The Career Mum: 5 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier for the Working Mum

Shout out to my Momma!!!

I often wondered how she did it. Raising 3 kids while pursuing her career in a town filled with the daily hassle of its own.

Then as I got older and watched her, I realized joggling motherhood with a career is no easy feat!

I asked her once “Mum how did you do it?” She replied brightly “The fact that I wanted to give my kids the best things in life kept me moving”.

I adore her no doubt but I figured I only watched mama handle life through rose coloured glasses, all these years I was oblivious to the fact that she carried on with so much sacrifice and failed to enjoy life as much as she would have loved to.

A career mum is often caught between giving her best to two of some of the most important aspects of her life.

You wonder if taking a really demanding job is the best decision and you feel guilty when your hectic work schedule clashes with those amazing family times you would rather spend at your kid’s next recitation or school play.

Then you compensate yourself with the thoughts of a promising career and all it has to offer, convincing yourself it’s for the good of everyone, telling yourself this affords you the opportunity to provide your kids with the best education and every other goodies of life.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy career fulfilment without compromising on the joy of a wonderful motherhood experience:

  1. A Super Hero needs rest too:

Every super mum needs to make time for adequate rest after a hectic week. Treat yourself to a well-deserved Spa treat, take the kids to granny’s and make out time to pamper yourself at the saloon. Hang out with friends or go on a dinner date with the boo at some of the best hotel restaurants in town. The Crockpot Restaurant located at the lobby level of the Sheraton Lagos Hotel, Ikeja offers delicious international buffet meal options.

Make a hotel reservation and indulge in a week of finesse and comfort at one of the luxury accommodations in Lagos or 5 star hotels in Abuja with the boo. By all means, keep your leisure life lit!!

  1. Do not guilt trip yourself:

Wallowing in self-pity never helped anyone, you only put yourself up for an emotional meltdown or outburst. This isn’t good for your family life and work.

Make a conscious effort to be as cheerful as possible, since you have a limited amount of time to spend with your kids daily.

This leaves you and your family members in high spirit and the kids are sure to remember their mum in a good light throughout the day.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Are you planning to take a business trip? Don’t be afraid to have a trusted friend or family member look after the kids when you have an important errand or appointment but if truly have no one to cater to kids while you are away, take advantage of the provision of domestic helps and nanny services provided by some of the best hotels in Nigeria.

Teach the kids to do certain small tasks as they grow older. This way you end up with well-trained kids and relieve yourself of certain tasks so you can concentrate on work.

  1. Set your priorities accordingly:

Learning to prioritize helps you break your workload and errands into smaller defeat-able tasks. Create little sticky notes with a priority list of things you have to do daily and tick off the most important ones.

  1. Avoid procrastination as much as you can:

Telling yourself that an important task can be left until later is just a way of heaping up more workload. Check their homework, do the kids laundry and prepare their lunch boxes for the next day.

Do the things you can as soon as you are able to, at this rate you will get things done in time to get some rest.


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Top Restaurants to Dine in Abuja

The capital city of Nigeria is fast assuming the status of a mega city like its rival city Lagos, attracting tons of expatriates, industrialists, and government officials due to rapid expansions and a sizeable number of ongoing developmental projects. Ultra-Modern structures, world class hotels, and restaurants can be seen springing up in the Federal Capital Territory.

Abuja has become one of the top cities to look forward to during trips, as it boasts of one of the world’s best culinary experience. Get a taste of local Nigerian Cuisine and various continental dishes at some the best restaurants in town.

Are you planning to visit the capital city, a list of some of the best restaurants to visit and treat yourself to mouth-watering meals during your stay in Abuja has been put together just for you.

  1. Oriental Restaurant:

The Oriental Restaurant in Transcorp Hilton Abuja is frequented by businessmen and socialites alike, spend some time feasting on Oriental cuisine, Thai fare, and Mongolian specialties amidst a number of classy cuisine buffs. Housed in one of the 5-star hotels in Nigeria, the restaurant has become a favourite amongst locals and business guests. A themed buffet is usually organized on selected evening, enjoy a perfect dining experience in this tastefully furnished restaurant on your next trip to Abuja.

Papillion Restaurant: A visit to the Federal Capital Territory will be incomplete without a trying out an Al Fresco dining at the Papillion Restaurant in Sheraton Hotel Abuja. The restaurant offers amazing meal options in a scenic garden setting. It is one of the best buffet restaurants in the city which offers a blend of African and international cuisines. The Arabian-themed buffet organized every Thursday night is worth trying out.

  1. Tulip Bistro:

Tulip Bistro is fast becoming a favourite for casual dates and intimate parties. The restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy excellent meals in Abuja. Treat yourself to juicy lamb chops with grilled or mashed potatoes, delicious cakes, tarts and sandwiches as well as excellent Fettucini Alfredo.

  1. Woks and Koi:

Woks and Koi is an upscale contemporary styled restaurant in Abuja which offers an assortment of excellent Asian cuisine.  Enjoy an exquisite dining experience in a restaurant with bespoke artworks while feasting on steamed Dumplings or Shredded Calamari with green pepper sauce.

  1. The Nile Place Restaurant and Lounge:

The restaurant offers value for your money and an unforgettable dining experience. Both local and international dishes are served, the classy interior complemented by contemporary artworks is just perfect for a date night with friends or a business date. The Moroccan section of the restaurant provides Shisha, flanked by rugs, low chairs and throw pillows, the atmosphere is perfect for a cozy time out with loved ones.

These restaurants are just a few of the many amazing places to wine and dine during your stay in Abuja. What could be better than enjoying fine dining and finding the perfect and most affordable accommodation in Abuja on your next visit, check out the list of 5-star accommodation and cheap hotels in Abuja only on Jumia Travel.


Travel Gift: Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Explorer in your life

So what are the perfect gift items for travel junkies? When looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, you can be tempted to get an expensive iPhone 7 or a PS4 but remember those may not be the most ideal gifts items for a person consumed by wanderlust.

Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for that special globe trotter in your life? You must remember that what separates a good gift from a great one is its usefulness and sentimental value. The best presents are either incredibly useful or are personal gifts that evokes great emotions of love.

Here are a few thoughtful travel gift inspirations to help spark up your imagination:

  • Headphones:

Headphones can be really useful during a trip, as they are perfect for blocking out external noisy when trying to relax. They come in handy for listening to great music during a stopover or watching an inflight movie during a trip.

  • Stylish Travel Gear:

What better way is there to travel, if not in style? Do you feel like doing a little extra? Help them hit the airport in style with sleek luggages, get them eye catching toiletry bags and fun travel accessories. Think beyond the primary luggage and consider their personal style and interests – such as a shoe bag for the fashionista, a heat-resistant flat-iron case for the primper on the go, and carry-on bags that charge electronics for the tech nerd.

  • Camera:

A great digital or vintage inspired camera is one the ways to lit up the face of a travel junkie. With a camera, he can capture all the fun moments on a trip through the power of these powerful lens, keep them for memories sake or share their experience with friends.

  • Power Banks & Adapters:

A must have for frequent flyers, high capacity power banks and compact power adapters can be extremely useful during a trip. These ensures your frequent traveller is always plugged in it, his phones and laptops or cameras can be well charged.

  • Travel Maps:

Get a bucket list travel map with illustrations of the world’s most awesome destinations. From big-name spots to little-known gems, help the travel junkie discover the world as they haven’t seen it before.

  • A journal:

A travel themed journal is a fun way to collate and document memories. From the sandy deserts of North Africa, the rich wildlife of East Africa to the warm reception by the people of Ireland or the beauty of the souks in Dubai. Here is an opportunity to pen down every thought and memory as they travel across the world.

  • Travel Deals/ Hotel Vouchers:

Gift the globe trotter or frequent traveller in your life an exciting travel deal to a place they have been longing to visit. A hotel reservation is appropriate for business travellers who frequently go to the same city. Surprise them with a voucher for a luxury accommodation or get them the best hotel deals in a country of their choice.

  • E Reader or Tablets:

Tabs and E readers are perfect for passing time during a long travel. They can be updated with content wherever there is WiFi. It allows them travel light, as there will be no need to pack a bundle of novels. You can opt for an online store credit to keep them stocked up, if the travel junkie already has these.

  • Instant Smart Phone Printer:

With an instant smart phone printer, there will be no need to just save pictures. They can actually print these pictures instantly. So cool!!

  • Create a personalized Care Package:

You can wait until their next trip to give out this surprise.Create a personalized care package that contains various items that are some of their favourites. You can include customized travel essentials, chocolates and a mini bottle of gin. No matter what you do, just get creative and personal.

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Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry


5 Ways To Save Money On Internet Expenses

A good internet at home is essential whether you are a Netflix freak or you are just trying to keep up with your friends on social media. Unfortunately, every month your internet bill keeps rising that you want to stop subscribing. The fact is that you can reduce your usage and still get affordable internet service monthly. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways to can cut your internet bill.

Get the best competitive price

If you are frustrated with your high internet bills, you can take time out to research the cost of buying data from several other Internet Service Providers. When you have done this, contact your service provider and let them know that their charges are on the high side. Certainly, they do not want to lose their customer. Hence, they have no choice than to review their prices. If nothing happens, you can move to their cheaper and fast competitor.

Check out promos

If promotional pricing is available, you should take advantage of it so that you get a short term price reprieve. Hence, always be on the lookout for these promos.

Reduce your speed

You might think that it’s best to get the internet package with the highest possible speed, but for most homes, a high-speed account ends up being a waste of money. Since you are not a business enterprise, you should get a low-speed internet plan so as to pay less at the end of the month.

Buy your own modem and router

You can also buy a modem or router rather than subscribing to a service provider which can be expensive. So, buying your own modem will significantly trim your internet spending.

Threaten to cancel

This oftentimes works especially if your internet provider is customer friendly. Whether you plan to cancel or not, sometimes threatening that you will is enough to get your internet bill reduced. This will prompt them into taking action to do something about your high bill.

Top 5 Destinations fit for Family Vacations in Nigeria

With the hike in fuel price, incomprehensibly high foreign exchange rate and the cost of cooking ingredients in Nigeria at the moment.

A lot of people are shying away from the mere thoughts of having any form of celebration, throwing parties or planning a trip to any exotic location outside the country but as it often rightly said “black don’t crack”. So I implore you to make the most of these situations, albeit how negative they may seem, to explore the beauty and hidden resources of Nigeria.

Take some time out with family members and friends, stick to visiting some of the best resorts in Lagos and taking a well-deserved weekend treat at some of the hidden beauties in Nigeria. Rather than splurging on a vacation outside the country, visit exotic places and lodge in top class hotels in Lagos like Intercontinental Hotel Lagos or Oriental Hotel Lagos.

Here is a list of 5 of some of the top holiday destinations ideal for a family vacation in Nigeria:

Erin Ijesha Waterfall:

Erin Ijesha waterfalls also known as Olumirin waterfalls is a scenic natural sauna located in Ijesha, Osun State. The seven-step waterfall layer offers an awe-striking view of nature with each layer featuring its own flowing fountain.Enjoy the mystical beauty of Erin Ijesha Waterfall with your family and friends on your next vacation.

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort:

Ikogosi Warm Spring is one of the major tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is a natural wonder of a pure warm water spring that flows side by side with a cold spring. There is a local myth surrounding the history of the spring.

An interesting version states that the two springs (Warm and Cold) were the wives of the same man, they turned into spring water after the rivalry between them resulted in a rift. The ill-tempered wife is believed to have turned to the popular warm spring while the cool-tempered wife turned to cold spring water. The husband is also believed to have turned into the undulating hills that surround the springs.

Many of the villagers worship the springs as their deities. The point where the two springs meet is a main centre of attraction. The resort situated around the warm spring has various accommodation and recreational facilities suitable for family vacation.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta:

Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Nigeria. The massive granite outcrop is a natural wonder that served as a hideout and stronghold for the indigenes of Egbaland during a civil war in the 19th century. The rock sheltered many of the war survivors, who were reported hidden in caves located inside the rocks to evade enemy attacks.

With a modern elevator available for tourists who have a hard time climbing, a relaxation spot at the top of the rock and an aerial view of the city of Abeokuta at its peak, Olumo Rock is definitely one of the best places to visit on next family vacation.

Lekki Conservation Centre:

Lekki Conservation Centre located in Lekki Peninsula of Eti Osa Local Government in Lagos State is one of the most important conservation sites and wildlife reserve in the country. The Conservation Centre which covers an area of 78 hectares was established to serve as a conservation site for Nigeria’s southwest coastal mangrove resources, protect wildlife and a centre for procuring information’s for environmental education and public awareness.

Tourists can view the vast resources of the nature reserve by using the 2 km trail boardwalk or the spectacular 401 metres long Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walkway. Attractions along the trail includes a swamp outlook, trees with ladders that enables nature enthusiasts reach up to the tree houses, bird hides for avid bird watchers and rest stop suitable for picnics. Other attractions at the centre include a handful of animals and birds, floor games, a fish pond that contains colourful Koi fishes, a Jungle Gym, Gazebos and beach volleyball courts.

A nature station awaits tourists at the end of the trail, it is a recreation facility that lies in the middle of the forest, made up of a semi-enclosed block structure for indoor picnics, outdoor game facilities for children and conveniences. It is the ideal vacation spot for nature lovers from around the world.

Obudu Cattle Ranch:

Obudu Cattle Ranch also known as Obudu Mountain Resort is the number one tourist destination in Nigeria at the moment. The beautiful resort lies on the Obudu Plateau close to Cameroon border. With various tourist facilities in place, the resort boasts of both local and international tourists. It is the number one holiday and tourist resort centres in Nigeria. The mountain resort boasts of some of the best luxury accommodation in Calabar close to nature.

Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry

Top 5 places to meet good natured girls in Lagos

Making and keeping new friends is no easy feat. Guys are often faced with the challenge of having to stick to clubs and bars during a weekend rendezvous with friends while some seize the alternative opportunity of waiting till they can attend church services. While I think crowded bar and parties are never short of women, I still doubt they are ever the best place to meet and mingle with respectable ladies.

Many ladies create an instant resistant when approached at a bar, as the think you are just poaching for a one night stand and wonder if you should be taken seriously. There is a higher likelihood of meeting well-bred women when you explore places where you can get a sense of their personality and even share some of their interests.

Here is a list of 5 places where you can meet good natured girls in Nigeria:

  1. Resorts:

Check out some of the resorts in Lagos like Epe Resort, you have the added advantage of experiencing rich hospitality in a tranquil environment and meet up with the girls who have also taken out time to relax and get some quite time. A girl who knows how to pamper herself is a keeper, as you are assured that she’ll also take time to whisk you away to take some rest. Some of the major resorts in Lagos are the Inagbe Grand Resort and the Atican Beach Resort.

  1. Book stores and Libraries:

Libraries and bookstores are one of the coolest places to scout for good girls. Some book cafes have places to seat and read. Here is an opportunity for you to start a conversation with an attractive and smart lady.

  1. Art Galleries:

This may just be the right place to spot a girl with similar interests. If you are an art lover, galleries are one of the suitable places to meet ladies that share your love for art and culture. Terra culture in Victoria Island and Nike Art Gallery are some the most visited places in Lagos by art lovers.

  1. At a friend’s wedding:

Attending a friend’s wedding offers you a great opportunity to meet up with some of the couple’s friends. You can get talking with one of the bridesmaid or any other lady that catches your fancy as you are sure your friend would be able to attest to their good nature.

  1. Churches:

This sounds cliché but churches have become one of the most suitable places to meet up with eligible single ladies with great values in Nigeria. You can attend youth services and go on events organised by the church for young singles.

Is Nigeria truly one of the most expensive countries in Africa :

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Nigeria with Cost per Night

Nigeria is regarded as one of the most expensive countries to visit in Africa. The cost of living index by city in the country is a reflection of how much work the government and economic intelligence experts still have to do on reviewing ineffective economic policies. The effect of the naira crash and oil price volatility has trickled down to affect the cost of basic commodities, feeding as well as housing.

A research by Hogg Robinson Group indicates that hotels in Nigeria are the second most expensive in the world with an average room rate of £217.05.

It might be intriguing to note that for an accommodation at Transcorp Hilton Abuja, one has to splurge between ₦112,413 – ₦662,500 for a night.

It suffice to say that in spite of the economic hardship faced by Nigerians, our people still have a collective penchant for all things pricey and high end.

  1. Transcorp Hilton Abuja:

The presidential suite

transcorp hilton abuja

This suite is made up of 3 rooms which consist of a king room and 2 twin rooms. With a living room of its own, a kitchen and a dining area. The presidential suite of Transcorp Hilton Abuja costs ₦665, 000 per night.

  1. Lagos Oriental Hotel:

The presidential suite

lagos oriental abuja

The presidential suite of Lagos Oriental Hotel costs ₦400, 000 per night. The suite allows a maximum occupancy of 5 guests. A mini bar is available in the suite and additional bed can be provided on request.

  1. Eko Hotel & Suites:

Eko Signature Presidential Suite

eko hotel

Eko Hotel Lagos is one of the well frequented and most popular hotels in Lagos. Its Eko Signature Presidential Suite costs ₦300, 000 per night. It is equipped with two separate lounges, a foyer, dining area, a library and kitchenette.

  1. Hotel Presidential Port Harcourt:

The presidential suite

hotel presidential port harcourt

Hotel Presidential is one of the best hotels in Port Harcourt. The most expensive suite at Hotel Presidential is its Presidential suite; it is large enough for 4 adult occupants and cost about ₦199, 600 per night.

  1. Southern Sun Ikoyi:

The Executive Suite

southern sun ikoyi

Southern Sun is a luxury hotel in Ikoyi Lagos with about 200 rooms. Its Executive Suite cost ₦250, 000 per night.

  1. The George Ikoyi:

Penthouse Suite

the george ikoyi

The George, Ikoyi is a four star luxury hotel in Lagos. With about 61 distinctly styled rooms. The hotel offers modern comfort facilities with a touch of Renaissance. The Penthouse Suite costs ₦450, 000 per night.

  1. Sheraton Abuja Hotel:

Club Presidential

sheraton hotel abuja

The prestigious Sheraton Abuja Hotel is a 5 star hotel in Abuja located strategically at an integral part of the city. Equipped with all the major modern facilities guests can think of, its Club Presidential Suite costs ₦336, 950 per night.

  1. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel:

Business Class Hotel

radisson blu

A luxury hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel lies on the water front just a few kilometres from Victoria Island. The Business Class Suite of the hotel cost ₦104, 185 for an individual suite and ₦116, 625 for larger suite suitable for two occupants per night.

  1. Apartment Royale Hotel & Suite:

Presidential Suite

apartment royale

Apartment Royale Hotel & Suite, a luxury hotel in Ikeja located close to the Murtala Mohammed Airport and Ikeja City Mall. The Presidential Suite at the hotel costs ₦267 000 per night.

  1. Golden Tulip Hotel Port Harcourt:

Presidential Suite

golden tulip port harcourt.jpg

Golden Tulip Hotel is located in the Governmental Residential Area of Port Harcourt. It is strategically location at a centre that grants guests easy access to several attractions in the city of Port Harcourt. A stay in the presidential suite of the Golden Tulip Hotel costs ₦250, 000 per night.

Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry

Lagos vs Abuja: Top 5 Reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja

Sometimes it looks like there is a power struggle between Lagos, the industrial hub of the nation, the former capital city of Nigeria and its rival city, Abuja the current capital city of Nigeria.

Overtime, many have compared both states and argued about the better place for work and residency, as these are two large cities are known to greatly influence the industrial sector and the administration of the nation.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria may be the seat of power but Lagos is one of he largest cities in Africa. A city that best combines the diversities, character and strength of Nigeria. Many are the tales you will hear about Lagos; some good, some bad and some ugly but if you ever have your eyes on a great future, the place to be has to be “the centre of excellence”-Lagos.

A place where you are offered the kind of future you desire, a future filled with so many opportunities and possibilities. The commercial nerve centre of the nation and host to most of the big corporations in the country.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja:

  • Relatively affordable accommodation:

Believe it or not the cost of housing in Lagos is relatively affordable when compared to other major cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt. You can get a suitable accommodation in Ikeja or yaba the fastest growing tech hub in Lagos at a price that wouldn’t break a bank.

  • Tourist Haven:

From prestigious Lagos hotels like Ibis Hotel Ikeja, Ikoyi Fairview Apartments and Maison Fahrenheit to exotic restaurant and beautiful beaches. The city of Lagos is always bubbling with activities and fun places to see. This city has a deeper cultural heritage when compared to Abuja. Enjoy the cultural beauty of Eyo festival, nature’s scenic view at the Lekki Conservation Centre, a historic relic at the Nigerian National Museum and Badagry Black Heritage Museum.

From art studios to beaches, parks and many others, the tourism trail in Lagos affords every tourist the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime experience.

  • Employment opportunities:

Ever wondered why it is known as the land of opportunities? It is the land where millionaires, IT experts and entrepreneurs thrive. In Nigeria, there is no better place to work than in Lagos. This is the city where anyone can start from scratch and become an overnight phenomenon, a land where dreams come true.

Several large corporations and international organization can be found in the city. Many celebrities and millionaires rose from slums in Lagos.

  • Ain’t no party like a Lagos party:

Lagosians are notorious hustlers; they are street wise and know just how to have the right amount of fun. Home to the largest number of celebrities and entertainers in the country, the city of Lagos can never run out of social functions for you to attend. There are a number of choice hotels, lounges, bars, malls and fun spots where people can chill and unwind.

  • Better Standard of living:

Lagos opens up it bowel to people of all classes and social status, a city with a huge annual influx of people of various ethnicity. It is blessed with the right amount of resources to cater to its populace. A data study by Expatistan, states that the overall cost of living in the Lagos is lower by 2% when compared to Abuja.

Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry

10 Hotel requirements for business travellers

I had the opportunity to travel a great deal for both leisure and business purposes. So, I can confidently say that what a business traveller wants is different from what a tourist needs at a hotel. While both business and tourist hotels basically need to provide neat and quite rooms, a good business hotel should afford the traveller an option of packing lightly by equipping the rooms with basic items ranging from grooming products to a work desk and a good restaurant.

Here is a list of some hotel services and requirements for business travellers.

  1. Internet Access and enough electric outlets:

A hotel that offers free internet service is fit for business travellers. It makes it easier to access important documents and promptly respond to business mails.

  1. Tiny-in-Room Fridges/Onsite Restaurant:

An onsite restaurant should be available in an ideal hotel. Intercontinental Hotel features a restaurant that serves both local and continental meals while Radisson Blu Hotel offers the option of a buffet breakfast service daily. Rooms should be equipped with tiny refrigerators that contain free bottled water, soda, candies or snacks.

  1. Room Service:

Staying in an hotel that provides room service means you can be sure of getting your meals delivered straight to your room, if you are too busy to go to the restaurant, all your requests can be brought straight to your room and you do not need to clean up, as the room will be made tidy when you want it. Several hotels like Sheraton Hotel provide 24 hours room service.

  1. Sound proof Rooms:

Sound insulated rooms offer a quiet environment for rest and away from distractions.

  1. Work desk and Chairs:

Chairs and tables should be available for performing office tasks.

  1. Conciergeservice:

An ideal hotel for business travellers must have a concierge desk, with hotel employees who are ready to assist in making reservations and credible recommendations.

  1. Free Local Calls
  2. Beauty Salon:

A beauty parlour and Barbing Salon comes in handy for a quick style fix before attending meetings or seeing business associates.

  1. Efficient Laundry/Dry cleaning Service:

Last minutes laundry and dry cleaning services should be provided by hotel frequented by business travellers.

  1. Relaxation facilities:

The availability of relaxation and recreational facilities makes it easy for business travellers to ease the work off.



5 tips for keeping valuables safe in a hotel room

Are you planning a trip and thinking of how to safeguard your valuables in a Nigerian hotel? Whether you are spending time at any of the resorts in Lagos or even the best hotels in Nigeria, the same security tips are applicable. It is always better to limit the number of valuables you carry when travelling, as this decreases the amount of loss you are likely to suffer if you are unlucky enough to be robbed.

However, if you have to travel out of town with valuables, leaving such items in your hotel room isn’t without its own potential risks. From hotel room burglars to occasional dishonest staff member, a number of potential liabilities exist if you keep valuables in your hotel room.

Here’s a post on safeguarding your valuables in a Nigerian hotel room.

  1. Use Suitcases with locks:

Carry luggage’s equipped with combination locks or keys during your travel. Lock valuable items inside it and ensure your keys are with you at all times. There is hardly a chance that someone will steal the entire box and get past security. At more secure hotels, use the safety deposit to keep small sized valuable items.

  1. Keep your luggage out of site:

Ensure that all luggage’s without locks are kept out of sight, as you invite tampering when your luggage is open, on your bed or lying on the floor. Re-pack your luggage daily as extensively as you can and keep it inconspicuously hidden in a wardrobe, closet or under the bed to reduce the chances of someone finding it and stealing from it.

  1. Find Obscure spots:

Inspect your room for obscure spots where people would hardly search. These are the places in the room where you can hide your valuables from burglars. You can keep your money and any important documents hidden under the carpet corners, pinned between drapes and taped to the bottom-side of your drawers. Choose areas of your hotel room that are not cleaned regularly and avoid keeping all valuables in the same place. Splitting them around the room, makes it less likely to lose all your valuables incase someone finds one of your hiding places.

  1. Avoid inviting Strangers into your room:

It is better to spend time with strangers or unacquainted persons in public places. Be selective of whom you invite into your hotel room and gauge the trustworthiness of people before allowing them access into your hotel room.

  1. Use the dnd hotel sign:

When stepping out for the day, put the “Do not disturb sign” hanging on the door and leave the television on, this is to create a false impression that you are in and it discourages uninvited guests from trying to step into your room. It is advisable to invite room service only when you are available to supervise their activities.