Going On a First Date? Here Are Tips On What To Wear!

You have finally agreed to go on a date with this guy who has been pestering you for a while now at an exquisite fun hub like Epe Resort. You are excited and feel the butterflies in your tummy. Of course, you hope things work out this time as you don’t want it to go the way of your past relationships.

For many ladies, their main concern is what to wear for the date. Your very instinct is to look good. And again, you want to excite him with your appearance without necessarily giving too much away. If you are going on a first date soon, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking shares tips on what to wear.

Stick to your personal style

The rule of thumb to dress for a first date is never to experiment with newest trends. These trends may probably not work for you at that very moment. But if you are confident that you can pull it off, go ahead. To be on a safer side, stick to your personal style. Importantly, do not step down your style because of a stranger.

Look sexy but…

Girls like to look good and sexy. But on a first date, this should perhaps be the last thing on your mind. Definitely, you don’t want to bear it all and ‘distract’ him. You can still look sexy by taking advantage of accessories like earrings, a piece of necklace and other casual accessories.


Most women’s wardrobe malfunction is often as a result of the attire being too tight and very uncomfortable. This is the last thing you want to happen especially when you are hanging out with someone you are just getting to know. So, always remember, if you feel the attire is too tight, the best option is to change to avoid any embarrassment.

Wear your favourite attire

In your closet, there is usually this particular or magical attire that radiates your beauty and makes you look dashing. That is what you should pick for your first date. Notwithstanding, ensure that it is comfortable and not too revealing. It is your first date and you want to give a good impression of yourself.

Stressing out too much

You shouldn’t stress too much about your first date. Yes, you can’t wait to meet this amazing and pleasant man. It is not a big deal. The man may not even be too keen on your appearance. He just wants to spend quality time with you. Hence, don’t sweat it.


5 Essential Instagram Features Your Brand Should Know

Social media is dynamic. This is why social networks are always coming up with new updates and features. Instagram is not an exception. As one of the biggest online mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing platform in the world with half a billion users, it is expected not to shy away from this. Hence, it is unsurprising that it regularly announces new features. It is therefore important for brands that use Instagram and other social media networks for their marketing campaign to be aware of these features. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some of these essential Instagram features your brand should know.

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Mutalo Group to Launch Kabisa Energy Drink in Nigeria

Lagos, August 18, 2016– Polish firm, Mutalo Group is set to launch Kabisa energy drink in Nigeria.

Kabisa is coming on the heels of a bi-polarized African beverage industry that features low-quality and cheap energy drinks on one side as well as high quality, unaffordable beverages on the other.

Consequently, Mutalo Group is strategically and competitively positioned to bridge these two extremes by launching Kabisa energy drink.

Kabisa is a nourishing, sterling and inexpensive beverage uniquely designed and packaged for Nigerians who want to stay relaxed, who love to party, and for anyone who finds comfort in African vibes.

Mutalo Group is a Polish production company that aims to transform the energy drink market in Africa. It was founded by two young and ambitious former managers of Jumia Africa who are knowledgeable and conversant with the African business landscape. Hence, the introduction of Kabisa energy drinks.

Here Are Cool Tools To Help You Focus While Working Online

In most offices today, many of the jobs are done with the use of the internet. While working, there is a possibility that you may want to check out some of your favourite social media or news websites. For others, these websites are distracting, hence many organizations prefer to block websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube amongst others so that their employees can focus on their jobs. However, for organizations that are yet to do this, Jumia Travel shares some tools to block some of these distracting websites.


FocalFilter is a Windows based application that can help you focus by provisionally blocking distracting websites. After the block timer runs out, your websites are available for you to view again. The unique thing about FocalFilter is that when you block a website on particular browsers, it will automatically block that same website on other browsers.


LeechBlock is mostly used for Mozilla Firefox. You can create at least six sets of websites to block. However, ensure you go through provided options to effectively  use the extension.

Chrome Nanny

Chrome Nanny is a Google Chrome extension which you can use to block  websites. You can set up white-lists, black-lists and the extent to which the black-listed websites are blocked. It is flexible and it can also be disabled or uninstalled.


Website Blocker

If you don’t want to use Chrome Nanny, Website Blocker is a perfect alternative. You schedule the particular time you want to block distracting websites. When the time elapses, you will have access to the websites again.


SelfControl is a mac based app which blocks access to incoming and outgoing mail servers and websites for a period of time. For self control, you can unblock a website until the time elapse. This is not the same with the aforementioned apps.


Top 6 Useful Apps For Avid Readers


Technology is changing almost everything around us including our reading habits. In the past when there were no apps,  book lovers had to visit bookstores to buy books authored by their favorite writers. This is no longer the case because there are now very useful apps enhancing or influencing individual reading experiences. These Apps can be used and downloaded by everyone at any time of the day on android, blackberry, or Android phones. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking sums up 6 useful apps for book lovers.


Goodreads has metamorphosed into a sort of social network for books due to its popularity. It helps users of the app to find new books, get reviews from different readers of the same book and can also help you make book purchasing decisions. Goodreads has over 20 million users and it has the enviable title of being the world’s largest site for book recommendations.


Free Books

Free Books is for those who prefer classic books. That is books that were published decades ago which you don’t ordinarily find in bookshops. Books like 1984, Pride And Prejudice, The Odyssey and more are among the 23,469 books you can download for free on the Free Books App on Apple App store.


Social Reads

Social Reads is the Windows Phone version of the Goodreads. It was specifically developed for Windows Phone users. It has all Goodreads features including books download, organizing your book collections as well as read reviews from other users.


Wattpad gives you unlimited access to more than 75 million stories. Romance, historical fiction, and fan fiction are available for your reading pleasure. In addition, it is an app that allows readers and writers to interact. In fact, you can publish your stories notwithstanding if you are an established writer or not.



Kobo is available on all operating systems you can think of- windows phone, iOS, Mac, Blackberry, Android and Windows desktop. Although it’s not free, you still have access to sneak book previews, as well as download your preferred bestseller at an affordable price.



iBooks is unique because users can buy, automatically download books and read them with the app. You can download it on the Apple App store.

Five (5) Slangs That Make You a Confirmed Lagosian

Lagos is Nigeria’s melting pot. It’s the dream destination for most people who reside in nearby cities and rural communities. Everyone believes Lagos is a city where dreams come true, regardless of your means of livelihood. That’s why you find almost everyone in this great cosmopolitan city that is home to over 20 million people, according to recent statistics. In fact, it was estimated that Lagos might become over-populated because of the high influx of migrants from other states, and/or neighbouring countries. This may be the reason why some Nigerians refer to it as a no-man’s land, because it has become a convergence point for all and sundry.

The journey to becoming a confirmed (true) Lagosian is filled with many road bumps. Once you’re strong-willed enough to cross, you will earn yourself the title of a true Lagosian – a title so lofty in glory. Some of these road bumps might include your ability to survive the hustle, the street food, the street life as well as having an up-to-date understanding of the contemporary slangs.

These slangs are essential because it is the way most people communicate in the city, and being able to decode and dialogue in these slangs will make anyone a confirmed Lagosian. So, whether you live on the Island or mainland, you should be conversant with these slangs. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares five (5) of these contemporary slangs that might earn you the confirmed Lagosian title:


Owambe simply means social events held on weekends, such as weddings. Lagosians love to attend ‘owambes’ because it provides a unique opportunity to mingle especially if you’re single; you get to show off your colourful Aso Ebi, and spend quality time with friends and family. Interestingly, Owambe has outgrown its original Yoruba connotation to become a cliche for describing weekend social events among Lagosians.

source: owambe.com


Okrika is an Igbo phrase which is widely used to describe  cheap second-hand items sold at open spaces. Okrika may include clothes, shoes, bags, electronic devices and phones. A good number of Lagosians patronise these items because they are mostly affordable.

source: ksuamebo.com

Shine your eyes

Because of the high number of residents, minus frequent commuters who come into the city for business functions, it is not surprising to find the good, the bad, and the ugly cohabitating. Hence, you have to constantly be on the alert  if you don’t want to experience the sneaky hands of the bad eggs, because these hands strike faster than lightning and thunder. So shine your eyes while driving, standing at the bus stop, or when engaging in any transactions.

source: thelowdownblog.com

Johnny Just Come (JJC)

Who is Johnny? Of course, Johnny is somebody’s name. But it means something completely different if you are addressed by that in Lagos. JJC is someone that arrived recently in Lagos and perhaps cannot navigate the city without a guide. If your demeanour gives evidence of a JJC, bus conductors are usually excited about the prospect of taking advantage of you by hiking the transport fare, or perhaps you may be driven beyond your bus stop. There are some people who can still be tagged Johnny even though they’ve lived for years in the city. In any case, do not act like a JJC if you want to be a confirmed Lagosian.

source: uncova.com



Agbero is a Yoruba word for bus conductors who hail passengers. However, the name has abandoned its original meaning and has submitted itself to being used to describe thugs who collect money from commercial motorists for picking passengers at the bus stops, and may resort to assault if the money is being withheld by the drivers. Refusal to pay this levy may lead to heated argument, harassment or unnecessary delays. In fact, passengers always encourage drivers to settle these Agberos to avoid unnecessary confrontations.


Welcome to Lagos!

Five (5) Tech Gadgets you Can Hardly Do Without


The evolvement of technology over the decades has made it compulsory to use them. These technologies which come in various forms, sizes and shapes simplify human functions and activities thus making them indispensable. Most people are addicted to some of these gadgets to the point of the gadgets becoming an appendage. Jumia Travel,  Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies five (5) gadgets you can hardly do without. Whilst some of these devices are fun to use, others are functionally for safety precautions.

Music Player

Whether you carry a personal music player or listen to music straight off your computer, you’d probably miss your digital music if it suddenly disappeared. An added benefit is that music players promote harmony at the workplace. Employees can listen to their preferred tunes without annoying their workmates.



Long lines at the banks are nobody’s idea of a good time. With the Automated Teller Machine, you can perform a wide range of banking transactions such as making cash deposits, cash withdrawal, and account balance check at any time. ATMs give you access to 24-hour cash .



Office functions have been automated, thus most organizations can hardly work without computers. Same with individuals. This is because computers perform unlimited functions which can’t be done manually.


Smoke detector

The smoke detector has proven over and over again to be a life-saving gadget, and some people would literally not be alive without it. You will find it in many homes and offices. This is another essential device you can hardly do without.



Before the telephone, humans wrote letters by hand and waited days, weeks and sometimes months for their messages to get delivered. Thanks to the invention of the telephone, and eventually the mobile phone. Now, news can be shared instantly and from just anywhere. Most people can barely live without their phones.


4 Browsers That Will Make you End Your Addiction to Chrome

It is certain that you are using chrome to browse. This is because it is one of the best browsers from the giant tech company called Google. Of course, this is not surprising because Google is one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. The fact is you are addicted to Chrome and think that it is the best browser. Well, sorry to disappoint, there are other browsers that will no doubt break or end your addiction to chrome. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some of them.



Vivaldi was developed by the same team that developed Opera mini.  It is a new browser that will give Chrome a run for their money. The visual design of Vivaldi looks similar to Opera down to the speed dial. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Opera Mini

Opera is a popular browser but few people use it. But it is worth mentioning. According to Opera Software, the browser has a total of 350 million users worldwide as well as 291 million mobile users. It pioneered amazing features that have been imitated by other browsers.



Brave may not top the lists of most used browsers but it has interesting features that make it unique. The browser automatically blocks ads and trackers and this makes it easier, safer and faster to use when compared with other browsers.



Internet Explorer was replaced by Edge in Windows. It is fast, effective, and it has a built-in powerful digital assistant. Edge made some tangible improvements to substitute IE. It is owned and developed by Microsoft Inc.  


5 Affordable Tech Tools for Managing a Startup


5 Affordable Tech Tools for Managing a Startup

Startups are springing up as youths are taking the initiative to establish themselves as a result of the alarming unemployment situation in the country. And with the support of startup incubators and seed investors, these startups are thriving. This said, there are tech tools that can change the way you run your business. They are not only effective but also affordable. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out some of them.

Freshbooks for accounting

If you want to ease the way you prepare your profit and loss account, consider  using Freshbooks. This tool helps you send your invoices via mail, run reports and monitor your expenses. It is easy to use and also saves time.

Organise tasks with Smartsheet

There is no doubt that you are very busy that you can forget a very important appointment. This will no longer be the case if you use smartsheet. It works like excel but has essential functions like searching, sorting as well as organizing your tasks and upcoming projects.

Manage your social media accounts

Businesses now have social media accounts. They employ people to handle these accounts. These accounts can easily be managed on one platform using HootSuite or SproutSocial. You can schedule posts and observe all your social media activities.


Save data to Google Drive

Google drive is the perfect cloud storage tool any business can use. You can save all your data on it and you can access it any day, anywhere and anytime.

Take notes with Evernote

Taking notes doesn’t require pen and paper anymore. You can easily write or take notes with Evernote. It saves time and is also readily available whenever you want to recall something.

5 Things Nigerians Should Know Before Buying a Power Bank

Power is yet to be regular or stable in Nigeria. Hence, Nigerians are searching for alternatives to keep their phones, laptops and other devices charged. Interestingly, it seems phones are getting more attention as there are now power banks which you can use to charge your phone when there is prolonged lack of power. As power banks have become very useful, it is very important that users know some things when they are buying one. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies some of them. This is important because there are many complaints about power banks like it takes ages to charge, it is substandard and/or its efficiency is less than 50%. You don’t want to spend money on this.


Power banks come in different sizes and weight. You buy a portable one over a bulky one so that it will not become a burden when moving around.


The brand of a power bank is vital. You already know the reliable brands that are popular for quality, durability, and resale value. Some of these brands may be expensive but you are guaranteed that you will use it for a long time. Despite this, you still have to be careful so that the brand name is not different from the package. Hence, don’t patronize touts.

Power output

The power output of a power bank is the reason you are buying it. If the power output is low, you don’t need to buy it. A power bank needs at least 2 amperages to charge. So you should check if the power bank is has 2.1 amp output.


Power capacity

For every power bank you want to buy, it must be 2.5 times more than the capacity of your phone. In other words, if the battery of your phone is 4000mAh, you should buy a power bank that is 10,000 mAh. You will only use about 6,700 mAh to charge. This is better than buying the one with the same mAh with your phone.


Nigeria has become a dumping ground for different substandard products including power banks. Besides buying a brand, it is important to be careful not to buy a fake one because you have many in the market.