Top Five Ways To Identify Fake News Online

With the advent of social media and the wider access to the internet in Nigeria and other countries of the world, the news is no longer what it is. Unlike in the past when we all depended on the traditional for informative, educative and entertaining content, it is not so now. This is because the World Wide Web is free and anyone can post or share anything, including fake news, all in the name of driving traffic to their website. Consequently, whatever content you read on blogs or social media should not be taken as the truth.  A very recent example is the fake news that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead. The Presidency had to debunk the news. So, how do you identify fake news? Jumia Travel gathers 5 ways to identify fake news.

Check the URL

There are some news websites you can never doubt their credibility. However, to spread fake news, the fake news peddlers usually clone these reliable websites. The original website is  but when you check the URL, it is which is fake.

Use other sources to verify

When you are unsure of the trustworthiness of any news on a particular website, you should use other sources to confirm. Oftentimes, a breaking news will be reported by leading news platforms. If these is not the case, you should tarry a while before reporting or you should just ignore it.

Verify with fact-checking websites

As fake news becomes a reality we cannot overlook, there are now websites where you can verify any news. You can use

The Date

Some individuals just want to be mischievous. They share backdated news that may not be presently relevant. So, you may think the news is true. Hence, you may want to check the date before believing such a story.

The story is too flamboyant

The news story may be too terrifying, humorous, flamboyant, sympathetic and frustrating. If it features these metrics, you should verify the news from other sources and if you don’t find it from others, it may be a fake news.


6  Expenses That May Be Destroying Your Budget

Having a budget is very important if you want to properly plan your finance. However, when preparing the budget, there are some items or things that feature in it that you can do without. In line with this, Jumia Travel shares some of the things in your budget you can do without. If you get rid of these items, you will be able to save more.

Cable television subscription

The homes you visit in Nigeria, you will find pay TV because it is now quite affordable. However, if you are cash strapped or you want to save some money, you should strike out pay TV subscriptions. In fact, you may discover that, except you own a generator, your subscription may run out without you enjoying it due to power shortage.

Eating out

If you reside in Lagos, you are most likely to eat out because you don’t have too much time on your hands. You may also consider the time you spend in traffic. So, eating out is one of the attractive options. But do you know that when you frequent one of the best hotels in Lagos to eat you will soon be cash strapped? Hence, try as much as possible to cook sometimes.

Gym memberships

You may not need to be a registered member of a gym if you planning to shed some weight. Not because you don’t have time, it is because there are other important things to do with cash. As an alternative, you may join your friends to jog every weekend.

Lavish Vacations

It is great to go on vacation to Obudu Cattle Ranch and stay in one of the best hotels in Calabar. Of course, you know that you cannot afford this expensive getaway but you still went anyway. You can plan a simple vacation to Olumo Rock in Abeokuta or a picnic at Elegushi beach in Lagos.

Shopping expenses

With nearly everything on the high side both online and offline, you have to cut down your shopping expenses. From groceries to clothes and electronics, you should consider reducing the money expended on these items.


You have a party to attend this weekend but you cannot afford huge gifts but you still budgeted for it. Remember that life continues after the wedding. You should buy a simple gift and move on.

5 Ways Power Shortage Is Affecting Nigerian Businesses

The World Bank data on ease of doing business released this year ranked Nigeria 169 out of 190 countries. Ten sub-indices were used for this ranking such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency. One sub-indices that many Nigerians can relate with is electricity. Although all Nigerians are feeling the effects, businesses are feeling it more. Jumia Travel identifies 5 ways power shortage is affecting Nigerian businesses.

Huge amounts are budgeted for diesel and generator

There is no way any business can run smoothly without having a generator notwithstanding if it is a startup or an established business. The budget for generators, diesel as well as servicing these generators is humongous. These monies, if there is no power interruption, can be deployed to other aspects of the businesses.

Startups are likely to fail

Many young Nigerians have ventured into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship despite the recession. They have satisfied all the constitutional requirements for setting up a business but they have to still a factor in how to provide electricity. Over time, you will observe that some of these great startups are likely to fail due to power shortage. They can only do as much.

Businesses cannot employ

If electricity can be tackled in Nigeria, the monies companies spend on providing power can be used to employ more Nigerians. This is a part reason why some companies prefer to use contract staff.

 No room for growth or expansion

Growth and expansion are essential to any business. The more businesses spend on electricity, the more they cut back on growth. Combining power shortage with the economic recession, some companies have no choice than to lay off some of their workers.

Businesses are moving out

Nigeria is the biggest market in Africa. At the same time, it has the biggest challenges. Some of them have decided to continue running their businesses in the country, others have made the decision to move their operations to other countries while maintaining a little presence in the Nigeria.

How To Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

As valentine is a few weeks away, some singles who aren’t in a relationship will be worried about celebrating love alone. But you know that you can still have a rocking and lovely valentine even though you are single? So, you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself. Jumia Travel shares ways you can survive Valentine’s Day as a single.

Organize a singles party

You cannot force anyone to date or love you? As they say in local parlance love is not by force. Reach out to your single friends (guys and ladies), and organize a singles party at home or one of the best hotels in Lagos. You never know, you may meet someone special!


You are a prolific cook but you don’t have time to cook. Valentine’s Day as a single may be an opportunity to check if you haven’t lost your culinary skills. You should fix yourself a delicious and tasteful meal.

Watch Movies

Watching a movie is a good way to distract yourself from the lovey-dovey activities around you. If you have a favourite movie, it is perhaps time to watch it again. But, try as much as possible to avoid romantic movies, it will only remind you that you are single!

Give yourself a treat

To some people, going on a date alone is weird. This has some sort of advantage for you because you don’t concern about additional bills. You can treat yourself by going for a massage, or shopping. You should just do something unusual but don’t be extreme. This will only remind you that you are single.

Don’t worry yourself

The best and ultimate way to survive valentine as a single is to caution yourself from worrying about the fact that you are single. After all, being single is not a crime. If you worry yourself, you are likely to fall into a wrong relationship.

Top 5 Places a Lagos Executive Can Have The Perfect Valentine Evening

Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is nice, so are you. Yes, it is good to be romantic! Your spouse will love you more. Be rest assured. However, it will be awesome if you can back up your smooth talk with action.

As a Lagos executive with a very choked schedule, you may probably not have the time for romantic shenanigans. But wait for a second, it is not all about making money. You have to cool off sometimes sir especially when valentine is a few days away. And your spouse is expecting you not to disappointment. Why don’t you take her out? But the problem is where will you take her? Definitely, any Lagos executive you want something classy and tasteful. Not to worry. Jumia Travel has gathered top five places any Lagos executive can have the perfect valentine evening.

La-Campagne Tropicana

If you aren’t careful, the resplendent ambiance of La-Campagne Tropicana located in Ikegun, Epe will charm you that you won’t want to leave. The beach resort offers visitors a mix of indigenous culture with modern sophistication. There are beautifully designed shelters and restaurants that serve both local and international cuisine.

Kamp Ikare

Ikare will become a sort of “love kamp” on Valentine’s Day as droves of lovers will stream into the resort to have a good time. It is located in the coastal community of Ikare in Badagry. Available at Kamp Ikare are swimming pool, accommodation and home-made dishes. But note that Kamp Ikare can only be accessed by a speed boat which also adds to the excitement.

Inagbe Resort

Inagbe Resort is the definition of elegance and style. It is simply exquisite. From the moment you drive in, you feel nature at its best. It is a wonderful place to have an unforgettable Valentine with your Val. It located in Victoria Island.

La Manga Luxury Beach

Want a quiet and luxurious Valentine? Then La Manga Luxury Beach in Ilashe is where to go. “La Manga is a little piece of paradise nestled along the unspoiled Atlantic Ocean.” It is a luxury at its best!

Eko Hotel & Suites

Eko Hotel & Suites needs no introduction, it’s common knowledge that it is one of the pleasant places to relax and hangout in Lagos. So, be rest assured that when you visit Eko Hotel and Suites, you are guaranteed to have a great valentine evening. It is located at Adetokunbo, Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Pelu Awofeso: “Northern Nigeria Is Vastly Beautiful”

Travelling around Nigeria has never been simplified the way Pelu Awofeso is doing. He has visited 32 states in Nigeria documenting several indigenous festivals and carnivals on his own account.

Beyond crisscrossing the country, he has won the prestigious CNN/Multichoice African Journalist Awards in the Tourism reporting category, he is the publisher of WakaAbout magazine,  and also a contributor to several leading news platforms. Awofeso tells Jumia Travel, about his travelling experiences and much more. Enjoy!

Can you tell us about yourself?

I started out as a freelance columnist for the state-owned Standard newspaper in Jos (Plateau State), after which I moved to Africa Today as Arts & Travel Correspondent, Network Africa (as Editor) and National Daily (as Travel Editor).

In the past decade, I have written for both local and international publications, some of which include: World Policy Journal (US), Travel Intelligence (UK), A24 Media (Kenya) and NEXT (Nigeria). My most recent freelance engagements have been for, and WINGS (inflight magazine for ARIK Air). I am a winner of the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist Awards in the Tourism reporting category.

You are a foremost travel journalist and enthusiast, can you tell us how you developed your love for travel?

It all started when I made my first visit to Jos as an adult. It was my first journey outside of the southwest region and seeing the majestic hills, experiencing the cold weather and interacting with the indigenes made quite an impression. Shortly, I learned that Plateau State had many tourist attractions so I began to visit them one after the other; I couldn’t have enough and I travelled some more and thereafter began to write a weekly travelogue which was published in the local newspaper. That’s how my travel adventures and journalism career kicked off.

How many states have you toured? Can you describe one of your most outstanding experiences?

I have travelled widely around Nigeria—32 states at the last count—documenting several indigenous festivals and carnivals; my other travel interests include museums, monuments, nature, crafts and the daily pursuits of everyday Nigerians. An experience that will stay with me for a very long time is visiting the Biafra Bunkers, now part of the National War Museum in Umuahia; it is underground and you have to navigate the space with a flashlight. It is a bit scary, but it helps one to imagine what the civil war years must have been like for the immediate community.

Ezeagu waterfalls Enugu State).JPG

What will you say to those who prefer to travel out of Nigeria for vacation?

There are a hundred and one vacation-friendly locations around Nigeria and it is high time Nigerians realized this fact and cease to whine about poor infrastructure; the beauty of Nigeria is in its cultural and physical assets and not in manmade structures. It is okay to travel the world and make a statement about it but it is a misnomer if you haven’t first explored your country. The majority of Americans travel around America, and a recent statistics show that nearly 50% of Kenyans travel and vacation in Kenya.

Practically speaking, how do you think the government can develop the tourism sector to attract more tourists?

First, it has to plan and carry out a massive re-orientation programme, because Nigerians are unrepentantly dismissive of Nigeria—they never speak well of the country, at home and abroad. I understand the frustration we all feel with the way the country has been run over the decades, but the solution is not in running down the country. If the government can get Nigerians to love the country and appreciate domestic tourism, then it won’t be long before foreign tourists would flood the country. The local music and movie industries are perfect examples to learn from. They have become multi-million dollar enterprises because of a huge patronage by Nigerians first of all; the rest of the world then followed our cue.

Is it possible to travel within Nigeria on a slim budget especially in this trending economic recession?

Absolutely. The truth is that there is a growing number of Nigerians now travelling more within the country because of the recession—on day tours, short vacations, and retreats. Travelling abroad for vacations has become a lot more costly; local travel is the fall-back alternative.

Nwaniba Roundabout (Uyo, Akwa Ibom State).JPG

What advice do you have for people who are traveling to Northern Nigeria?

Northern Nigeria is vastly beautiful and most of its traditional lifestyle and practices and indigenous architecture are still unspoiled. I encourage more people to visit the region, except the crises prone areas.

Can you tell us about the travel projects you are currently working on?

I juggle multiple projects all the time. I am working on two travel books this year, while also promoting a travel writing contest titled “My Nigeria Travel Story”. It is my own way to help grow the appreciation of domestic tourism.

What advice do you have for aspiring young travelers?

They should be bold, pack their bags and go—there is a whole lot to see and savour in Nigeria. Besides, travel is another way to learn about the world around us. I started to travel around the country from when I turned 25 and I have not stopped travelling. I have enjoyed all my trips to date and I am a better person because of my travel experiences.

pix source: Pelu Awofeso

Igbo Stereotypes Nigerians Are Tired of Hearing

The Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria is one of the three leading ethnic groups in Nigeria. There are so many good and amazing things about them but like it is in many situations negative perception usually overshadow the good ones. This is the same with the Igbos. Nigerians have this perception about the Igbos which are usually false and have been over flogged. Jumia Travel shares some of these stereotypes which many Nigerians are tired of hearing.

Igbos Love Money

The love of money cannot be restricted to the Igbos alone. Hausa, Yorubas and the individuals belonging to the other over 200 ethnic groups in Nigeria love money. As far as any Nigerian earn their monies legally, there is no problem.

Igbos prefer to do business rather than going to school

Give to the Igbos, they are one of the most industrious and hardworking people in this country. Some persons have gone as far as saying that they are the ones who will help revamp the Nigerian economy via their Abba made goods. Despite this, not all Igbos prefer to do business. They have personalities like Chinua Achebe and Chief Alex Ekwueme who are well educated and known all over the world even though they are into business.

Marrying an Igbo woman is expensive

This may be slightly true because some Nigerians have complained about the demands of Igbo parents for wedding their daughters. Regardless, weddings are quite expensive in Nigeria and this cut across all tribes. So, before you date or marry Igbo girl, there are some things you should know so that you won’t complain when the bills start coming. Nigerians love to party and they do not mind borrowing money to celebrate a talk-of-the-town wedding and lodge in one of the best hotels in Lagos after the wedding.

Igbos don’t have respect

Yorubas have been tagged the most respectful tribe in Nigeria. Hence, oftentimes, many Yorubas brand  Igbos as disrespectful. The fact is anyone can be disrespectful. It is unfair to single out the Igbos as disrespectful. Nigerians have heard this so many times and it has become a cliche.

All Igbo girls are fair skinned

Yes, many Igbo girls are fair skinned. But you can not generalize and just conclude that all of them are light in complexion. There are also many dark-skinned Igbo girls around.

5 Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

With many organizations dependent on the World Wide Web to do their businesses as well as other activities, many workers now spend hours in front of the computer screen. Furthermore, the eyes have no rest from too staring at a screen because if you are looking at your computer, you are staring at your mobile phone. Hence, the number of screen addicts are on the rise. If you are one of those who spends hours in front of the screen without taking breaks, Jumia travel shares some negative effects of too much screen time.

Eye problems

This is the most obvious effect of too much screen time. You feel pain and irritation in your eyes. And if these continues for months, it affects your vision in the future. Ensure that you always blink your eyes to give it a distraction from the screen.

Sleep deprivation

Like earlier said, when some people are not staring at their computer, they are staring at their phones. After your 9 am to 5 pm spent at you, combined with the traffic, and instead of eating and going straight to bed, you spend hours surfing your phone. Your body needs rest and the best way is to get quality sleep.

Loss of social skills

Many of us have lost our social and interactive skills because of too much screen time. We spend time on our phones chatting with friends and family. Thus, we don’t bother to visit anyone anymore since we have our phones which have made communication easier.

Neck discomfort

Due to the long period, you spend especially on your phone, you may begin to feel discomfort in your neck and spine. This pain may be temporary, it may become a regular occurrence if you don’t give yourself a break from your phone, or computer. Always, be mindful of this.

You are likely to procrastinate

With spending too much time on your computer or phone, you find out that you keep postponing the important things you are meant to do. You are either watching a movie on your computer or checking your different social media accounts while you have so many things to do.

5 Warning Signs Your Business Is About To Fail

It is never easy to run a business because you have to give up a lot of things to ensure its smooth running. There will be times when it may seem everything is going fine but unknown to you are not achieving your business’s mission and objectives. Therefore, it is important for you to looking for warning signs that your business is going off tangent or is failing. Jumia travel shared some of them.

You have not spoken interacted with any customer

After your amazing effort ensuring the smooth management of your business for over a month and you have not spoken to any customer or a customer have not patronized you, there must be something wrong. Perhaps, you should rethink your marketing strategy. For this, you can use social media. You don’t need to break the bank.

You always repeat the same mistakes

Mistakes are acceptable in business. You may have spent money on employing more people or purchased more machines against the advice of your business consultant. You should learn from these mistakes. But if you repeat this same mistake again and again, you will soon run the business aground.

You recruit new employees weekly or monthly

Your employees cannot work with you for more than two or three months before they leave. This means there is something fundamentally wrong. It may be your relationship or your management skills that may be prompting them to leave.

Your business is indebted

This sign is very obvious. If your business is heavily indebted, it is a warning sign you will soon be unable to service your debts and you have no choice than to liquidate. Before it gets to that level, you should do something about the debts.

Significant drop in turnover

The economic outlook of Nigeria is not encouraging. The naira is fluctuating and it has just recently stable at N497 at the parallel market and even the government is not helping matters with its unclear monetary and economic policies. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t spell doom for your business. Your business should still run normally even with the recession. If this is the case, it may be time to overhaul your business strategy.


5 Reasons You Should Always Shorten a URL

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) makes surfing the internet less difficult. It is what your social media followers click to visit your website. You should never underestimate the influence of URL in attracting traffic. This is why URL shorteners like and TinyURL came on board. However, some people don’t use because they are probably not aware of it or they think it is a waste of time. If you are one of those who is yet to join the URL shortening bandwagon, Jumia Travel, travel gathers five reasons you should.

It is good for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has a key role to play in the ranking of a website by Google. The more you creatively optimize your website and content, the better your ranking. One way to achieve this is by shortening URLs. When you shorten URL, it makes it easier for Googlebot to detect it. But remember that shortening URL alone is not enough to significantly improve your rankings. It is a combination of different efforts including shortening URL that enhances the Google search results of either your website or shared content.

It makes links more manageable

Wordy or lengthy contents are not easy to distribute via Facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp. Besides, a long URL may not get you the clicks you want because it is unattractive and easily put off your readers. To better manage your content, shorten URLs.

You can get data

When you use a URL shortening service like, you can receive basic all-inclusive data like the number of clicks, the location of the website visitors and also which social media platform the content was clicked. This data can aid in content development.

It encourages sharing

Your content may not get the desired attention if you don’t share it on social media. You can share any content no matter how long the URL is.

It is user-friendly

Shortening a URL is not rocket science. You can just visit enter the URL you want to shorten and within seconds you get your shortened URL. It is absolutely free. In addition, you are more likely to remember a shortened URL that features only your domain name and keywords then the original lengthy and bogus URL.