7 Simple Tips To Become A Smartphone Typing Guru

When you see some persons typing with their smartphone, they are very slow. Their slowness can be compared with that of a snail. Meanwhile, there are others, you see their hands conveniently sliding from one alphabet to another and before you know it, they are done sending that text, WhatsApp, Facebook or BBM message. You will be tempted to ask how they type so fast! No, please don’t ask. These tips shared by Jumia Travel in partnership with Jumia Mobile Week should help you become a typing expert just like your friend. You can even be better!

Identify a typing position that works for you

One thing you should do first is to find the best typing position that sooth you. If you are able to identify that position, it will be very easy for you to type fast. In addition, some people prefer to type with their phones either horizontally while others prefer vertically. You should decide the one you are comfortable with.

Two thumbs or one index finger

Whenever you want to type, you should always use either your two thumbs or index finger. Also, try as much as possible to look at the screen instead of the keyboard whenever you are typing.

Activate autocorrect and word predictions

Autocorrect have put some people in trouble. The only thing you should do is to apologise and blame autocorrect. However, activate still autocorrect and word predictions. This is because auto-correct will automatically correct any spelling mistake and word predictions will predict words. But before you send the message do not forget to edit.

Voice typing

You can also type by speaking in your device. This can increase your typing speed. It is cool because as you are speaking your phone is typing! The only shortcoming here is that you have to repeat yourself several times. Despite this, it is a reliable way to become a typing expert.

Use third party keyboard

Do not use the default keyboard app that comes with your phone. It is just unreliable. Download a third party keyboard app for your typing. A very good one is Swiftkey. It is fast and responsive.

Swipe to type

This is a feature you get from Swiftkey. It allows you to swipe to type. It first takes your swipe gestures and then suggests the words you want to type. You can then select the word you want. You have to swipe properly so that you can get the correct suggestions.

Double-tap spacebar  for full stop

This is very simple but few people know about it. You should double-tap spacebar for a full stop.


6 Inexpensive Ways To Celebrate Workers

Workers are the life wire of any organisation. They are the ones who ensure that your day-to-day business operations work smoothly and uninterrupted. Hence, it is important to celebrate your workers so that they will continue giving their best. There is an opportunity now for you to appreciate them. It is worker’s day which is usually commemorated on the 1st of May of every year. So, if you have been wondering how to celebrate your employees or workers, Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week share inexpensive and affordable ways to do this.

Say ‘thank you’

Saying thank you to workers may be considered as one of the most ridiculous and simplistic ways to celebrate workers. Regardless, if you have a boss that has never said thank you for a job well done, you will definitely be happy if he or she unexpectedly says thank you. It can go a long way in encouraging your workers to do more. However, do not to restrict your thank you to May 1st only.

Throw a party or take them to lunch

You can also throw a small office party where there will be music, foods and drinks. And if you don’t want to throw a party, you can take all of them for lunch at one of those fancy restaurant located in Niger Palace. You will notice the excitement and glow on their faces.

Host a friendly contest

Hosting a contest in the office can also be a way to celebrate employees. This will give them the opportunity to bond and get to know more about one another.

Present personalised gifts

You can also go out of your way to present personalised gifts to workers. Be assured that anything you present no matter how small will be appreciated. A greeting card wishing them happy worker’s day can go a long way.

Offer them shopping discount

Depending on your business, you can create a link specifically for your workers. Through the link, they can shop for any discounted items of their choice. Of course, they cannot get these items at that same discounted price elsewhere.

Take them to the beach

Workers day is a public holiday in Nigeria. You can invite all your workers and support staff for a beach party at Elegushi among other beaches in Lagos. Ensure you give them a treat!

6 Life-saving Tips For Running A Generator At Home

In almost every home in Nigeria, you will find a generator because power is unstable. Some run their generator for 24 hours while others run it in the night.  However, in recent times, we have heard of people dying because of generator fumes. It is unfortunate but true. Obviously, this carbon monoxide is very harmful to the body. In line with this, Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week shares lifesaving tips for running a generator at home.

Your generator should be far away from your window

As long as generators use dirty energy such fuel or diesel, it will always release fumes. So, it should be reasonably far away from your window. Do not say that because you tightly shut your window and doors, you want to place it beside it. It is dangerous.

Use your generator outdoor

You will be shocked that some people in this country use their generator right in their parlour or sitting room. They don’t want to leave it outside for fear of it being stolen or because they are too lazy to go outside to switch it off. You are joking with your life if you continue with this practice.

Do not run it in an enclosed area

A generator needs ventilation to function properly because of the heat it produces while it is working. Always use your generator in an open space so that it will be able to breathe. A generator may stop working or explode if there is no ventilation.

Turn off all your appliances

Before you start your generator, turn off all your appliances to prevent any damage. This is because a power surge can destroy your devices. Also, do not overload your generator.

Never refuel a hot generator

It is no gainsaying that you should not refuel a generator while it is running let alone when it is hot. Your generator may explode if you do this. Hence, switch off before refuelling.

Periodic maintenance

Always maintain your generator by taking it for regular checkup especially when it produces fumes. Sooner or rather than later, it will collapse.

7 Gadget-saving Rules For Repairing Your Faulty Device at Computer Village

There is no doubt that computer village in Ikeja Lagos is one of the best places to take your damaged or faulty device for repairs. However, there are so many shenanigans that happen there that if you are not careful your gadget will be further damaged or it will never return home with you. Some people have had bitter experiences. You do not have to go through this just because you want to repair your computer, phone or camera. Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week shares tips that will ensure that you return home with your gadget fully repaired.

Get a trusted and experienced engineer

Do not go to computer village and give your MacBook or iPhone to a random engineer. You don’t know if he is trustworthy or experienced. You should talk to your friends so that they can recommend a very reliable engineer for you.

Never leave your device with the repairer

This is one mistake some people make when they take their device to computer village. They leave it with the repairer for two or three days. When they return, the engineer may have replaced nearly everything in your device with fakes. Fine, it will work, but when you get home, you will realise that your device will just collapse. The engineer is not at fault because both of you tested it and it worked.

Squeeze out a repair Guarantee from him

Yes, you should squeeze a guarantee out of him after he has repaired your device. This will serve as a cushion in case the same fault develops again. Any engineer who is confident about his job will give you two or three days guarantee. Others may even give you a week.

Don’t hesitate to take your device if he is not straightforward

If you really want to return home with the device you took to computer village, do not allow the engineer to sweet-talk you especially when you know he is not straightforward. Just take your device and look for another repairer. It is better because you may be told cock and bull story when it is time to collect your device.

Shun touts

The best way to lose your phone or device is patronising touts. They are all over the place. As you saunter into the computer village, they beckon on you asking do you want to buy, sell or repair? Please shun them. Do not patronise them. Go to a proper repair shop where you get a receipt for repairs. Although it may be expensive, you are assured that your device will not be stuck.

Don’t do third party repair

What is third party repair? This is when you give your device to an engineer who passes it to another engineer that is unknown to you. When there is any situation, you disturb your own engineer who in turn talk to whoever he gave your device. Between the two of them, you may never get your device back and even if you get it, it may not be fully functional.

When there is any back and forth, go with a soldier

This should be the last resort. When you have done everything humanly possible to get back your device and it has proved abortive. The next thing you should do is to visit your engineer with two stern looking soldiers. Leave everything to them. Your device will come out within 5 minutes. And if it means he will buy a new device he has to.

9 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget

Having lived all my life in Lagos, I have always dreamt of getting a romantic wedding proposal in a foreign land (Paris to be precise) and even saying my vows in an exotic location. Perhaps on Zanzibar Island or in the beautiful city of Dubai.

Then as I grew older, reality hit me, I realized the cost of planning a small wedding in Nigeria is just enough to put a dent in your finances if you do not belong to the class of elites and this made me wonder if it was just wishful thinking for the middle class and low income earners to aspire to have a destination wedding.

Are you getting married soon? An unapologetic romantic like myself who is fantasizing about saying the sacred vows in an exotic location? Your dream of having a fairy tale wedding isn’t farfetched after all.

A few tips have been put together called the “planning a destination wedding checklist”:

  1. Create your dream destination right where you are:

Nigeria is home to an assortment of places suitable for your destination wedding, a number of these places can double as a honeymoon destination and an ideal wedding location. Check out these top 10 romantic honeymoon destinations in Nigeria;

  • Obudu Mountain Resort
  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
  • Eko Tourist Beach Resort
  • The Whispering Palms Resort
  • Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort.
  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.
  • Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort
  • Jhalobia Recreational Park and Garden
  • Kamp Ikare
  • La Manga Luxury Villas

For people who can’t afford to travel at all. Probably due to a health concern of one of the parents, you may choose to create the wedding of your dreams right where you are with the help of an event planner.
Create a destination theme that matches the country of your dreams “Dubai in Lagos” or “a Paris themed wedding”, our event planners are killing it right now with their innovative ideas. Create the destination wedding you have always wanted by exploring options like the Jhalobia Recreational Park and Garden where you can have a beautiful garden wedding or check out resorts in Lagos like the Eko Tourist Beach Resort for a lovely Lagos Beach wedding.
A beautiful outdoor wedding at the Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort in Lagos where there is a package for romantic getaways and pampering spa escape is also sure to leave you breathless.

  • Consider your family & friends:

Be sensible, choose a location both families can easily access, this way you end up making things easy for your guests. You can choose a visa free country like Mauritius, which is visa free for about 90 days or Tanzania where you can get a visa upon arrival.

  • Create a budget and stick to it:

It is advisable to create a budget for your big day and by all means stick to it, to avoid having “Money Tension” during and after the big day. If a Paris wedding would not work for your budget, stick to a location that is both affordable yet exotic.
Remember, creating a budget ensure you do not put a dent in your finances and allows you go easy on yourself. It also helps you make wise decisions, you can fly in your most important vendors and use local talent for the rest.

  • Stick to off peak travel seasons:

Ensure you keep high travel season in mind, there is a lot more room for negotiation if it’s not peak season but you should also avoid putting yourself at risk for bad weather. Try booking just at the cusp of the low to high season, to ensure major weather threats have passed but the resort or destination isn’t operating at full capacity yet.

  • Make detailed enquires:

In some countries you are required to stay there for a certain period of time before you can be legally allowed to wed there. Therefore, to avoid hitches, get your marriage paperwork figured out ahead of time or get legally hitched in your home country before setting out to have the ceremony of your dreams. This way you are certain of the legitimacy of everything and you end up saving fees for paperwork, officiants and lawyers fee.

  • Get a planner:

Getting an event planner may just be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your wedding as many can’t afford the time and extra cost of visiting the destination prior to the wedding. Event planners save you a ton of money, time and stress as they make all necessary enquiries and preparation ahead of your destination wedding.
Choose a wedding planners who specialize in the place or area you are considering getting hitched as they have more insight into the best deals, hotel options and can even help score the best travel deals for your guests.

  • Pick a venue that doesn’t require tenting:

Having an outdoor event can be surreal and can save you the extra cost of procuring a tent, decorating, putting in flooring and lighting it up to name just a few.
Look for a venue that doesn’t require tenting but has a covered area for backup in case of an unpleasant weather. This way, you can get a plan B at no extra cost, as the resort management will be pleasant enough to offer you the option to avoid hitches.

  • Create a theme around your local element:

Make smart decisions when it comes to venue selection, take a look at the design of the space and location, the cultural elements and local foliage to ensure it fits with how you have envisioned your wedding.
Don’t try to bring in foreign elements into your chosen destination, it will look unnatural and you get to waste a substantial amount to bring in the décor.

  • Honeymoon meets Destination Wedding:

Having your honeymoon in the same place or same country you had your wedding is a smart way to save cash. It is therefore advisable to choose a destination which holds the appeal of a romantic stay as well as the ideal location for saying your vows. You can spice things up after the wedding by exploring the city and switching suites.

6 Guaranteed Ways To Deal With Snoring

Snoring can be very irritating sometimes. Imagine when sleeping and a weird noise is sounding from a hotel room. It is so loud that you think it is a bomb and this happens whenever the person sleeps. Unfortunately, when you tell your friend or your partner that they are snoring, they will vehemently deny it. I don’t snore, they will say. But how will you know if you snore except someone tells you? Anyway, when next you snore, your friend can just record it for you to believe. This said if you are a habitual snorer, and your friends have told you several times about it, Jumia Travel and Jumia mobile week, shares simple ways to deal with snoring.

Clear your nostrils

If your nostrils or nasal passages are blocked, it is 90% definite that you are going to snore. You should always clear your nostrils if it is blocked before you sleep.

Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your back will make you snore. When you recline on your back, it will force the base of your tongue and soft palate to crash to the back wall of your throat, causing you to snore during sleep. Sleeping on your side will prevent this.

Stay hydrated

The more you are dehydrated, the more susceptible you are to snoring. So, drink several cups of water daily to chase snoring away.

Lose weight

Both slim and chubby individuals snore. But over time, studies have shown that if you are overweight, your neck will gather too much tissue which can affect your breathing. So, shed some weight to deal with snoring.

Use an anti-snoring mouthpiece or guard

If you snore, then you should buy anti-snoring guard to prevent snoring whenever you sleep. However, know that using this guard doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not snore. You should use the anti-snoring guard when you want to sleep and on a doctor’s recommendation.

Avoid bedtime alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol or smoking few hours before you sleep is a recipe for snoring because it won’t allow you muscles to relax. You will be surprised that even people who do not snore will, after drinking alcohol or smoking.

7 Signs Your Social Media Account Has Been Hacked

It is no gainsaying that social media is now an important feature in our lives. It is used by almost everyone from celebrities to influencers, businesses, news platforms, marketers and individuals. Some persons have even leveraged on it to make money. So, it is important for your different social media accounts to be secured. Regardless, since you are online, and there are hackers prowling for accounts to hack, you have to be observant to know if your accounts have been illegally accessed or not. In line with this, Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week presents 7 signs your social media account has been hacked.

You are unable to log into your accounts

This is an obvious sign that your account may have been hijacked by hackers. You have tried several passwords but you are still locked out of your account. Even the change password option is not working. It must have been a very sophisticated hack. The only way you can have your account back is to contact Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Status not updated by you

This is perhaps the simplest way to know if your social media account has been hacked. You will see tweets or posts you didn’t share appearing on your timeline. It may be political or propagandist messages. You should immediately change your password.

Your number of followers significantly Jumps

You only have 300 followers on either your Instagram or Twitter page. Then you suddenly notice that it jumped to like 2,000 or 3,000. It is strange right and you never followed anyone. In fact, Instagram or Twitter will not allow you to garner 2,000 or 3,000 followers a day. If this is the case, it is highly possible that your account has been hacked.

Someone logged into your account from an unusual location

Sometimes, you may add the wrong location for reasons best known to you. However, if you see a location you never added, it is an alert that someone is illegally accessing your account from that location. You may want to do some checks to be sure you were not the one that changed it.

You cannot find all your posts

All your posts for years have grown wings and flew away. You cannot find them. You searched and searched but you still couldn’t find them. You logged in and logged out but the same thing. It is advisable you change your password or you have to deactivate that account and open a new one.

Too many spammy ads on your page

This mainly applies to Facebook. A seemingly interesting post is recommended to you to read. If you click it, you have opened the floodgate to spammy ads. That click will allow hackers to access your account.

Your cover image has been replaced 

If your cover image has been replaced with a naked woman or any other nasty picture or photo, it means someone is attempting to frame you or in the process of usurping your account. You should look out for this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tales of Travel Romance: Can People find love while on vacation?

Finding and keeping love in today’s world is hard enough that you can sometimes wonder if dating abroad truly is all sunshine and fairy tales as we have been told.

The idea of finding love in a foreign land has been idealized far too often by both travel bloggers and expats alike but the brutal truth is that it is hard to start and maintain a long term relationship when you travel.

A major difficulty associated with long-term travel is the perpetual singleness that goes with it. You are never in one place long enough to build a lasting relationship with someone, when you are always on the move. Just when it’s about to blossom, it’s time for you or them to go.

While these relationships are difficult to keep, I’m sure they do happen. Let’s take a look at some of the things to take into consideration when thinking of a travel romance:

  1. Romance back home is different from romance away from home:

Often times, it all seems to play out like the most picturesque of dreams. You travel to an entirely new destination, lodge at exotic hotel like Eko hotel or Transcorp Hilton Abuja and then you meet a complete stranger who sweeps you off your feet and you fall hopelessly and passionately in love with them. There is something enchanting about the bond that connects two souls when they’re both out of their comfort zones.

All the things that would typically take months to develop now take mere weeks to establish. However, what we fail to realize is that the instance this starts, all you have done is create a benchmark that will prove hard to surpass the second you’re both back in your respective homelands. While travel love often starts off exhilarating, the magic of it all rarely lingers on once the grubby hands of reality works its way back into your everyday lives.

  1. Remember that people tour the world for themselves:

Always remember that people explore the world for themselves which is why very few people change their original plans, even after they meet someone. It’s a crazy big step and it takes guts to change the course of your whole trip completely because of a new person. It would be selfish and unreasonable to expect someone else to change their entire plans because of you.

  1. More often than not, it ends:

As much as people try to keep it going with a vacation here and a couple of visits there. In most cases, the initial euphoria begins to wear off. The daily heart wrenching ache of missing each other so badly at the beginning eventually gets reduced to shorter, less affectionate text messages and awkward phone calls.

You may hate to admit it at first, but you’ll realize that life really does go on no matter how sure you were that it wouldn’t. Hours will turn into days and weeks into months, then somehow, the distance will become too much and you will find yourself wondering what it was exactly that made it all feel like love in the first place. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for only a certain period of time. After a while, it forgets.

  1. It probably isn’t love:

Have you ever been in love with the notion of something much more than the actual reality of it? Travelling to a new place opens up a multitude of new experiences that could influence your feelings. When planning a trip, either consciously or not, we often zone in on charming and romanticized places. Mix that up with breath taking scenery and architecture, then falling in love becomes almost an effortless endeavour. Ask yourself a few questions, are you really in love with him, or are you in love with the idea of falling in love while travelling? Is he really someone you can picture spending the rest of your life with, or is he just a very refreshing breather from the mundane 9-5 you live out back home?

  1. Always look out for yourself:

While it may be a great mantra to go wherever the wind leads you and not hold back, it blinds you to the true intentions of other people. Take everything in with a pinch of salt and protect yourself from getting too serious too soon. You may automatically think you met the man-of-your-dreams at a club or a crazy all-nighter beach party but don’t get too emotionally invested in what is not even there. Remember that while you may be sitting there gazing lovingly into his eyes with the names of your kids all picked out, he may have sized you up as nothing more than a travel fling.

I’m not saying love cannot be found during a trip but for the sake of most young starry-eyed girls who travel with the purpose of finding their own fairy tale, this should serve as a gentle reminder to caution their idealistic minds.

I’m a firm believer that if things are meant to be, they will work out. If you meet someone and it’s meant to be, it will work. Maybe not right now, but in the future because if you both feel the same way, you will make it work. You’ll find a compromise.

 Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry

7 False Battery Myths Busted, Number 2 Applies To Everyone

A Battery is the life wire of any phone. Without it, your mobile device will never function. Due to the importance of a battery, there are some misconceptions or rather myths that you may have about batteries that are not true. It’s probably time to abandon these myths. Well, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 7 of these myths.

Off-brand chargers will damage your battery

The truth is you can use any charger to boost your battery and it will not damage your device. The only thing is that it will be very slow and take longer to charge.

Don’t use your phone while it is charging

The majority of us have heard about this. You must not surf or use your phone while charging because it may weaken the battery. The only time your phone is not working is when you shut it down. But as far as it is on, it will need the battery to function. Hence, there is nothing wrong with using your phone while charging.

Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will extend your battery

The only time Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS drain your battery is when they are not in use. So, do not worry about leaving it on.

You should always charge your new smartphone to full before first using it

Ha…ha…Ha…This is another one. Your new phone doesn’t need to charge 100% before use. According to research, smartphone batteries perform better when it is between 40% and 80%. And since most phones are half-charged, you can use it without charging. Take note that new smartphone comes with a 40% battery charge.

Surfing the internet can run down the battery quickly

Surfing or browsing the internet does not drain your battery. This is because browsers like opera mini and chrome are not very heavy in terms of graphics to drain your battery. The only thing your browsing can affect is your data. Although in some cases, if you watch videos online, it may affect your battery.

Task managers help prolong your battery life

You have a task manager on your phone to help you manage your apps. It shows you all the apps that are running and the one using the most battery. Despite these, task managers and third party apps don’t affect your battery.

Overcharging your phone will kill the battery

When your smartphone is 100%, it automatically stops charging. That is why it is called a smartphone. They are smart.

5 Simple Rules To Wake Up Early

People who wake up early are not different from you. They have the same 24 hours like you. What makes it possible for them to wake up early is because they have made some lifestyle changes. So, if you want to join the early riser’s club, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some simple to wake up.

You do not procrastinate

Having so much to do means you are unable to wake up early. However, if you properly plan your schedule and avoid putting off what you have to do, you will definitely become an early riser. So, try as much as possible to stop procrastinating and do whatever you want to do.

 Prepare meals in advance

Cooking is one of the things that some people do not look forward to especially after a stressful day. At the same time, you do not want to start cooking in the morning. This can simply delay you. Hence, you cook their meals in advance so that you only need to microwave it the next day.

 Record your  favourite show

You love the show so much and you are tempted to watch. However, you do not. It is your ability to resist the temptation to watch these shows when you are supposed to be sleeping is what makes you unique.  Simply record the show to watch later or in this age of the internet, you watch the missed episodes online.

Avoid drinking coffee very late

People who wake up early do not drink coffee late in the night because it will make it difficult for them to sleep. So, if you are serious about waking early as well as having a sound nap, you should avoid any kind of caffeine.

keep your bedroom screen free

No matter the kind of screen, it should never be found in your bedroom. From a phone to computer and laptop; you should leave everything in the living room. They are just distractions and a major reason why so many people do not wake early.