5 Interesting Reasons Why Suya Is Prepared In The Evening

Suya is a Northern Nigerian delight that has become a delicacy that is consumed all over the country. It knows no ethnicity, no religion and no tribe. This said, one thing you may have observed is that this street food is usually prepared in the evening. Why not in the morning or afternoon? Well, whoever, decided to kick off the preparation of Suya in the evening must be a genius because the marketing strategy is working. You find Nigerians buying Suya at this time. Accordingly, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 reasons why Suya is prepared in the evening.

It more attractive in the evening

When you returning from in the evening and you see the mallam or Aboki the fire of the suya blazing in the very busy or hectic evening. There is no way you will not be attracted or tempted to buy. Even when you didn’t plan to buy, you will.

It is when Nigerians hang out and relax

It is in the evening that most Nigerians hang out and relax. That is when they are close from work. Some don’t go home straight away. They hang out at your favourite hotel bar in Lagos with friends, and if there is a Suya spot around, they buy. If you setup in the afternoon, very few people will patronise you. You will be forced to move your suya business to the evening.

It is very tasty at that time

suya is very tasty normally. But there is no way you can compare afternoon suya with evening suya, they are not mates. The warm evening weather, the stress of work and traffic all combine to make you savour the taste of suya. It is very yummier!!!

The Aboki has other businesses he runs during the day

The Aboki or mallam preparing the suya has other businesses he runs during the day. He doesn’t survive on making suya alone. Some of the things he may likely be doing during the day include shoemaking, tailoring and barbing among others.

It is just weird or unusual to see morning or afternoon Suya

It is just weird and unusual for you to see suya being prepared in the morning or afternoon. You are already used to it in the evenings. Don’t be surprised if some Nigerians think that you are doing something fishy by preparing suya during the day. They will not even close near such a suya.


5 Reasons Why Igbos Have Strong Business Acumen

When it comes to doing business in Nigeria, the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria are number one. You cannot compete with them. You find them in every good business from retail to shipping, hotel, hospitality, import and export. They are always there. As in their adrenalin for doing business is out of this world. From the old to the young ones, they blessed with natural business acumen and they have hugely taken advantage of it to create wealth for themselves. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency identifies 5 reasons why Igbo have strong business spirit.

They are will to travel to do business

You should envy the ingenuity and knack for business by the Igbos. Where other Nigerian tribes can never go, you will find the Igbos there. They are on ground fearlessly and painstakingly doing their business. They blend and embrace the culture that you begin to think they are one of them. This is not restricted to the borders of Nigeria.

They don’t struggle with hands on experience

Igbos don’t need or struggle with hands on experience to start a business. They are already set up for success because they haves uncles, aunties, and seniors who are doing business. Hence, they can ease in without stress. They only need to discuss with their significant other that they want to work with them.

They are patient and willing to learn

Despite the fact that they don’t struggle with hands-on experience, they still take time out to learn the tricks of the business they desire to do. You will be shocked that they wait as much as 2 years to learn the business. This is why they are very good entrepreneurs and business men/women.

They love what they do

The Igbos love what they do that is why you find them everywhere. From Yaba to Oyinbo and Ladipo, you find them there. They love what they do and it is also a way for them to survive.

They are natural businessmen and women

You can’t argue with this, the Igbos are blessed with excellent and awesome business men and women.

6 Reasons You Should Replace Sugar With Honey

Sugar came in the middle of the night, chased away honey and became king in the morning. A classic case of usurpation. Today, it is so many people can’t do without sugar. In their morning tea, they must add several cubes of sugar. Regardless, no matter how widely spread the use of sugar, the fact remains that it is a sweetener that cannot be compared to any other.  Hence, the recommendation that you should always take sugar rather than honey. Honey features sugar, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acid. If you have not been taking honey, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares the health benefits of taking honey. Expectedly, this will encourage taking honey more often.

Regulate blood sugar

Honey contains fructose and glucose that are needed to balance your blood sugar levels. So, the honey you take the better for your health and blood sugar. Importantly, there is no amount of honey you take that will raise your blood sugar level.

Better exercise performance

Taking honey before an exercise will ensure that you perform optimally during your workout sessions and you don’t tire out easily. At the same, if you take it at the end, you heart speed will slow down quicker and you will feel better.

Perfect for wounds and burns

This is why it is advisable for you to have honey at home. When you apply honey to an external wound and burns, it makes it dry quickly. When next you have a wound or burn, use honey for treatment.

Deal with a cough and throat irritations
Honey can also help in dealing with a cough and throat irritation. It works like magic. Few spoons of sugar can reduce or clear these annoying irritations.

Check cancer and heart disease
Like they say, prevention is better than cure. To prevent or minimise the risk of cancer, you should take honey regularly because it contains antioxidants that cushion the effects of these terminal diseases.

Lessen the risks of stomach ulcers  

It is also possible to use honey to limit the risks of stomach ulcer and other bacterial stomach flu.




6 Ways To Survive a Party If You Don’t Know Anyone

It can be a very unpleasant experience when you attend a party and you don’t know anyone besides the host. You won’t only be bored, you will also feel very lonely. It is obviously difficult to strike a conversation with people you don’t know even if you are extroverted. As a result, some individuals may simply abandon the party and go home. You don’t have to do this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 ways to survive a party or gig if you don’t know anyone.

Be positive

Your friend inviting you to a party means that he/she wants you to be there. Do not feel out place or feel like you don’t belong there. This is because when some people go to parties and they don’t know anyone, they feel inferior. Consequently, they begin to suck. This will even make the situation. So be positive!

Request to help the host

Rather than just sitting down amidst persons you don’t know, you can decide to help the host. The host will no doubt be very busy but he or she will appreciate your request to help. You can even bring food to cook just to keep you busy.

Exercise how to break the ice

Breaking the ice is very essential to start a conversation at a party where you are don’t know anyone. So, before you leave home, ensure that you have some conversation starters at your fingertips.

Listen to what others have to say

After breaking the ice or starting a conversation, the next thing is to continue and sustain it which can sometimes be a bit tasking to do. One way you can overcome this is to listen to what others are saying. However, don’t over listen to the point you are mute.

Look for other loners

Lonely people are desperately searching for someone to talk to. So, don’t be afraid to look for other loners and start a conversation with them. They will definitely appreciate and welcome your gesture! You will always find loners at a party which may be held at the Epe Resort.

Just have fun

Do not miss out on the fun even if you don’t know anyone so that you won’t regret going to the party.

6 Things You Have Forgotten How To Do Because of Your Phone

You can virtually do anything and everything with your smartphone. This has made some of us forget how to do certain things that were naturally part of you. And depending on you, these things may be good or bad. Whatever the case maybe, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares the things you have forgotten how to do due to your phone.

Hang out with friends & family

Smartphones have obviously killed interpersonal relationships. Very few people visit their family members and friends. They prefer to chat with them on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and BBM. In fact, WhatsApp groups are now created for the family. They may call sometimes.

How to spell

Smartphones have clearly encouraged the use of shorthand that so many people don’t know how to spell anymore. Also, you don’t need to finish spelling a word before your smartphone preempts you and give you that word. So, quite a number of persons have difficulty spelling.

Learn to take pictures

Any phone that has an excellent and awesome camera is perfect for taking pictures. You don’t need photography skills for this purpose. Even professional photographers are now worried that there are so many quacks in the business of photography. By the way, a serious photographer will never use a smartphone as his camera.

Read a book

How can you read a book when you are transiting from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram at the comfort of your bedroom? The reading culture has seriously declined due to the popularity of smartphones. There are eBooks that are compatible with phones which people are not even reading.

Read maps

With Google maps, you don’t require a physical map to find your way. You won’t find maps in many homes today. So, we have forgotten how to read maps.

Do simple Math

It is difficult today to do a simple math offhand. Why do you have to when you have a phone calculator? Therefore, it is just a waste of time calculating spontaneously.

5 Things That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue Daily

You brush your teeth daily. It is as white as snow. However, you don’t clean your tongue because you always forget. This is not good as you may be at risk of some mouth diseases. Brushing your teeth is therefore as important as flossing your tongue. This is because bacteria are oftentimes lurking around the tongue and the only way you can get rid of them is to brush. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 things that usually happens if you don’t clean your tongue.


Halitosis is also known as bad breath and it is one of the biggest consequences of not cleaning your tongue. When you don’t clean your tongue, the bacteria builds a house on it, lives there and if it stays longer than usual, it will give off a foul smell. If you have bad breath, you will discover that no one wants to talk to you.

Gum disease

When some people brush, their gum bleeds profusely. You would think they got punched or something. No, it is because they don’t brush their tongue. It is called Gingivitis and it makes your gum red, swollen, and quick to bleed.

Tooth loss

Since your gum is weak and susceptible to bacteria attack because you don’t brush your tongue, it may affect your tooth. You may slowly begin to lose it one after the other. To halt this, try as much as possible to regularly clean your tongue.

Dull taste buds

You will lose your sense of taste due to bacteria, dead skin and other food residues covering your tongue. As a result, your sense of taste will not sharp. Accordingly, when you take something sweet and you don’t feel the taste on your tongue, it may be due to not brushing your tongue.

Black Hairy Tongue

This is like the most advanced stage of a very dirty and unclean tongue. This occurs when the papillae (the small, nipple-like structures on the upper surface of the tongue that give the tongue its characteristic rough texture)  is replete with leftover food and drinks {coffee}. The tongue becomes very dark if you don’t clean it. This is harmless, and it disappears after brushing the tongue. Regardless, you don’t want to be displaying a dark tongue to friends.

7 Ways To Cool Off a Hot Smartphone

Your smartphone is hot as if it is on fire. If you don’t do something about it may damage your phone or your battery will run out within seconds. This can be likened to a baby running temperature. When this happens, you have to take action immediately. If you don’t know what to do to cool off your hot smartphone, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some tips to stop your phone from melting down.

Update your apps

Updating your phone apps are not just there for fun. It is to ensure that you get the current version of your apps as well as help address the bugs or problems with the previous version. If it has been a while you updated your apps, don’t be surprised when it becomes hot.

Fan your phone

This may be crude but it works. You can fan your phone with a hand fan or you blow it with your mouth. Do this until it cools off. What you should never do is to put your phone in a freezer or fridge to cool off.

Separate from other devices

The habit of stacking up all your devices like laptop, iPad, tablet, and camera in a bag will make overheating highly possible. This is because there is no space for the devices to breathe. So, desist from packing all your gadgets together.

Remove unused apps

Don’t allow apps you don’t use very often to take up much-needed space. If your phone is overheating, get rid of unused apps so that there can be space in your phone. It is difficult for a phone that has enough space to get hot.

Stop battery consuming games from running in the background

This is for those who use their phones for playing games. If your phone is hot, especially while playing the game, it may be time to delete it. However, if you don’t want to, ensure that the game is not running in the background. Always kill it.


Coolify is an app for cooling off your hot smartphone. It ensures that your phone temperature is at a balanced and it also helps shut down background apps.

Stop surfing your phone in the sun

You are walking to your hotel room at Eko Hotel and Suites in the hot sun and at the same time, you are surfing your phone in the sun. The sun may affect your sun, thus making it hot. So, stop using your phone while going about your business on a sunny day.

Hilarious reasons why Nigerians Eat Meat Last

You must have observed at the restaurant that many Nigerians eat their meat last. It raises the question, why do they eat the meat at the end of their meal? The type of meat you will most likely to get in a restaurant include round about, ponmo, shaki, chicken, and cow/goat meat. Interestingly, this practice knows no gender as both boys and girls do it. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some hilarious reasons why some Nigerians eat meat last.

You save the best for last

You order 3 wraps of Eba and sizzling vegetable and meat. The meat is like a trophy you are rewarded with after you have successfully dealt with the wraps of eba, Congratulations, this is your meat trophy, you can now eat it. You clasp your fingers, pick your meat in a slow motion, drop in your mouth, close your eyes to savour the taste and chew. Wow!

It is embarrassing when eating and there is no meat

Yes now. You are eating a plate of rice and you eat your meat at the middle or beginning of your meal, you yourself will be embarrassed. If unfortunately at that very moment you ate your meat before finishing your meal a pretty lady sits beside or in front of you, you will regret ever eating your meat. In fact, shame will not allow you finish the meal.

It motivates you to complete the meal

Quite a number of people cannot eat a meal if there is no meat let alone complete it. So, the meat inspires and motivates you to empty your food in your stomach. You will even salivate as you look forward to devouring the meat.

It is the way ‘I’ was brought up

For some Nigerians, the reason why they eat meat last is the way they were brought. The watchful eyes of mummy will not allow them to eat the meat until they finish the food. Hence, you dare not try to eat your meat immediately you start eating if you don’t want to receive a hot slap. So, it is already part of them.

You don’t have enough money to buy meat

If you buy a plate of rice with  5 pieces of meat, there will be enough meat to run the full length of the meal. This will enable to eat meat at the beginning, middle, and end. But, you can’t try this if you bought only one meat. You have to reserve it until the end.

It is bad habit

Some people consider eating your meat immediately as bad habit.

Simple Beach Hacks For Beach Lovers

The beach is an amazing place to have fun and relax with your either your friends or significant other. But if you truly want to have an unforgettable time at the beach, and avoid regretting going, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some beach hacks to ensure that you enjoy every second you spend at the various beaches in Lagos including Elegushi, Eleko, and Kuramo.  The only thing you need to do is to take certain small items along with you to the beach.

Rub baby powder to get rid of sand

The beach sand is one of the annoying things about going to the beach. In some cases, it may be impossible to remove the sand when it sticks to your leg and foot. You can rub baby powder on your legs to prevent the sand from sticking. Also, you can use the same baby powder to get it the sand off.

Bring slippers. Don’t walk barefooted

Sometimes the beach may be unbearably hot that you find it difficult to walk. So, never forget to bring along a flip flop. This will also prevent you from walking barefooted when you remove your boots, sandals or simple wear. It is easier to just wear slippers.

Use balloons to unblock ears after swimming

When you swim or dive in the beach, it likely that your ears will be clogged or blocked with water. So, rather than using your hand to hit your ears to remove the water, you can inflate a balloon several times to unclog your ears.

Deal with sunburn with fresh aloe vera

When you expose your skin to the sun for a long period of time, it burns and turns red. So, if you are sunburned at the beach, you can use fresh aloe vera to smear the sunburn spots. You don’t need to worry.

Keep your wallet, keys, and cell phone

You can’t leave your money, phone, and wallet at home because you are going to the beach. You have to get creative and develop your own exclusive beach locker. Whatever you come up with, ensure that your valuables are not stolen.If you are staying in one of the best hotels in Lagos, you can leave them in the room.

6 Tips To Help Women Spend Less on Cosmetics

The amount some women spend on cosmetics is quite staggering! You don’t even want to know the amount. In fact, women, themselves, will be astonished by how much they spend on cosmetics. Notwithstanding, you dare not tell some women not to use cosmetics or makeup. Some women will say: you don’t want me to look good! I want my skin to look like that of Toke Makinwa! For this one, the boyfriend is in trouble. Still, you need to check your spending on cosmetics. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel portal shares ways women can save money on cosmetics.

Use less expensive brands

We all love expensive things. The expensive bags, shoes, phones and even cosmetics as far as you can afford it. Even if you can afford it,  it doesn’t mean you should spend all your money on it. To cut down cost, go for affordable brands or substitute. Inexpensive doesn’t mean fake. It perfectly works like the expensive ones.

Buy in Bulk

You will spend less if you buy in bulk. Because if you calculate the amount you spend on buying one every time, it is more than when you buy in bulk. So, try to always buy in bulk.

Collect Samples

There are events you attend in one of the hotels in Lagos where you may be given free samples of products. Do not hesitate to collect these cosmetics samples.  Although this is a marketing strategy, the fact remains that you are not paying for it. These free samples will increase your cosmetics stockpiles.

Use Less

To cut cosmetics cost, you can decide to use your creams and lotions only when you are going out. There is no need to use it when you are home.

Shop in Unconventional Locations

If you want to reduce spending on cosmetics, you should buy from unconventional stores. Try as much as possible to avoid the high street stores.The cost of the item will be very affordable at the market or departmental store when compared with the other chain stores.

Don’t share your cosmetics

If you don’t want to buy cosmetics weekly, don’t share it with family and friends. They will be unhappy with you but it is for your own good. However, you can allow them to use it if they are willing to contribute.