Making and keeping new friends is no easy feat. Guys are often faced with the challenge of having to stick to clubs and bars during a weekend rendezvous with friends while some seize the alternative opportunity of waiting till they can attend church services. While I think crowded bar and parties are never short of women, I still doubt they are ever the best place to meet and mingle with respectable ladies.

Many ladies create an instant resistant when approached at a bar, as the think you are just poaching for a one night stand and wonder if you should be taken seriously. There is a higher likelihood of meeting well-bred women when you explore places where you can get a sense of their personality and even share some of their interests.

Here is a list of 5 places where you can meet good natured girls in Nigeria:

  1. Resorts:

Check out some of the resorts in Lagos like Epe Resort, you have the added advantage of experiencing rich hospitality in a tranquil environment and meet up with the girls who have also taken out time to relax and get some quite time. A girl who knows how to pamper herself is a keeper, as you are assured that she’ll also take time to whisk you away to take some rest. Some of the major resorts in Lagos are the Inagbe Grand Resort and the Atican Beach Resort.

  1. Book stores and Libraries:

Libraries and bookstores are one of the coolest places to scout for good girls. Some book cafes have places to seat and read. Here is an opportunity for you to start a conversation with an attractive and smart lady.

  1. Art Galleries:

This may just be the right place to spot a girl with similar interests. If you are an art lover, galleries are one of the suitable places to meet ladies that share your love for art and culture. Terra culture in Victoria Island and Nike Art Gallery are some the most visited places in Lagos by art lovers.

  1. At a friend’s wedding:

Attending a friend’s wedding offers you a great opportunity to meet up with some of the couple’s friends. You can get talking with one of the bridesmaid or any other lady that catches your fancy as you are sure your friend would be able to attest to their good nature.

  1. Churches:

This sounds cliché but churches have become one of the most suitable places to meet up with eligible single ladies with great values in Nigeria. You can attend youth services and go on events organised by the church for young singles.


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