, you can a phone on the road. If you buy these phones, you will not be allowed to test it whether it is working properly or not. The attraction is just that these phones are very cheap. Even when you buy these phones in traffic, you will not have time to peruse it.


Power bank

It is good to own a Power bank especially if you are travelling. However, you should not buy these banks at motor parks and in traffic because it won’t work. You can either order online or go to a store.

Memory Card/Flash drive

Flash drives or memory card are used for transferring files and data. So, if you don’t want to lose your files, be mindful of where you buy them.


5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Enhance Your Productivity

Smartphones are an essential feature of our lives in today’s digital world. However, many people deploy it to social media and simply checking their emails. But there is more you can do with your smartphone when it comes to making you more productive than ever. Want to know how you can do this? Jumia Travel urges you to read on!

You can work from anywhere

One of the best things your smartphone can do for you is that you can work from anywhere. As far as you have data on your phone, you have access to any file you want. You can use programs or software like Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox to perform your duties.

You can simplify what you’re carrying

You can lighten what you are carrying by using your phone. Rather than writing down the information you need to remember, you can take a picture. You don’t even need a notebook or a pen anymore.

You can plan your whole day on your phone

With smartphones, you can plan your day on your phone. You can use calendar app with timed notifications and GPS directions to plan and get to all your meetings. You can also book hotels in Lagos, buy airline tickets and order for a taxi on your mobile phone.


You can stay in the loop

With your smartphone, you have access to the whole world. You can browse the latest information, it also allows you send text messages, calls, Instant Messages and email.  Hence, you don’t need to miss anything anymore because you are always in the loop and online.

You can get things done faster

Your smartphone can significantly reduce the time you spend on doing anything. You can get email notifications, you can dictate and record notes. This is because there are now apps that make this possible.

5 Reasons Nigeria Has Become a Dumping Ground For Electronic Waste

Wikipedia describes electronic waste or e-waste as discarded electrical or electronic devices. It added that they are used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered e-waste. Surprisingly, these discarded electronic devices don’t end up in China, The United States of America, Indonesia, and England. They come straight to Africa and route it to Nigeria. So, why is Nigeria an attractive destination for e-waste? Jumia Travel, identifies 5 reasons.

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4 Ways Technology Will Change Nigeria’s Workforce

Nigeria cannot be left behind in the fast-paced world of technology especially when it comes to the future of labour. Even though jobs are being automated you have to significantly improve yourself to fit into this future. The truth is, if you don’t hone your skills, there will be millions of jobs and there will be no employable persons to do these jobs. Hence, Jumia Travel gathers 4 ways technology will change Nigeria’s workforce to get you prepared!

You will be a free agent

You don’t have to find work in the future. In fact, companies will call you to offer you jobs without applying. It is just by having a profile on professional social media accounts like LinkedIn and online. And also, you will not be attached to a particular organisation. Technology tools will make this possible.

You will work from home

Driving to the office daily and manoeuvring Lagos traffic is very hectic. In the future, you don’t need to do this, you will work from the comfort of the sofa of your home. Hence, your employees don’t need to be physically present in the office. Not that everyone will work from home but a large number of people will do.


Services will be outsourced

If you check your Samsung phone, you observe that different parts are made in different countries: the battery is made in China; the body parts are made in Finland and it is assembled in England. And this same device is made by Samsung. Outsourcing is less expensive. Companies now use outsourcing as a cheap way to get quick and cheap labour. This can only favour Nigeria if it develops its infrastructure and  evolve a friendly environment. In fact, you find Nigerian companies outsourcing their services to international companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Technology is key in making this work.

Skills development and training will change due to automation

Many companies are looking for ways to cut cost. Hence, they have embraced automation. These companies will still need persons who will manage these automated services. This may force workers to go for skills development and training. In fact, Nigerian universities must realise we are no longer in the 1960s and they have to overhaul their syllabus to accommodate these new realities tech has introduced.

7 Must Know Tips For House Hunting In Lagos

When you are in the city of Lagos, you are told to shine your eyes (be smart and observant). Lagosians don’t say this slang for fun. It is because if you dare to laggard, you will have yourself to blame. Same goes for persons who are house hunting in the city.

Renting an apartment in Lagos is a project on its own. It is time-consuming. It is even worse when you are desperately looking for an apartment. However, when you are house hunting it requires a lot of patience no matter how frantic you are. This is because the landlord and agent will not live with you in the house. So, if you don’t want to regret renting an apartment in Lagos, Jumia Travel shares some tips that can help you. Again, it is strongly advised to shine your eyes.

Never allow the agent to sweet talk you

You must work with an agent when you are house hunting in Lagos. They know where all the houses that are available for rent. They are the reason for the unreasonable cost of houses in the city. This said, don’t ever allow an agent to bamboozle you into renting an apartment. If you don’t like firmly say you don’t and don’t be carried away by their niceties. It’s just for show. After they get their money, you are on your own. That is why you should keep the relationship strictly formal.

Decide what you want based on money

Most times than not, agents take advantage of house hunters who don’t know what they want. What kind of apartment are you looking for? Is it a room and parlour or a one room toilet and kitchen or a self-contain? You must define what you want or else the agent will tell you what you want without any options. Also, consider money. Importantly, seek advice from friends who already rented their apartment.

The house itself

You just have to inspect the house thoroughly before agreeing to rent it. Are there basic amenities like water, and electricity? What about the toilet and kitchen? Can you use them? The people? Is the environment neat that your partner will not complain about it? Are there any cracks in the ceiling? Are the pipes leaking?  So, if your answers are yes and you don’t want to abandon your rented apartment for any guest houses in Ikeja, don’t rent such a house.


Always go house hunting during the rainy season

The best time to search for a house is during the rainy season. This is because you don’t want to return home one day and your house is flooded!

The resident landlord

Some landlords cannot mind their business. They keep puck nosing into the affairs of their tenants. If you don’t like a house where the landlord resides, you may just walk away. Sometimes you don’t blame the landlord, some tenants are a menace. Also, some landlords have sugar coated mouths, don’t lose your guard.

Proximity to your workplace

Rent an apartment that is close to your workplace because you will spend less on transport and don’t need to worry about the hectic Lagos traffic. But, the ultimate is the comfortability of the apartment. Don’t transact for proximity.

The environment

The environment is the ultimate. It must be secured and not prone to flood. What you should, perhaps, have in mind is that will your partner like the environment or house you rented?  

6 Reasons You Should Rock Your Natural Hair

The present fashion trend in Nigeria has made wearing your natural hair some sort of a ‘taboo’. You are looked at as local, inferior and without any style nor class for wearing your Nigerian didi, patewo, and shuku. This is not surprising because many Nigerians have a knack for anything foreign. This is why Brazilian hair, Peruvian and Afghanistan hair is very popular among ladies. You see ladies with long hair that is almost sweeping the floor. There is no doubt or argument that they look beautiful but if the trend continues, these indigenous hairstyles will disappear. Of course, you may not care. But, at Jumia Travel, we do care and that is why we are sharing reasons why you should start wearing your natural hair.

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