5 Spots You Must Experience In Abeokuta

Abeokuta offers the ultimate getaway from the craze of Lagos which is a mega city. It’s replete with rocks and hills that give picturesque views of the ancient city. Abeokuta’s history is rich and it’s culturally vibrant. There is so much to do in this city which makes it a perfect destination for tourists. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, identifies some of the spots to experience in the rock city.

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is the signature tourist attraction in Abeokuta and your visit is incomplete if you do not go there. It was a safe haven for the Egba people escaping from wars. It is an experience you will never forget that is if you climb the rock.

Visit the palace of the Alake of Egbaland

The current Alake of Egbaland is HRH Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo. He is responsible for keeping the peace in Egbaland. You can pay the palace of his Majesty a visit to know more about Abeokuta and Egbaland. If you are lucky, you may meet the Alake.

Surulere Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants that almost everyone in Abeokuta eats. So, if you are a foodie, Surulere is highly recommended. Interestingly, their foods are very affordable and inexpensive. Local foods are readily available.

June 12 Cultural Centre

The June Cultural Center has so many things to offer tourists. From watching movies to learning about notable Nigerians especially of Yoruba extraction and much more. It is located between the MKO Abiola International Stadium and Kuto Market.

Adire shopping at Itoku market

The Adire attire is the pride of the people of Abeokuta. Do not hesitate to buy one as a souvenir for your friends. It is quite affordable.

6 Fascinating Ways To Enjoy The Coal City State

It’s called the coal city state because of its large coal deposits. Unfortunately, the coal deposits are yet to be explored or taken advantage of by the people or government. Clearly, it’s due to our over dependency on sweet crude. Regardless, a sector the Enugu state government has made efforts to develop over the years is the tourism sector. Like coal, Enugu State is blessed with so many tourist attractions that are dotted all over the state. Hence, it’s highly recommended for any tourist or fun lover. Besides if you reside in Enugu and you are looking to get out of the rut,  Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some of the things you can do. Enjoy.

Watch Enugu Rangers at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium

Enugu Rangers is the darling football club of the people of Enugu. They are the current league champions and they play at the 22,000 capacity Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium. So, enjoy the best of the footballing display by watching Enugu Rangers.

Get history lessons at the National Museum of Unity

A few history lessons won’t be a bad idea. Right? A people without a history are lost forever. Hence, a visit to the National Museum of Unity will apprise you with relevant information about the precolonial times of Enugu, the Biafran War as well as relics of the war and much more. It’s located at 65, Abakiliki Road, Ogui Junction GRA (Blueberries Park).

Explore the beauty of the Ngwo Cave and Waterfall

Want to see the untapped, virgin and natural beauty of Enugu? Then, you should visit the Ngwo Cave and Waterfall. It is located at the Ngwo Pine Forest where the waterfall cascades from rocks. Apart from the waterfall, there are several caves that are tucked away in the rock. You can access some of them by climbing!

See live Crocodiles at Ani Ozalla Lake at the behest of the chief priest

The Ani Ozalla Lake is a natural lake situated at Ozalla in Nkanu West LGA in Enugu. It is where you can see crocodiles which are regarded as a goddess. The crocodile usually appears at the command of the chief priest.

 Check out the Awhum Waterfall and Cave

This is one of the popular Caves in the state. The Waterfall is about 30 meters high and it’s circled by rocks where you will find ancient caves. You are also treated to wild animals jumping from one tree branch to another as well as different birds.

 Shop at the Polo Park Mall

For those who love to shop and want to relax, then you can go to the Polo Park Mall. It’s located in Enugu City. You can eat, drink and watch your favourite movies.

7 Sure Ways To Remain Broke Even When You Earn A Decent Income

Earning a decent or reasonable income automatically means that you should be able to take good care of yourself. This is not the case for certain people because before the end of the month, their accounts are empty and they are unable to care for themselves to a very large extent. If this is you, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency discusses the reasons why you are always broke regardless of your decent income.

You think you are too young to start saving

The truth is that nobody is too young to start saving. But still, it is not too late to save. No matter how small, you should save.

Changing your electronic gadgets

Every three months, you change your gadgets to the latest ones. You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that you will soon be broke.

The more your income increases, the more you spend

This very straight forward. The more your income increases, the more you spend. Clearly, you have intensified your spending impulse because of increased salary. If you do this, you will always be out of money.

You do not have a budget

Having a budget is the best way to track your spending. Your budget will keep you in check. A budget will help you decide if you should book a 3 star or 5 star Lagos hotel. If you do not have a budget, you will be poor.

You are always in debt

You cannot get out of debt because you are always borrowing money for your upkeep. Of course, to stop borrowing, you should live within your means.

Not caring about the future

You do not think about the future. You want to eat everything you have now. You do not know that an emergency may occur anytime. Consequently, you will be able to address such emergency because you have no money.

You do not track how you spend

Immediately money hits your account, you just spend it indiscriminately. At the end, you cannot explain how you spend it. You should ensure that you track your spending to prevent you from going broke.

5 Simple Rules To Wake Up Early

People who wake up early are not different from you. They have the same 24 hours like you. What makes it possible for them to wake up early is because they have made some lifestyle changes. So, if you want to join the early riser’s club, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some simple to wake up.

You do not procrastinate

Having so much to do means you are unable to wake up early. However, if you properly plan your schedule and avoid putting off what you have to do, you will definitely become an early riser. So, try as much as possible to stop procrastinating and do whatever you want to do.

 Prepare meals in advance

Cooking is one of the things that some people do not look forward to especially after a stressful day. At the same time, you do not want to start cooking in the morning. This can simply delay you. Hence, you cook their meals in advance so that you only need to microwave it the next day.

 Record your  favourite show

You love the show so much and you are tempted to watch. However, you do not. It is your ability to resist the temptation to watch these shows when you are supposed to be sleeping is what makes you unique.  Simply record the show to watch later or in this age of the internet, you watch the missed episodes online.

Avoid drinking coffee very late

People who wake up early do not drink coffee late in the night because it will make it difficult for them to sleep. So, if you are serious about waking early as well as having a sound nap, you should avoid any kind of caffeine.

keep your bedroom screen free

No matter the kind of screen, it should never be found in your bedroom. From a phone to computer and laptop; you should leave everything in the living room. They are just distractions and a major reason why so many people do not wake early.


6 Signs You Are Addicted To Junk Food

Junk foods are usually classified as garbage because they don’t add anything to your body. In other words, it has no nutritional benefits.  Regardless, many people still consume junk foods despite the health risk. This is why businesses in the fast food industry are smiling to the bank while the consumers are crying to the clinic. Therefore, it is no gainsaying that many of us are addicted to these junk foods and we do not know. These tips, clues and signs shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency should help.

You desire junk food first thing in the morning

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you want to any of the following pizza, fried chicken, sausages, noodles, pasta, popcorn, and French fries etc. This is not good especially if your cravings are uncontrollable.

Friends call you the name of a fast-food spot

Due to your frequent visits to the fast food spot located at your favourite hotel in Lagos, your mischievous friends may start calling you the name of the spot. This may be simplistic and you may consider it a joke. However, they are subtly telling you are that you are eating too much junk food.

You eat junk food even when you are hungry

Some people will be very hungry but they won’t eat a proper meal. They prefer to buy Meat Pie and Coke. This is what they do anytime they are hungry. The truth is you are obsessed with junk food and hurting yourself.

You have a headache several times a week

A headache can be a sign that you have been consuming too much junk food in the form of sugar, salt, fat, sweeteners and artificial colours. If this is the case, quit the consumption of fast food and observe how your body reacts. You may be surprised that the headaches will suddenly stop.

It is your lunch, breakfast and dinner

If junk food has become your 3 square meal, you are clearly hooked. It means more than 50% of your calories are from eating sausages and chicken & chips. You have to change your meal routine if you do not want it to affect your health.

You know where all their locations are

If anyone is searching for where they can buy junk foods, you are the expert because you know all their locations. In fact, you will go with them to buy your own junk.

9 Must Know Tips To Help You Fly Like A Pro For The First Time

Doing something for the first time can make you very nervous and anxious. It is even worse if you are boarding a plane. Although the experience may be pleasant, the unpalatable things you have heard about flying may scare you. Beyond this, there are other important things that can disrupt your flight which are probably unaware of because you are flying for the first time. in line with this, jumia travel, the leading online travel agency shares 9 things first-time flyers must know to enjoy their flight.

Arrive at the airport super early

Whether you are travelling within or outside Nigeria, you should arrive at the airport super early. This will help calm your nerves. But if you are first time flyer and you arrive late, you would be disorganised and uncoordinated. Consequently, you may miss your flight. Alternatively, you can arrive a day earlier and lodge in one of those Lagos airport hotels.

Keep your carry-on  bag small and light

You should carry a portable bag where you can keep your valuables like passports and other important travel documents. It is easier to reach, anytime you need them.

Get in your seat and power down

You do not need to show everyone on the plane that you are a first-time flyer. It will simply reveal your stupidity. When you get on board, choose your seatmate carefully, sit and switch off your phone or place it on aeroplane mode.

Do not tip indiscriminately

There is nothing wrong with tipping. You can if you want to. However, don’t just tip everyone that demand money from you. You may end up tipping them with all your pocket money. 

Avoid junk food

Eat proper food, not junk. You do not want to throw up at the airport or on the plane. It is highly possible that you may throw up because you are overwhelmed or anxious.

Don’t carry cash

It is not advisable to carry cash when you are flying let alone for the first time. You may lose your money. Before you travel, contact your bank to know how you can get an ATM card that you can use anywhere in the world. Besides, if you want to carry cash, do not carry too much cash.

Do not patronise touts to exchange money

There are all sorts characters at the airport. So, be careful who you deal with. Never patronise touts especially when it has to do with currency exchange. They may change the money at a higher rate or give you fake currencies. There are bureau de Change wherever you are travelling to.

Bring your headset

Your headset will keep you company when you are bored or anxious. You can listen to your favourite music. This will distract you from your worries about flying for the first time.

Don’t be fearful

Do not think about all the stories you have heard about flying. You should believe that nothing will happen. If you dwell on it for too long, you may end up not travelling. It is not easy but you have to ditch your fear or paranoia.

7 Exciting Reasons Nigerians Love Easter

After Christmas and New Year, the most anticipated holiday among Nigerians is Easter. Easter for many is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ while for others it is much more than a celebration. Whatever the case maybe, the undeniable fact is that Nigerians love Easter and Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 7 exciting reasons why.

It is a five-day break from your regular routine

For quite a number of Nigerians, this is the first holiday they are having since the Christmas and New Year break. Hence, they look forward to taking a well-deserved Easter break that will allow them to get out of the rut and do other things.

 Enough shows and event

Since Easter is one of the longest holidays in the country, a lot of shows are fixed during the period. From music to comedy and drama, they are all open for you to attend as long as you pay the gate pass.

No work

To put it mildly, some employees are already basking in the euphoria that they won’t have to go work for two days (Friday & Monday.). In addition, the holiday also knocks out Monday that you probably dislike. So, Easter holiday is a moment they cherish and savour. This doesn’t mean they don’t love what they do though. For persons who will still go to work, sorry! Lol!

Spend a good time with family and friends

This may be simplistic but you will be surprised that some individuals are homesick. They cannot wait to return home to see wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even parents. The Easter holiday makes this possible especially for those who leave home in the week and return weekend. Even if you return home daily, you will still be excited about the holiday because you will relax and have fun with your friends and family.

Time to enjoy frejon

Frejon is a coconut bean soup that is prepared and eaten during Easter. It is very tasty and delicious. If you ate it last year, jumia travel is very sure that you are already drooling to empty plates into your belly.

Opportunity to Travel home

For Nigerians who didn’t go home in December, Easter is an opportunity for them to travel to see their people in the village.  This is peculiar with Igbos of Eastern Nigeria whose trade sojourn has taken them to different parts of Nigeria.

Rest & Sleep

If you are not travelling, you can simply stay home and recover lost strength by simply sleeping and waking. Anyway, make sure you enjoy this long holiday!

How To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

The first place that anyone who wants to lose weight thinks about is the gym. This is because they have the necessary equipment to serve this purpose. However, it is not every time you want to lose weight you go to the gym. It is possible to shed some calories by embracing some lifestyle changes. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shed more light on this. You will not only lose weight, you will also save money on gym membership.

Make water your best friend

A popular Nigerian musician sang Water e no get enemy. Yes, water doesn’t have enemy yet many persons don’t drink it. They prefer taking sugary energy drinks rather than water Make water your best friend and you won’t need to go to the gym.

Vary your exercise regime

You see your friends returning from Your Spa & Fitness located at Four Points by Sheraton and you think they are fitter than you. That may not be true. In fact, you do not need to worry about that. What you need to do is to vary your exercise activities. Varying your exercise regime helps the body to respond faster to losing weight.

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

Sleep can also aid weight loss. At least, a brief nap during the day can assist you to shed some calories.

What goes into your belly?
The more you eat, the more you add weight. If this goes overboard, you become overweight. The questions are what do you eat? Do you eat junk food? If yes, you need to make a decision to stop and begin to eat balanced and nutritious meals.

Make your home your gym

You can set up your home as a gym. If you do not have the equipment, you can simply improvise.

6 Everyday Habits That Are Risky To Your Health

Habits are like glue. When it gets stuck, it either becomes indelible or takes forever to remove. This is why it’s not advisable to allow a habit overwhelm you because it requires painstaking efforts to abandon. If you, however, continue with these habits, it will affect your health and general wellbeing over time. Thus, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency identifies habits that are putting your health at risk.

Sitting all day

Since jobs are now performed mostly with computers in the 21st century, it is very possible that you will sit in front of it for hours without taking breaks. This is not good because the longer you sit, the more you are susceptible to heart diseases. Therefore, the import of breaks can’t be overemphasised.


This is not new. A large number of people are smoking today disregarding the instruction that smokers are liable to die young. The health hazards associated with all kinds of smoking are unlimited. Even electronic cigars have not be certified safe.

Eating junk food

The food eaten today are not a balanced diet, no thanks to tight schedules. Consequently, we turn to processed or packaged foods that unhealthy. Generally, eating junk food can hurt our health. Take time out to cook.

Not wearing sunscreen

Not wearing sunscreen whenever it is sunny raises your chances of having melanoma, an eye disease. It is easy to overlook this but the consequences are dire. Your eyes need protection from sun rays.

Downing too alcohol

Too much of everything is bad. Alcohol is the gold many cannot resist. At classy hotels and bars in Lagos, you find people downing alcohol like water. There is nothing wrong with taking alcohol for some people. It is advisable though you drink moderately if you cannot do without it.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep can help boost creativity. But very few persons are getting enough sleep. They are too busy. And at other times when they have the opportunity to sleep, they are distracted by their smartphones. If you cannot sleep the recommended 7 or 8 hours, try to sleep soundly even if you are sleeping for several hours.

5 Interesting Reasons Why Suya Is Prepared In The Evening

Suya is a Northern Nigerian delight that has become a delicacy that is consumed all over the country. It knows no ethnicity, no religion and no tribe. This said, one thing you may have observed is that this street food is usually prepared in the evening. Why not in the morning or afternoon? Well, whoever, decided to kick off the preparation of Suya in the evening must be a genius because the marketing strategy is working. You find Nigerians buying Suya at this time. Accordingly, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 reasons why Suya is prepared in the evening.

It more attractive in the evening

When you returning from in the evening and you see the mallam or Aboki the fire of the suya blazing in the very busy or hectic evening. There is no way you will not be attracted or tempted to buy. Even when you didn’t plan to buy, you will.

It is when Nigerians hang out and relax

It is in the evening that most Nigerians hang out and relax. That is when they are close from work. Some don’t go home straight away. They hang out at your favourite hotel bar in Lagos with friends, and if there is a Suya spot around, they buy. If you setup in the afternoon, very few people will patronise you. You will be forced to move your suya business to the evening.

It is very tasty at that time

suya is very tasty normally. But there is no way you can compare afternoon suya with evening suya, they are not mates. The warm evening weather, the stress of work and traffic all combine to make you savour the taste of suya. It is very yummier!!!

The Aboki has other businesses he runs during the day

The Aboki or mallam preparing the suya has other businesses he runs during the day. He doesn’t survive on making suya alone. Some of the things he may likely be doing during the day include shoemaking, tailoring and barbing among others.

It is just weird or unusual to see morning or afternoon Suya

It is just weird and unusual for you to see suya being prepared in the morning or afternoon. You are already used to it in the evenings. Don’t be surprised if some Nigerians think that you are doing something fishy by preparing suya during the day. They will not even close near such a suya.