5 Exciting Places To Have Fun In Kaduna

Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna State, is arguably the second Northern Nigerian city of Kano. Over the decades, it has lost some of its charms to Abuja. However, it remains one of the most interesting cities in Nigeria. First-time visitors often wonder about places to visit or cool things to do but worry no more Jumia Travel shares 5 exciting places to have fun in Kaduna according to the account by Muhammad Sodiq, a Northerner who has lived in the city for 5 years.

Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club
Sodiq says Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club says it was founded in 2001, and with over four hundred thoroughbred polo ponies stabled, Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club is the perfect place for a nice, lazy afternoon or a weekend of fun. It is located in Maraban Jos, a few kilometres from Kaduna city.

Kofar Gamji Amusement Park

Kofar Gamji Amusement Park was the first amusement park built in the heart of the Kaduna City. Located along the Shooting Range New Extension, it is indeed the most visited place during celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. Sodiq list some of the features of the amusement park to include wide lawns for relaxation, eateries, a swimming pool, and a terrace for couples who choose to stroll hand in hand. The scenic view of the Kaduna River, which cuts across the park, is a pleasure to behold. He concluded.

The Saminaka Resort

Sodiq says: “The Saminaka Resort is the biggest resort in the Kaduna. It is located in Saminaka, Local Government Area, two hours away from the capital, couples can stay at the resort and enjoy horse rides, the swimming pool and visit the mini zoo.”

Trapco Amusement Park

Trapco Amusement Park is located along the Kaduna Airport Road, Mando Expressway, Kaduna. Polo training and games take place there. It has a mini zoo with monkeys, baby lions, ostrich etc; car and quad bike racing tracks, eateries and a court for leisurely walks.

Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is one of the most popular places to have fun in Kaduna. Your visit to Kaduna is incomplete if don’t visit Kajuru castle. Sodiq describes his experience at Kajuru Castle: “At last Kaduna has a proper Lounge/nightclub. Proper clubbing was only available in Abuja, Lagos or Port-Harcourt. My first time at The Castle left me with the expression Wow. The service personnel is quite nice and eager to attend to you. The place is set-up in such a way that there are several sections such that you can feel free to mingle from section to section without getting bored.”


6 Tech Habits You Shouldn’t Allow To Rollover to 2017

Technology is an important part of your lives. We can barely do without it. Consequently, you have developed some perennial habits that we find it difficult to give it up. Notwithstanding the fact it is affecting your productivity and routine, you still find it had to break it. As you walk into 2017, Jumia Travel shares 6 tech habits you should not carry over to next year.

Never restarting your computer

Consistently, leaving your computer in sleep or standby mode won’t affect your computer, but it will slow it down. Thus, restarting your computer is a smart way to kill all the background processes that may be making your computer slow. Embrace the habit of completely shutting down or restarting your computer every once in a while.

Using the same password for everything

This is a habit that you really need to drop because it makes you susceptible to hacking. Understandably, you don’t want to forget your password which is a key reason why you use same passwords for your accounts. To be safe, vary the passwords of your accounts as we enter 2017.

Clicking refresh on your email constantly

Whether you are waiting for an important email or not, you should not refresh your email every second. It is better to continue working on other things and check your email intermittently.

Sitting too close to the screen

Many of us are guilty of this. We have the tendency of sitting too close to our computer not for a few minutes but for hours. It’s best to sit straight during the day with good posture.

 Eating as you work on a computer

Eating and working at the same time will no doubt affect your output. It is advisable to either do your work and eat later or eat first then focus on your work. Better still, you can take a break to eat. You will not have to eat in piecemeal which you definitely won’t enjoy.

Driving and using your phone

Driving and using your phone can easily distract you and eventually cause avoidable accidents. It is better to concentrate on the road and ignore your phone as 2017 beckons.

5 Things Flying on a Plane Does To Your Body

It is the festive season and it is the period when many people travel from point A to point B. For those who prefer taking flights when traveling, you may not know that flying tampers or messes with your body. Yes, it does. In line with this, Jumia Travel, identify 5 things traveling does to your body so that you will be prepared to tackle this bodily reaction on your next flight.

You will feel dehydrated

Dehydration is one of the obvious signs of flying. You will feel your skin drying up as well as your hair getting rough. This is because according to research, your body feels comfortable when humidity is between 40% and 70%. However, when you are in an airplane, humidity falls between 10% and 20%. TO stay safe, drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight.

Jet lag

You will probably be used to Jet lag if you regularly. If is a well-known effect of flying. Jet lag means when you are very tired or disoriented after a long haul flight. To prevent jet lag, you should create the right sleeping environment. You can also use ear plugs.

Your taste buds becomes numb

During and even after your flight, you will discover that you will find that the meals you eat are bland and tasteless. This is as a result of your flight. Your taste buds will be restored. But in the interim, you should go for spicy means because they taste stronger.

You might struggle with breathing

If you are flying at high altitude, it means the oxygen level are very low. You might find it difficult to breathe due to the absence of oxygen. You should avoid drinking alcohol because it makes the body less effective in absorbing oxygen.

Blood gathers in your legs

When you sit for a long period of time, blood gathers in your legs. And before you know it, your leg begins to swell. This is because the blood circulation has been hampered. You should take a few minutes’ walk to stretch your legs.

5 Money Resolutions Nigerians Should Make Next Year

Nigeria is in a recession. This has made many to significantly cut their spending. So, as 2017 beckons, it is essential for you to make money resolutions in other not to fall into any financial abyss. In order for you not to be inundated and spend aimlessly, Jumia Travel encourages you to try these 5 tips for saving money next year.

Put it in writing

The very first financial resolution you should make is to spell out your financial situation. You can a few hours to take inventory of all of your financial accounts. This will go a long way in helping make reliable money decisions.

Use your smartphone to help you save

There are uncountable apps available to help save and at the same time watch your expenditure. These apps will help you analyze the way you use your accounts. It also allows you to compare how much you spend versus save. You can use mint.com.

Start small

You don’t need to make any extreme financial decision at the beginning of the year. You should make small changes when cutting your spending so that it won’t have a huge impact on you.  With these gradual changes, you will have reasonable savings and at the same time get the best for yourself.

Look for ways to earn extra money

Another important resolution you should make is looking for ways to earn extra no matter how small. This will diversify your financial sources.

Reduce impulse spending

You should make it a habit to reduces the purchases you didn’t plan for. Your rule of thumb should be if it is not in your budget, you shouldn’t but except if the purchase or transaction is very important.

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life In 2017

It is almost a new year. It is also time to think about upgrading your life to a higher standard. In other words, you should take what already exists, improve on it by either adding, replacing or completely letting go of some aspects of your life or business. In line with this, Jumia Travel shares 5 ways you can upgrade your life in 2017.

Examine your relationships

Your relationship is one of the first things to upgrade in your life. There is nothing that will hold you back more strongly than having toxic relationships in your life. If you been accommodating such relationships, it is time to let them go especially in the New Year.

Enhance your health

Many of us have a particular physique we have always dreamt of and health status we desire. But, you don’t take action to achieve this health status. Your priority should be how to improve your sleep, diet, and physical exercise.

Increase your finances

Financial status has always been a source of stress because you pay attention to what you lack. This mindset is one of the things you must allow to go with 2016. You should stop focusing on lack and place emphasis on the good that comes into your daily life, even if it is something as simple as a compliment.

Develop your sense of adventure

Adventure means going into uncharted territories. Leaving your comfort zone. This doesn’t give you the opportunity to take unnecessary risk. These shifts will stretch you beyond your limit, and predictable daily routine. There will always be fear because of the uncertainties which can hold you back from increasing your sense of adventure. But if you don’t do this, you can’t grow. It is a proven fact.

Work on your attitude

Your attitude can make or mar you. This is because your entire attitude is not restricted to what comes out of your mouth, but by the experience, others have when they interact with you. To move to the next level, take a moment to envision the experience of you that you want others to have, and try to project that always. Before you know it, people will respect you and swarm around you like bees.

Want a long-lasting relationship? Here are 5 Things to Never Post About Your Relationship on Social Media

We are all familiar with social media in this 21st century where almost everyone is a digital/tech nomad or geek. However, due to its unhindered accessibility to all, many people abuse. And unlike in the past where social media is not on the list of causes of breakups, today is arguably on top of the list. This is why it is essential for you to be conscious of what you post on social media in order to save yourself from potential relationship headaches. Jumia Travel shares 5 of these things. You may think it is harmless, but it can result in serious consequences.

Anything personal about your partner, without his or her permission

You know that your post is an important expose about your relationship, but you still went ahead to share it. Your partner will not feel good. This said, if you can’t control your cravings, you can ask your partner to be for permission before you post it. It’s safer this way.

Relationship Issues

If you and your partner get into a fight, you may want to rant to your Facebook fans about how much pain you are going through, if you do that, you are reducing your chances of resolving the issues. Constantly posting your relationship problems is information strangers don’t need to know. Don’t be like Tiwa Savage.

Your nude pictures

No matter how much you love your body, the whole world doesn’t need to see it. Always keep your nudes to yourself. Your partner will be embarrassed if others see sensitive parts of your body which are meant to be private.

Your breakup

Spare everyone the details of your breakup. If you and your partner break up, the emotional mess is enough to clean up without having to field comments and advice from the relationship advisors. Keep it simple. If it’s over, it’s over. No need to broadcast it to the world which many of us do these days.

Personal conversations

Don’t post personal conversations, not only is it wrong but it’s rude. Even if someone messages you saying something nasty about them, don’t put them on the hot seat. You should be matured enough to ignore, delete it and move on.

PH Resident Shares 5 Reasons You Should Spend the Holidays in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt in the south-south Nigeria can simply be described as Nigeria’s second economic haven. The state is popular for having huge oil deposits which is the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy. The oil-rich city was named Port Harcourt in honour of Lewis Vernon Harcourt by Sir Frederick Lugard in August 1913. It features beautiful coastal sandy beaches navigating through major cities and towns.

So, it is a perfect destination for anyone looking to indulge this Christmas. In addition, there is the Port Harcourt Carnival tagged CARNIRIV which is one of the most popular events everyone in Port Harcourt looks forward to. As a visitor, you can access this city via the International Airport or by road. Jumia Travel unveils the fun things you can do when you are out and about in the Garden City this long weekend.

Isaac Boro Garden Park

This is a popular garden park located at the south end of Aba road. This park was named after Major Isaac Boro who died in the Biafran war. The tomb of the soldiers here marks those who fell in the world wars. The park is a popular venue for live music, picnic and other events including trade fairs. Mr. George Amadakabo who resides in Port Harcourt said: “I live in Port Harcourt and I have visited the Isaac Boro Garden located on Aba road several times and I can say that it is a perfect place to relax and have fun this Christmas.”

Port Harcourt Cultural Centre

Another place according to Amadakabo to experience PH city is the Port Harcourt Cultural Centre. This centre Amadakabo says is where culture meets arts. You can watch stage plays and cultural dances while admiring beautifully carved artifacts and handicrafts on sale. They are significant souvenirs to buy to remind you of a visit to Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt tourist beach

The Port Harcourt tourist beach is located on an artificial sand beach along the Kolabi creek east of the old township. It serves as the perfect leisure and relaxation spot coupled with a bush-bar restaurant selling fresh palm wine, local dishes and entertainment. The beach also has a jetty, a restaurant, wildlife, museum and games room. A visit to the beach offers all-around fun to fun-seekers.


The Mile One market along Ikwerre road is a popular place to visit to feel the pulse of a buzzing city. You can buy everything from fashion items to consumer goods as well as laugh at the shenanigans of the sellers as they attempt to poach customers. But if you do not fancy going to the market, Amadakabo advises you to visit places like Park n’ Shop, Everyday Emporium, and the Craft Centre to do all your shopping.


A metropolitan city like Port Harcourt never lacks fantastic and awesome spots to eat. You can eat great cuisine at one of the many well-established restaurants or ‘bukkas’ along the streets of Port Harcourt. Amadakabo adds that some of the best restaurants in PH are Chicken Calypso Fast food and restaurant, Bouvati fast food and Portofino foods are among the popular restaurants.


The era of running helter-skelter searching for a hotel to sleep in is over with entry of booking portal into the hospitality industry. Travelers can now book hotels ahead of their trip. Affordable hotels in Port Harcourt include Sparklyn Hotels & Suites GRA;  1804 Boutique Hotel and Best Premier Hotel & Resort Port Harcourt. So, if you are looking for where to spend this long weekend, Port Harcourt should be on your priority list, as advised by Amadakabo.

5 Weird Things Christmas Does To Lagos

Lagos is the Centre of excellence, the engine room of Nigeria and the city that never sleeps. The air of Christmas is sweeping around the city and the Xmas mood has been activated. If you are spending Christmas in the city that prides itself as the heart of the country and hoping to become a mega city the next couple of years, we gather some of the weird and unexpected things that happen to Lagos during Christmas.

 You can literarily play football on the highway

The monstrous Lagos traffic will evaporate to the extent that you can play football on the road (Don’t try it).  If you spending Christmas in the city for the first time, you will be wondering whether you are in Lagos or somewhere else.

Markets are unusually less busy

One of the interesting things about many Igbos of South East of Nigeria is that they always travel to the East in December. So, markets like who are populated by them are less busy. For example, at Yaba market will be arguably less busy because many people have left Lagos for their countryside.

Prices doubles

Whether you are buying online or offline, prices of groceries and other items have significantly increased. No thanks to the recession. But it is noteworthy to say that only the hospitality industry is arguably shielded from the recession. For example, you can get the best hotel prices on Jumia Travel.

More Security men on the road

Credit to the persons in charge of security in Lagos, they have really tried. This is because when you compare security in Lagos with others, you will appreciate the police. Interestingly, it is days leading to Christmas that you notice more security men on the road and checkpoints. In fact, you will notice that the policemen are nice.

Government sells rice for cheap

Rice is a luxury in Nigeria today due to the ban on its importation. This has made the Lagos state government proactive to grow its own rice. This is a Christmas where government intervenes to sell rice at 12,000 to Lagosians. The normal market price of rice is as much as N28,000. Interestingly, the Lagos state rice is produced locally.

5 Interesting Ways Social Media Has Changed How You Celebrate Christmas

Social media has changed almost everything including the way you celebrate Christmas. This is not surprising because there are smartphones everywhere and there is no way the traditional way of Christmas festivities can continue. So, how has social media changed the way you celebrate Christmas? Here are five ways.

Prep up your accounts

To put you in the Christmas mood is to prep up your accounts to reflect the season. You can simply change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter with Santa. You can even take a selfie of yourself wearing a Christmas cap.

Offer free gifts on social media

Many organizations and social media influencers make their followers happy by rewarding them with tickets and gifts. This is just to appreciate them. These organizations use this strategy to ensure their social media followers remain loyal.

Send season’s greetings

These days very few people send physical cards to friends and family. But with the internet, you can get Christmas cards online to send to your followers and friends.

Document festivities

Today, Christmas memories can easily be documented by taking videos and pictures of the festivities by posting it on Facebook. Jumia Travel adds if you don’t delete it, you can view it anytime you want.

Countdown to midnight

This may be unusual but some social media addict countdown to 12 a.m. to ensure they are the ones to wish their followers and friends to a merry Christmas. So, if you cannot leave your home to a countdown event, then social media is your best friend for Christmas countdown.


5 Nighttime Routines To Avoid Weight Gain

There are lifestyle habits or routines that you engage in that may affect your health. Unknown to you, some of these habits are usually due to your evening or night time activities. These activities if you don’t nip it in the bud can make you add weight. So, if you don’t want to gain weight, here are some nighttime habits you need to embrace.

Brush your teeth after dinner

If you have a knack for eating your dinner late in the night, you should always brush your teeth as it will prevent post-dinner snacking. Most times, when you brush your teeth, you are likely not to munch or eat anything after that.

Don’t eat in front of the television

If you consistently eat dinner in front of the TV, you concentrate on the TV rather than your food. This can lead to weight gain. So, not being mindful of the meal you’re eating can lead to eating more; and paying attention to a meal can lead to eating less.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has more consequences. It can lead to serious health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. You can add weight gain to it. Jumia Travel encourages you to try to sleep more at night.

Don’t make dinner your largest meal of the day

Many Nigerians do this because they want to combine the breakfast and lunch they missed in a dinner. This is not very good for your body. This is because these night meals can build calories in your body which may be difficult to burn. So, if you are lodging in one of the best hotels in Lagos, don’t be tempted to order large meals.

Don’t use drug in the night

Certain medications taken before bedtime can lead to weight gain. This includes some antipsychotics, antidepressants, and stimulants, which can lead to increased appetite. You should avoid these pills if you use at night. So, don’t take any medications without doctor’s advice.