5 Smart Ways To Make Troubling Clients Happy

Handling stressful or difficult clients is not something many businesses look forward. Regardless, they have no choice than to deal with the client’s complain because they are the oil that lubricates any business. Clearly, they exist in every business but you know that it is better to keep them if you can. This is why they say that the customer is never wrong. So, how may you keep your difficult clients? Jumia travel, the leading online travel agency, shares ways to keep your difficult customers happy.

Allow them to vent 

Sometimes, you have to just keep quiet and allow your client to express everything on their minds. You should note that they become difficult because they feel they cannot say what they have experienced by using your service.

Reassure them 

After allowing them to express themselves, do not let them feel that you do not have their best interests at heart. The simplest thing to do is to reassure them that every decision is to make them happy.


Like earlier said customers are king. They are always right. No matter how infuriated you may be with them, you just have to see things from their perspective. Hence, always take the blame, even when you know that you are not at fault. Whatever the case may be, always take responsibility.

Come up with a solution

This is probably the most effective strategy you can use when handling a stressful client. When there’s a problem, a good business person comes up with a solution.

 Learn from the situation

These difficult customers have a lot to teach businesses. So, evaluate who your difficult customers are, then evaluate why they are this way. You may want to deal with them differently because you know they are trouble. But at the same time, they are loyal.


Top 10 tips for planning a productive corporate retreat

Despite what you may have heard, corporate retreats are not just for enhancing work relationships and team building, they can be helpful in improving the overall morale of your workers, chart out functional line of actions that can create an enabling work environment to stimulate the performance of your team.

Irrespective of your budget, you can plan the best corporate retreat by finding the perfect blend of fun, team building activities and motivation.

Research shows that happier staffs form a more productive work force. As a part of your retreat, organize fun games that could lend your team a fresh perspective and help in evolving together.

Below are 10 tips to help you plan the ideal corporate retreat by introducing new team building and leisure activities that are productive, memorable and most importantly fun.

  1. Be certain of the primary goal of the retreat:

Understand the motivation behind the retreat before planning. Is there a need for cohesiveness, has the team lost its morale boost or are there special knowledge and skills, you will like to inject into the system. Knowing the overall aim of the retreat and keeping the goal in mind is the foundation to planning the perfect corperate retreat.

  1. Prepare before setting out:

Research and find the best areas to visit, fun excursions, travel ideas and any events taking place that you could explore before you go so that there are plenty of options available for the participants.

Come up with games that both the introverts and extroverts on your team can enjoy, so no one feels left out. You can organize silent games, where people only get to write out answers rather that speaking out. This way several people will be much more comfortable with the prospect of going for the retreat.

  1. Appoint a skilled facilitator:

For proper execution, hire a skilled facilitator that has expert knowledge and experience dealing with larger groups. Having the right facilitator is probably the biggest single step you can take to getting the most from the retreat. Take time out to ensure that the facilitator is well briefed and works with you beforehand to ensure they understand the background, issues and aims of the retreat.

  1. Opt for a scenic location:

When planning a retreat, choose a scenic destination and a location that offers a lot of free activities such as boating, hiking, diving and snorkelling. The ambiance and these activities will promote creativity and wellbeing at the least possible cost.

  1. Pick a facilitating venue

Try to opt for hotels or accommodation like Oriental hotel Lagos or Protea Hotel Ikeja that have board or meeting rooms because although you won’t spend all your time in them you need a traditional working place to distinguish the fun of the retreat with the nitty gritty work. Sitting outside and working are fun but sometimes you need to sit down with ergonomic table and chairs to fully focus. Choose rooms that are spacious and have natural daylight and quirky features if possible though – not a cramped, white-walled, uninspiring environment.

  1. Don’t tie your retreats to performance:

Corporate retreats should not be linked to performance targets, and they shouldn’t serve as incentive trips for the ace performing staffs only. Ensure that the retreat accommodates and improves everyone and their relationships within the organization.

  1. Keep titles out the door:

Going away with your boss and superiors can be intimidating, as several members of staffs can become uptight and less open to any active involvement during the retreat. So ensure all attendees leave their work title out of the door, so that everyone can enjoy the time out and relax.

  1. Enusre key players attend:

When planning a retreat, decide on your attendee list and ensure that top ranking office members or key players on your work force are invited. This will encourage the turnout and increase the chances of having team members act more inclusive in the program organized.

  1. Opt for a cheaper alternative:

As much as corporate retreat are necessary, they tend to consume plenty of funds. If your organization can’t afford to plan a retreat, you can opt for a cheaper alternative like scheduling some time off, allowing the team work from a new locations, organizing team building exercises or taking fun office excursions within your city.

  1. Organise a follow-up

Shortly after the retreat organize a follow up meeting or send an email detailing things achieved, issues raised and where the team is headed from then on, to ensure everyone is on the same page. Having a follow up is also a great way to keep records, track progress and use such information at the next retreat to refresh and compare progress.


5 Habits That Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Dream

You have dreamt about it. You can feel it and you are already making money from the enterprise you established. All in dreams. Reality dawns on you and you wish it your dream will become reality instantly. But that is not how it works. You have to work towards achieving your dreams especially if you hope to become an entrepreneur. But you are still lounging and dreaming. This may be due to some habits that you have imbibed over time and this can stop from bring your entrepreneurial dream to fruition. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some of these habits.

Saying it’s not the right time

You keep telling yourself that it is not the right time. When is it the right time for you to start your business? The truth is there is never a ‘right time’ to kick off anything because if you wait forever you will do nothing. Start now!

Stressing over personal finances.

This has been said time and time again. You do not need to stress too much over your personal finance because it will always be a problem. If you dream to own a business, save money, reach out to friends and investors to source for finance.

Fear of the unknown

You are very comfortable in your comfort zone and you are afraid to leave. You fear what you are going to meet out there. It is better you face this fear and take the risk. It is advisable to try and fail than not taking any action due to fear of the unknown.


Making a decision may be difficult but you can not run away from making that decision. You should consult your mentors and other experienced individuals to sort their advice before making that decision. Whatever you decide can make or mar you. Do not worry If it turns out wrong because you have learned a lesson.


We all have the tendency to make excuses for postponing tasks. Do whatever you want to do and face the risk. It is difficult but you have to try.

Top 5 Financial Mistakes To Avoid When You Get A Salary Raise

Congratulations, you just got a salary raise. You are excited because your paycheck will soon arrive. As a result, you may get carried away by your well-paying job. This clearly stated, it’s easier than you think to make some financial mistakes when you anticipate a juicy pay package. So, if you just got a salary raise, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency discusses the financial mistakes you should avoid. Please take note!

Making a big purchase

Do not rush to make any big purchase immediately you get a salary raise. You should wait for several months before spending big. Also, you need to evaluate the cost effect of whatever you are spending on your income and lifestyle. You don’t want to be broke because of this. The rule of thumb is that the more you earn, the less you should spend.

Buying on credit

Due to the fact that you are expecting a huge paycheck, you buy things on credit at a Lagos store. You should make do with what you have so that you won’t spend your whole salary on settling debts.

Not revising your budget

A budget is very essential in tracking your spending. And since earn more, you should try as much as possible to revise your budget. It will help you track the new things you want to spend money and also help you determine if it’s worth it.

Telling people about your new paycheck

It’s good news that you got a raise. There’s the tendency that you want to tell everyone. But wait for a second, informing people about your new pay may not be a good idea because some people will take advantage of this to loan money from you. So, keep it to yourself.

Not saving

Whether you earn a huge income or not, you should always save. However, it is more important when you get a raise because there is every likelihood that you will increase your expenses because of the more money you are earning.

7 Ways To Fund Your Startup Idea As A Nigerian

A fantastic business remains an idea if pragmatic steps are not taken to bring it to fruition. A huge complaint, drawback or excuse many give is that there is no money to fund the startup or business idea. Unfortunately, many of these million naira ideas have died because of lack of funding. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, agrees that funding is a major factor in business. However, it should not prevent you from going ahead. As a Nigerian, there are ways you can raise capital for your business. Read on to discover these ways.


Saving is one of the best ways to get money to start a business no matter the number of zeroes in front of your salary. If you have figured out the workability of your idea, you should save a certain percentage of your salary monthly.

Sell some of your valuables

You have to make the sacrifice if you really want to do business. Your valuables are important. But establishing something that will get you more of these luxuries in the future is the ultimate. So, you can sell your car, your iPhone and other valuables you think you can do without.

Family and close relatives

You can also seek support from your parents, brothers, sisters and close relatives. Before they release their money, make sure they believe in your idea. You don’t want them to pour money into a basket.

Your rich friends

If you have friends who are wealthy, you can also sell your idea to them. They may otherwise not be interested in everything you have to say. However, as far as you bring returns on investment, they are willing to give you their money.

Search for investors

All the aforementioned are personal efforts. Now you have to widen your tentacles. You have to get the big money investors to buy into your business idea. This is where your business plan will come to your rescue. Send it out to possible investors. Not just anyone who may steal your idea. You can ask friends for contacts. 

Pitch your idea

There are some many events where you can pitch your idea to skimming investors. If your idea is good, you are in luck. Remember in this case, others will have to be involved in the operations of your business.

Apply for startup funds

We are in the Internet age and there are thousands of startup funds out there for Nigerians and Africans. Search for these funds and apply. If your idea is selected, you will be invited for an accelerator program where you will be trained by experts and given cash rewards. But at least, you must have some structure in place for you to apply.

Top 8 Business Travel Essentials

At the top of every business traveller’s struggle list is the query “How can I pack all the essential things but with as like luggage as possible?”  You set out thinking you have everything you need but then just when you arrive at your destination, you realize you forgot an essential item like an electronic gadget or your toiletries.

The key to travelling light but with all the important stuffs you’ll need during your business trip is by creating a checklist covering your essentials. Create a list that helps you remember to pack only the most important things.

Are you planning a business trip within the confines of Nigeria or overseas? This checklist is just as applicable and useful for anyone setting out from Lagos to Port Harcourt to close a local business deal or for people flying out of the country to attend business meetings or conventions.

For major tips on organising a business travel checklist; here are some of the things to look out for:

  • Make accommodation arrangement:

Prior to your travel date, make suitable accommodation arrangement. Booking hotels in Nigeria just got easier, with online booking portals you can easily access suitable business hotels using your mobile phone or laptop. You are able to make hotel reservations and get the best of Lagos hotel deals or discount offers in any other business district in Nigeria, pay online or pay on arrival at the hotel.

If you ask me, I think that is total convenience, you are able to avoid the hassle of getting to your location before trying to get a place best suited for you. Check out the best 5 star hotels in Nigeria equipped with all the facilities required by a business guest online.

  • Get a carry-on sized bag:

Most business travellers stick to using carryon luggage only. It saves time and reduces the risk of losing your luggage. It is extremely uncomfortable to arrive at your business destination without your work clothes. You don’t have to check your luggage in or wait for it at the other end.

  • Clothing:

A business traveller’s wardrobe tends to be a lot more conservative. Accessories and catchy outfits are kept at a minimum. A number of factors affect the type and amount of clothing you will need for a trip, stick to packing appropriate business attire that can also play a double role for both meetings and dining out and stick with just a few casual outfits for your free time.

  • Packing:

The best packing method for your carryon luggage is the Bundle Wrapping Method. You will be surprised by how much of your outfits will be able to fit into your carryon luggage. Roll softer fabric and fold stiffer fabrics. You can also use garment carrier bags when travelling with suits. Ensure you pack and arrange your items strategically, it saves you valuable time and hassle when going through security.

  • Travel documents and money:

Keep your travel documents organized and in as safe place while travelling. Travel organizers are perfect for storing your travel documents while on the move. Extra copies of your travel documents should be kept separately at all times as you are likely to need some of these items for your journey:

  • Electronics and Gadgets:

Ensure that your carryon luggage allows you easy access to your laptop, as you have to remove it from your bag when going through airport security. Every business traveller takes a small mobile office along on trips. This includes your mobile phone, laptop, iPad and charger, e-book reader, extension cord or plug Adaptor. Invest in good quality wheeled carryon luggage for business travels, it helps you stay organized and makes it easier for you to work while travelling.

  • Toiletries:

Minimize the amount of toiletries you put in your carryon bag as much as possible but take the necessary things like your hygiene products and antibacterial wipes, insect repellent or sunscreen lotion.

When arranging, keep your toiletry bag at the top of your carryon bag for easy access. Put all liquids in the right size of containers (less than 100 ml. is the current regulation) and should be in separate clear plastic bags.

  • Follow TSA regulations:

The Transportation Security Administration screens all aircraft passengers and luggage prior to boarding a commercial aircraft. Restrictions on liquids, gels and aerosols may vary by destination, so, go to the website of your departure airport for information before packing.

Packing for a business trip doesn’t have to be such a herculean task. By preparing in time and sticking only to the essentials, you can focus solely on the trip.

7 Practical Ways Entrepreneurs Can Delegate 

Entrepreneurs are very busy people. Their schedule and to-do- list are choked. This is the more reason why they should delegate because they cannot do everything on their own. If you do not delegate, you will experience entrepreneurial burnout. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares effective ways entrepreneurs can delegate.

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

You do not just delegate tasks to your employees. Your decision to assign them duties must be based on their strength and weaknesses. Hence, it is important to know your workers so that they won’t fumble.

Include instructions

For every task you delegate, do not forget to include instructions on how to get them done. This will make it easier for them to achieve the task. If you do not have time to always dish out instructions, you can take time out to train them on your modus operandi.

Ensure goals understandable

Whatever you want your workers to achieve, ensure that it is plain, direct and unambiguous. Also, encourage them to reach out to you if they are having troubles achieving the goals.

Push yourself to delegate

A substantial number of entrepreneurs have the tendency of wanting to do everything on their own. However, sooner rather than later, you have no choice than to abdicate certain responsibilities. You cannot run a hotel alone. You have to get people to man different positions and delegate responsibilities to them.

Trust, but clarify and verify

They have completed the job. You trust them to have done a good job. However, you should not just accept it like that, You should cross check what they have done for mistakes, corrections, and additions.

 Set reasonable deadlines

Set a reasonable deadline for your employees to meet. This will make them work quicker and faster and they will deliver on schedule.


You are not a dictator. So, you should give and receive feedback for a job done. In addition, always compliment your workers.

6 Sacrifices You Must Make To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Success does not come cheap. It requires hard work, perseverance and a lot of sacrifices to achieve it. It is difficult to abdicate something you are used to. However, when you think of the results of your sacrifice, you should be willing and ready to do away with them. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares the sacrifice you must make to be successful.


We all have 24 hours. For many, this is never enough. However, if you really want to be successful, you have to plan your schedule and invest your time wisely. In addition, you have to cut off the things you waste time on and refocus them on important and relevant things. You barely have any free time if you are pursuing success.


In this case, you have no choice than to deny yourself sleep. Yes, you may be tired after work and the weekend is the only time you may have to sleep. So, due to this, you sleep whenever you are opportune. Success full people sleep but they wake up at a point in time at night to do the things that will bring them that desired success.


The hard truth is you only need friends that key into your dreams and ambitions. If you find that kind of friend, you should keep that person. Of course, you have other friends that you won’t like to lose but you have to. In some situations, you may have them as friends but your level of communication will reduce as you are too busy chasing success.

Personal wants

You have to be very disciplined if you want success. You need every penny. So, you have to quit buying all those extravagant stuff. And even if you do not buy them, you still need to make the personal sacrifice to deny yourself of certain wants.

Social life

Partying and clubbing every weekend has to reduce. In fact, if you are obsessed with success, you are not supposed to have a social life. That is extreme you may say. But the truth is you have to significantly cut down your merry-go-round.


It can be difficult to balance relationships and work. But if you have someone that understands that you have to pursue success, then stay with that person. Clearly, you have to find time to also stoke that relationship. If you cannot balance both ends, just quit and focus on one. Relationship or success? Success it is.

6 Tips To Quickly Launch Your Own Business

You have been thinking about launching your own business enterprise but the fear of the unknown grips you that you keep postponing it. You know that procrastinating about starting something can lead to regret later. If you are in this position, it is time to stop thinking and kick off your entrepreneurial journey. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways you can quickly start your own business.

Simply start

Yes, you do not have money to start a business. That is a major entrepreneurial problem that cannot be overcome. There will always be financial scarcity. But start with the little you have. Find a solution to a problem or you sell anything in case you do not know the business you want to do.

Ask someone for advice

Have a mentor who will guide you and who you can talk or call anytime for advice. Of course, they must be persons who are willing to share the secret of doing business with you in a Nigerian environment as well as offering assistance when you are stuck. They will also share challenges. This will stop you from giving up.

Work with someone who drives you to do more

You do not want to work with someone that is negative. Sooner rather than later, everything will collapse. Therefore, you should look for an individual who will drive you to your limit. This will prompt you to give everything to your startup or business.

Hire freelance workers

You do not need to hire permanent workers immediately you start your business. You can take advantage of freelancers who will also do a good job for you. The demands of freelancers can’t be compared to that of permanent workers. When your business is a bit stable, you can now engage permanent workers.

Don’t focus on money

For people who focus on money, they will not be patient for their business to start running itself. This is because it may take years before you start profiting from it. Invest your money and relax for it to make returns in few years. You can’t break even immediately.

Interact with your potential customers

Do not be afraid to talk to your friends and potential who you know can patronise your business. Even if they do not do business with you, they know that you have a business you are running. Also, do not forget to use social media to push your business. You can go as far as sponsoring your business on twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It cost less than two dollars to do this.

All you need to know: UK/US Electronics ban on Flights and how it affects Nigerians

In a bid to keep travellers informed, Jumia Travel has curated some useful information on what you need to know about the new security rule on United States and United Kingdom bound Flights.

According to a new travel directive, from no later than the 25th of March 2017, passengers on United States and the United Kingdom bound flights from certain airports in the Middle East and North Africa will not be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a cell phone or smart phone in carry-on luggage or property within reach.

Both governments seek to intensify security procedures for passengers in order to better protect them as well as their citizens by placing new checks at the last point of departure before entering the United States and the United Kingdom.

For UK bound flights, the United Kingdom government has provided maximum dimensions for electronic devices permitted in carry-on luggage (length: 16.0cm, width: 9.3cm, depth: 1.5cm).

Electronic devices that exceed the stipulated size limits will need to be secured in checked luggage.

What led to the new Security Rule on United States and United Kingdom bound Flight?

The Travel tech policy was put in place to enhance Aviation Security for Select Last Point of Departure Airports with Commercial Flights to the United States. Restriction on electronic gadgets, is an action taken based on the US Government’s concern over threats of terrorism targeting commercial aviation and various transportation hubs as evident in past security issues such as the  2015 airliner downing in Egypt, the 2016 attempted airliner downing in Somalia and the 2016 armed attacks against airports in Brussels and Istanbul.

According to a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, “terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation and are pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks, including smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items.”

What airport are affected by the new Travel Security Rules on US bound flights?

The US aviation security enhancements will apply to inbound flights from the following airports:

  • Cairo International Airport (CAI)
  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)
  • Ataturk International Airport (IST)
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
  • King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (JED)
  • King Khalid International Airport (RUH)
  • Hamad International Airport (DOH)
  • Kuwait International Airport (KWI)
  • Mohammed V Airport (CMN)

What are the airlines affected by the new Travel Security Rules on US bound Flights?

The nine airlines affected by the US aviation security enhancement rule are:

  • Royal Jordanian
  • EgyptAir
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airway.

Exception to the new travel security rule: US officials confirmed that no American carriers will be affected by the ban. Passengers on American airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Delta Airlines would also be allowed to carry larger devices in their checked luggage.

What are the countries affected by the new Travel Security Rules on UK bound Flights?

The UK security enhancements will apply to inbound flights from the following countries:

  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • Tunisia

What are the airlines affected by the new Travel Security Rules on UK bound Flights?

The fourteen airlines affected by the UK ban are;

  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • com
  • Monarch
  • Thomas Cook
  • Thomson
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Pegasus Airways
  • Atlas-Global Airlines
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Egyptair
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Tunis Air
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

How the new Security Rule on United States and United Kingdom bound Flight will affect Nigerians?

The two major classes of Nigerian passengers who will be affected include; those that have stopovers at one of the listed airports or those flying one of the listed airlines during their flights to US or UK.

For the purpose of clarity, let say you are flying from Lagos to London through Turkish Airline with a layover at Istanbul, you will need to check-in any of your electronic devices which is larger than a smartphone. It is highly advisable that Nigerian passengers intending to use any of the banned gadgets in the destination country, have it checked in with their luggage from Lagos so as to avoid any issues when boarding their connecting flights.

Travellers to the United States and the United Kingdom, especially those on flights originating from the Middle East or North Africa are advised to contact their airline directly to ascertain whether any restrictions on the carriage of electronic devices apply on their flight to the United States or the United Kingdom.

Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry